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Mons. Giovanni Battista Pichierri

Bruno Volpe spoke with Mons. Giovanni Battista Pichierri, Bishop of Trani, in Puglia, who declared, “I think that the prudent position of the Church on the topic is just and legitimate. The visionaries continue to speak, therefore, it is necessary to wait. But if the faithful are coming in such a great numbers, there must be a positive reason for it”.

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Paddy Kelly Testimony

Full transcript of Paddy Kelly's live speech in Medjugorje, August 4th, 2008:

Do not be afraid! … To be the saints of the new millennium, if you become what you are, you will set the whole world on fire. I have come here to tell you a true story of a young man in whose heart these words tangled and in consequence changed his life. It was as if God himself were speaking to him through the mouth of Pope John Paul II at the World Youth Days in Rome in the year 2000.

For God to live in your hearts, you must love.