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Medjugorje Upcoming Judgement Church Reason Concern

By: Glenn Dallaire

(Before I begin this article I would like to emphatically state that I remain neutral in what concerns the alleged apparitions of Medjugorge. In seeking to obey the Church, while at the same time awaiting the definitive judgment by the Vatican, I do recognise and give assent to the local Bishops opposition to the apparitions, and I also give assent to the 1991 "Zadar" decision from the Commission formed by the Yugoslavian Bishops conference which concluded "non constat de supernaturalitate" [the supernaturality is not proven].

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Medjugorje Catholic Church

By Edward Pentin

The Vatican is denying reports that a Vatican commission studying the alleged apparitions at Medjugorje will release its findings by the end of this year.

In comments to the Register today, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi said the speculation was “not true” and that the commission’s findings will take longer.

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Teenage Hoaxers Or Living Saints
  • Six children claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary on a hillside in the village of Medjugorje, Bosnia, in 1981
  • Their nightly visions have continued to the present day
  • Thousands of pilgrims from around the world travel to the spot every year
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Inaccurate Reporting Medjugorje Disservice All Catholics

by Kevin Symonds

On the British tabloid Daily Mail Online, there recently appeared an article by Chris Rogers and Marshall Corwin concerning the six alleged seers of Medjugorje. Rogers and Corwin write a fairly simple article that recounts some basic history of Medjugorje. It also mixes the authors’ own experience with Medjugorje and the alleged seers. I would like to take the opportunity to respond to some questionable statements made by Rogers and Corwin in their article.

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