Changes on the website

Site News
  • News & Articles now will be published in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish languages
  • You can easily switch to different language versions - Medjugorje Apparitions, Articles, Messages and Novena sections and its pages displays links to other available language versions, if available
  • You can now contact webmaster directly by e-mail and not only through contact form. It is recommended to contact webmaster by e-mail instead of contact form. In case of contact form, sometimes my eventual reply may not arrive to you, because of settings of antispam software you use. In the cases you expected reply which you did not received (e.g. after 2 weeks), please do not hesitate to ask me if I received your message or e-mail and/or if I sent you any reply.
  • Improved design of introductory page and navigation
  • By default, guestbook shows items from currently selected language, however it is still possible to display records of all languages.
  • Guestbook records are no longer displayed in detailed list of updates of the website.

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