Interview with Ivanka Ivankovic, By Fr. Svetozar Kraljevic

Medjugorje, February, 1983

Svetozar Kraljevic: Ivanka, you and Mirjana were taking a walk together that day. Why were you walking together?

Ivanka Ivankovic: We regularly walked together in that area. We had been at my house; then we decided to take our walk.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Who was with you besides Mirjana?

Ivanka Ivankovic: At first, just Mirjana and myself. When we returned to my house, Milka, Marija's sister, asked us to go with her to get the sheep and bring them home.

Svetozar Kraljevic: So the two of you went with Milka to get the sheep?

Ivanka Ivankovic: The first time, Mirjana and I were walking alone, and as we were returning to the village I happened to look toward the hill - and I saw a figure of the Madonna, bright and shining. I said to Mirjana: "Look, the Madonna!" Mirjana dismissed what I said with a wave of her hand, as if I'd been joking, and she said: "It's not very likely that the Madonna would appear to us." So we continued to walk toward the village. Mirjana did not even look where I pointed to the hill. When we got to Milka's house, Milka said: "Help me get the sheep and bring them home." So we turned around and started walking back to the fields. This time, all three of us saw the Madonna. We knelt down and prayed; then we got the sheep and chased them home. Later, Vicka and Ivan and the other Ivan joined us.

Svetozar Kraljevic: On that first day, you saw the Madonna twice?

Ivanka Ivankovic: Yes. The first time when Mirjana and I were walking back to the village, and the second time when we went with Milka to get the sheep.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Who saw the Madonna first?

Ivanka Ivankovic: I did.

Svetozar Kraljevic: What did you say when you saw her?

Ivanka Ivankovic: I said: "Look, Mirjana, the Madonna!"

Svetozar Kraljevic: Then what did you do? Where did you go?

Ivanka Ivankovic: We went to Milka's. We stopped in front of her house and she asked us to help her get the sheep. Then the three of us went to get the sheep to bring them home. When we passed the hill, I saw the Madonna again, this time holding the Baby Jesus in her hands. Mirjana and Milka also looked, and they too saw the Madonna.

Svetozar Kraljevic: What did seeing the Madonna mean to you?

Ivanka Ivankovic: It meant everything in the world!

Svetozar Kraljevic: When you talk with the Madonna in your visions, we cannot hear you speak.

Ivanka Ivankovic: We speak out loud, the same as now.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Let me put it this way. Do you speak with the Madonna mentally - that is She understands what you think - or do you speak to her in a low voice, a whisper, so we cannot hear you? Or is your conversation miraculous - beyond our power to hear and understand?

Ivanka Ivankovic: I speak with Her normally, the same as I'm speaking now. Also, I hear Her voice and words in the normal way, as well as what the others say.

Svetozar Kraljevic: In your visions, have you ever asked favors for anybody?

Ivanka Ivankovic: I have, in the beginning, I asked a favor for little Daniel.

Svetozar Kraljevic: What did the Madonna say?

Ivanka Ivankovic: She says the same thing She always says: Strong faith and prayer will help.

Svetozar Kraljevic: What do you mean, "strong faith and prayer"? For what?

Ivanka Ivankovic: To believe and pray for a healing.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Did you ever ask for anybody in your family who had passed away?

Ivanka Ivankovic: Yes, I asked for my father not long ago, and she said the same thing.

Svetozar Kraljevic: What did Our Lady say?

Ivanka Ivankovic: She said my mother is with her, and that I should obey and not worry.

Svetozar Kraljevic: You were saddened by your mother's death, and because of that the Madonna came to comfort you.

Ivanka Ivankovic: I don't know; but I don't think so. We asked her why, of all people, She appeared to us. She said She does not always seek out the best people.

Svetozar Kraljevic: To whom are the Madonna's messages sent?

Ivanka Ivankovic: To the whole world.

Svetozar Kraljevic: What are the messages?

Ivanka Ivankovic: Peace, Conversion, Fasting, Penance, Prayer.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Which is the most important?

Ivanka Ivankovic: Peace.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Why peace?

Ivanka Ivankovic: When everyone in the world is at peace, everything is possible.

Svetozar Kraljevic: You mentioned prayer. Tell me honestly, how do you pray?

Ivanka Ivankovic: When I get up in the morning, I pray seven Our Fathers and the Credo. At noon, I pray the Angelus. In the evening, I pray seven Our Fathers and the Credo, and sometimes the rosary. When we are all home together, we pray an evening prayer.

Svetozar Kraljevic: It is known that the Madonna recommended that all of you enter a convent.

Ivanka Ivankovic: She told us it is Her wish that we enter a convent - but only those who have such a wish. She does not want anyone to disgrace the faith and the Church.

Svetozar Kraljevic: I believe that everyone is free to choose, and you are free as well. Have you decided what to do in this connection?

Ivanka Ivankovic: To tell you the truth, as I feel right now, I do not want to enter the convent. I can live a Christian life, the same as a nun, raising.......

Svetozar Kraljevic: Bearing in mind what you know about the future, tell me if the Madonna of Medjugorje will reconcile the world even more.

Ivanka Ivankovic: I think She will.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Will the "Great Sign" help in achieving this?

Ivanka Ivankovic: Yes, when the time comes. More believers will come to church.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Will the sign appear very soon, or later?

Ivanka Ivankovic: It will appear at the proper time.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Ivanka, are you in any way fearful of being able to do what the Madonna expects of you in this life?

Ivanka Ivankovic: Why should I be afraid when God is with me? God gives me whatever strength I need.

Svetozar Kraljevic: You speak to the people of the Madonna's messages, but some do not believe you. In that case what do you do?

Ivanka Ivankovic: I pray for them, that God will enlighten them.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Can you do anything else?

Ivanka Ivankovic: I will go on trying to persuade them. They will be convinced, once they ...

Svetozar Kraljevic: I believe that, but in the meantime people become nervous. It is difficult to wait for that day. What should people do?

Ivanka Ivankovic: Pray that God will give us the strength to endure.

Svetozar Kraljevic: There are those who are opposed to the Madonna. What would you tell them?

Ivanka Ivankovic: I'd tell them: Convert! There is a God. That is it!

Svetozar Kraljevic: Can those who oppose the Madonna frustrate Her plans in the world?

Ivanka Ivankovic: You mean the great sign

Svetozar Kraljevic: Yes.

Ivanka Ivankovic: No. All their armaments and explosives could not destroy it.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Can they do harm to the souls of the people and to the Madonna's plans for the people?

Ivanka Ivankovic: No.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Does that mean that the Madonna is stronger than they?

Ivanka Ivankovic: Normally She is. It is Jesus who decides - God. Not the Madonna.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Tell me about this.

Ivanka Ivankovic: I think that God has sent Her here. When we asked Her for a sign, I think She asked Jesus and He gave Her a sign. Then She promised to give us a sign.

Svetozar Kraljevic: That means She can not act independently on Her own. She must do the will of God, as she always has.

Ivanka Ivankovic: I believe so.

Svetozar Kraljevic: It is important that people of good faith, regardless of denomination, not be turned against each other. But tell me more about this. What did the Madonna say about this?

Ivanka Ivankovic: The Madonna said that religions are separated in the earth, but the people of all religions are accepted by Her Son.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Does that mean that all people go to Heaven?

Ivanka Ivankovic: It depends on what they deserve.

Svetozar Kraljevic: Yes, but many have never heard about Jesus.

Ivanka Ivankovic: Jesus knows all about that; I don't. The Madonna said, basically, religions are similar; but many people have separated themselves, because of religion, and become enemies of each other.

Svetozar Kraljevic: I thank you, Ivanka, for this conversation and testimony!


For God to live in your hearts, you must love.