Medjugorje Yellow Book

I beseech you, Listen to My Messages and live them

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This book is the last of the four volumes of sermons and discourses given by Fr. Slavko Barbaric and Fr. Tomislav Vlasic during 1984 - 1987 in Medjugorje, and contains discourses from 1986, finishing with the early messages of 1987.

Not all chapters of this book are yet included

I want to invite you to accept and live seriously the messages I am giving you

Our Lady in her last message said, "Dear children, today again, I want to invite you to accept and live seriously the messages I am giving you. Dear children, I have stayed so long for your sake, in order to help you put into practice all the messages I am giving you. Therefore, dear children, live with love towards me all the messages I give you."

With this message Our Lady sums up all the messages and urges us to take them seriously. What does this mean ?

Many people, on hearing about the existence of the ten secrets from the visionariesand that among these secrets there are some which are very harsh for mankind, become alarmed for the future. But this means that they are not taking Our Lady seriously, as She has always taught us not to think of wars and evil, but has urged us to put our hope in the Lord, to live in hope, and with our hope strengthened by our prayer, to face all difficulties which mankind will encounter and also those we meet in our daily lives.

In the message received yesterday evening, Our Lady emphazises once more that her long stay here on earth is to help us live these messages. On 9th October Our Lady said, "All this time that I am with you is a sign that I love you immensly."

If God gives us such a grace for his Mother to remain with us for so long, it is a sign of the seriousness of events. And we must accept what She said yesterday evening. It appears that many pilgrims, having experienced the presence of God and Our Lady here, have after a while become lukewarm and others who have only heard about Medjugorje still continue along their old path.

A month ago the visionary Mirjana told me, 'At least one day a week is a day of tears for me.' I asked her ,'Why?'. She replied, 'Because I know what will happen and people still go on as if they had heard nothing.'

This is even more serious, both with regard to the events which await us and to the hardness of heart of men who, even after five years of the presence of Our Lady on earth, are still asking,'What is it ? Must I change ? No, I will go on in the same way.' And we go on being attached to earthly values. Pilgrims often say, 'But where is God's mercy ?' God's mercy is shown in Our Most Blessed Virgin Mother who has come amongst us, but who we do not want to accept. it is useless to have a gift if we do not want to accept it. If mankind gos on increasing armaments, living in an immoral world, if it continues to live an injustice where a third of the world is dying of hunger, the world cannot tolerate this injustice. It is for this reason that Our Lady has given us the message of immediate conversion. In the beginning I said that those who are afraid do not take what Our Lady says correctly. Our Lady has given us the main message, Peace. And also Mirjana, the visionary says, 'Do not be afraid, for those who believe in God, death is not a punishment, it is a transition to a better life.' My dear faithful, this is a crucial point. Life is not a punishment for us, it is not a tragedy, but a transition to a better life. Do you seriously believe this ? Do you accept it ? While we do not accept this seriously, we have not accepted our faith.

Because the centre and essence of our faith is the death and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and it is also our death and resurrection. Until we accept this we have not accepted our Christian faith. In the same message Our Lady said, "Dear children, you know I want to guide you on the path of holiness, but I do not want to compel you to be saints by force."

We are coming to the feast of All Saints. I will ask you a question, 'Have you decided to become holy ?' But we do not enter Paradise if we do not mean to become holy. Christians often make this calculation; holiness is not meant for me, it is meant for somebody else; it is a false calculation. We often see pilgrims come here for two reasons, to pray for healing, for worldly needs and in order to prevent wars and punishments. It is good to come and ask for these things, but it is not enough. We are like this on earth and we well know that our life will end after say 70, 80, 90 years, and then ? We know that after our life there comes a more beautiful one, that life for which we also live on earth. So the main point is holiness.

Not only are we unable to go to Heaven if we are not holy, but without holiness we cannot even live a happy life on this earth. Only the saints - and we know this from the history of salvation and of the Church - were contented men. Those who live only for a materialistic life were not happy and their names have soon been forgotten. The names of the Saints are always alive amongst us and from the history of the Church we know that only the Saints gave the breath of life to Christianity and humanity, and only they gave the Spirit to our faith. So if we also want a happy life here on earth we must live it only as saints. This can be explained in a message to the prayer group from Our Lady, "Dear children, make a Paradise here on earth amongst yourselves."

Our Lady continuously calls us to prayer in her messages. Why pray ? Why so much prayer ? In order to increase my desire for God.

In order to increase within me the desire to grow in the likeness of God. Prayer is the process of spring where everything bursts into bloom and flowers ; prayer brings me to long for God and for Paradise more than anything on earth. So, if through this process of conversion, and of prayer, the longing for God increases within me, then I am happy because within me God's life is already beginning. I cannot otherwise obtain this at the moment of death because death should only be an easy stepping stone to enter Paradise when we hear the voice of Jesus, "Come you that are blessed". It will be a difficult step for those who have to go to Purgatory, a terrible step forward for those who hear the voice saying, "Depart from me you cursed." You have come to ask what Our Lady wants - She wants conversion in order that you become saints, for your sanctification. It is only in this way that you will achieve the purpose of life and will be able to give evidence of the presence of Our Lady, to bring the joy of salvation and the peace of which both Our Lady and Jesus speak.

Without sanctification we will not be among those who save the world, we will not be counted among those who profess to be friends of God, or those who are able to implore God to take away chastisements as a consequence for the sins of humanity. Without sanctity we are unable to be happy on this earth or to enter Paradise. In conclusion, therefore, I invite you to accept seriously the presence of Our Lady and to live all her messages. Your daily aim must be the sanctification of your life.

(Fr. Tomislav Vlasic - 1st November 1986)


For God to live in your hearts, you must love.