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"Listen today to what he says, do not harden your hearts... (Ps 95) "Place
your hearts in his strength" (Ps 47)
SEPTEMBER 1991 - Nativity of Mary - Address: Echo of Medjugorje, Cas. Post. 149, 46100 Mantova, Italy.
Year 6 - nos. 8-9 - Sped. Abb. Post. 3/70 - Aut. Trib. Mantova n.13 - 8.11. FAX no. 0376 /
Message given by Our Lady, Queen of Peace, on 25 July 1991:
"Dear children! I invite you to pray for peace. In this period of time peace is being threatened in a particular manner,
and I am asking you to renew fasting and prayer in your families. I would like you to understand how serious the situation
is my dear children, and that much of what will happen depends on your prayers. But you pray too little.
Dear children! I am with you and I am asking you to seriously begin praying and fasting as you did in the first days of
my coming.
Thank you for having responded to my call."
Much of what will happen depends on our response
”I invite you to pray for peace. In this period of time peace is
being threatened in a particular manner ... I would like you to
understand how serious the situation is.”
That is what Our Lady
said and if She has never spoken like that before then things must
be grave. It was with this prophetic message that Our Lady
prepared us for the recent upheavels in Russia - just like July of last
year with Kuwait (when Our Lady repeated the word ”peace”
seven times), and last June with Yugoslavia.
This time, however, Our Lady gently reminds us that we do not
pray enough - ”begin praying and fasting as you did in the
first days of my coming.”
1. The community chosen by Our Lady then is the first one that
must search its conscience, and recall all the extraordinary graces
that it received and how it generously responded to them in the
beginning. For instance, that early fervour when they prayed and
fasted for 3 days, and the most wonderful miracles of faith and
reconciliation transformed the town into an oasis of peace, full of
unselfish love. Every evening the community gathered in the
church to ardently sing and pray and it became a model for
everyone that arrived in Medjugorje.
That is why, Our Lady repeats, ”Satan tries to destroy my
plans.” How? By slowly wearing down our commitment to
prayer, fasts and sacramental life through ”worldly worries and the
illusion that wealth brings us happiness, but which are like thorns
that suffocate the grain.” How many are now contented with the
easy money that comes from the pilgrim business? And even
though the fighting within Yugoslavia has ceased the flow of
pilgrims, only a small number of parishioners have seemly returned
to prayer, or at least publicly.
2. All those people who have heard Our Lady’s call over these
past ten years must also search their conscience. How many have
returned to their old ways after that initial fervour? Why do we go
to Medjugorje now? It is not by chance that this interruption, due
to political crisis, has come about. Both pilgrims and parishioners
can now carefully consider past behaviour to purify their intentions
and actions.
There are some people who do not want to hear Medjugorje
being criticized, as if everything just had to be perfect there, but
they do not realize that in doing so, they follow that logic that
governs and makes institutes, businesses and even sanctuaries run
smoothly. Instead, the logic of the Gospel tells us that conversion is
a non-stop process. Neither do they help the pilgrims understand
that the devotion at Medjugorje is not that of any other sanctuary,
but an urgent appeal from Above.
Sure, the time of grace has not come to a finish, Maria assures us
with last month’s message. She always works miracles for those
with an open heart. There are some wonderful families and people
filled with God. The rank of humble people has not yet reached its
limit, and little by little, the Grace reaches all of them. If some of the
first fall by the way, then the number that make up the last will
grow, because Mary continues to gather up her children from all
over the place to oppose Satan.
We are called then to open our eyes and see the urgency of
Mary’s call, especially now that the house seems to be burning
around us, and before we burn with it. In fact, much of what will
happen depends on our prayers. If we do not pray then, what type
of events can we expect to encounter? We know the remedy by
now, we have known it for ten years. It all depends on us: ”you are
important ... I need you to realize my plans.” Each and every one
of us must make the burden of the world’s sins ours. The strength
and the remedy to cure any type of war within man, in the families
and in the society, resides within us. ”You will have to feed this
crowd,” you who have been satiated with the bread of life and
quenched with the superabundance of the Spirit of peace - Mary
seems to say to us - like Jesus said to the apostles in front of the
hungry crowd of people.
I am with you! Our Lady assures us that our mission will not fail
because it is under Her guidance. Fr.
The Pope entrusts the youth with a mission
Two worlds meet and embrace. It happened at Jasna Gora
where a million young people, from the East and the West
gathered around the common Father. There were 100 thousand
from Russia (1200 from the church of Novosibirsk in Siberia
alone!). They arrived the best way they could, they had no money,
some didn’t even know the sign of the Cross. They were empty-
handed, but simple and crystal clear. The Blessed Mother made a
wonderful fusion out of all those present. It was an effusion of
grace and Christian values. The hill, Jasna Gora, became the
Cenacle for the whole world on that day dedicated to the feast of
the Assumption 1991.
Here is the mission that the Holy Father entrusted to the youth
from 80 nations: ”Mary shows you the way: it is Jesus Christ .. It
is a steep and difficult way, but for those who know how to walk
along it, with the Gospel as a standard for one’s life, it is a way
that takes one to real joy. Don’t be happy with mediocrity, don’t
let the modern trends condition your lives, don’t yield to the
flattery of consumerism. Christ is calling you to participate in great
things - don’t let Him down!”
The Pope gave lit candles to the young people from six
continents, so that on their way home, they would take the fire of
the Holy Spirit with them. For the Holy Spirit is a fire that burns
up all human misery, every egoism, every mean thought: ”Take
this fire to all corners of the world. Jasna Gora has been your
Cenacle, a new Pentecost - the young Church, the missionary
Church, once again united with Mary ... You are the young blood
of the Church, who lend themselves to face the new millenium. Be
the Church of tomorrow, our new hope.”
The Pope recalled, ”the fall of an ideology in the Eastern bloc
countries has left a feeling of emptiness in many; the impression of
having been deceived; and a depressing anxiety for what the future
may hold.” Concerning the West, the Pope said: ”Most of the
young people can see no reason for living, and drug-taking is a
sign of this bewilderment. The lack of interest in politics betrays
that sense of powerlessness in many - powerlessness in the fight
for what is good.”
He gave them the following task: ”You
are sent as messengers to these brothers and sisters - messengers of
the Good News that saves. Through your joyful testimony they
will meet Jesus Christ and they will learn that they too are sons of
God, and they will thus discover the real sense of life. In fact,
what is wrong with them is that they are starving, starving for the
meanings in life; and Jesus Christ is the Truth that frees us.”
He then adds: ”Your mission then, my young people, is to
ensure that the world of tomorrow contains values such as
complete religious freedom; respect for personal development;
protection of the right to live, starting from the moment of
conception; promotion of the family; exploitation of the diversities
that exist in the different cultures for reciprocal enrichment, and
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safeguarding of the ecological equilibrium which is at serious
risk.” In renewing the vows of Baptism and Confirmation, he said:
”Receive the Holy Spirit! Clothe yourselves with the strength that
emanates from Him - become builders of a new world...”
With a beautiful prayer at the end of the Mass, the Pope
entrusts the youth to Mary: ”... We want to pray with You for
those who are looking for Your Son’s way, and also for those who
do not know and do not want to know about our meeting; for those
who do not know God, who do not know Christ, who do not know
You... Give the mystery of life back to love, by means of purity.
Through You, purity becomes an answer to the mystery: happy are
the pure of heart because they will see God. You know that the
thing that corrupts this world the most is impurity: it is from
impurity that hate, homicides and war are born...
Teach us to assume the responsibilities in the Church and in
social life ... The modern world in its whole is waiting to be
evangelized. Each one of us, in his own way, would like to
become a missionary in this task, together with Christ, sanctifier
and transformer of this world.
Guide us to Your Son, reconcile us to Him, recommend us to
Him, take us back to Him. Amen.”
Appeal from Medjugorje to all the peace centres
and prayer groups inspired by Medjugorje:
Dear friends! We rejoice with you, because through your
centres, prayer groups and communities, Our Lady’s messages of
peace are spread to the whole world.
It is by now ten years that the messages have been travelling
around the world and winning over the hearts of millions of people.
People who wish to work for peace and who try to make it a part of
their lives and then spread it to the others. We are certain that Our
Lady has already put wonderful peace movements into motion in
Europe and the whole world. She continually asks us to pray for
peace: She asks that our prayer be live, intense, decisive and
courageous - a prayer that can change people’s hearts, change
human relations within families, between people, peoples and
Unfortunately, however, the peace is threatened in
many parts of the world. I am sure you are all aware that just
recently some regions of Yugoslavia, like Slovenia, Croatia and
Kosovo, have become stages for war. Bosnia and Herzegovina also
risk being involved, and Medjugorje is part of this region. For some
weeks now in the Croatian Republic blood is being spilt, fear is
becoming widespread and innocent citizens are being persecuted.
Their houses are being destroyed by bombs. More than 100 people
have already lost their lives, and more than 1000 have been injured.
Tens of thousands have been forced to leave their homes.
We are asking you, dear friends, to be united with us in a more
intense prayer for peace for Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and
Herzegovina, and for all those other places where human rights and
freedom are being repressed. Even though we firmly believe in the
efficiency of prayer and the intercession of the Queen of Peace, we
also feel it our duty to look for other means or paths that can help in
any way this peaceless situation.
Therefore dear friends, who are devoted to the Queen of Peace,
we also ask you to make your voices, your prestige, be heard by
your governments and politicians so that all the means in their
possession may be used to put a stop to this foolish spilling of
blood as soon as possible, and that they help in finding a pacific
way out of the institutional and political crisis that has come to
divide peoples and sovereign states - whose only desire is to be
united to the democratic advancement of Europe and the developed
Just talking about peace and negotiations is not enough. Decisive
and positive help is needed in stopping blood being spilt, and to
ensure peace, freedom and democracy.
We would like to express our gratitude for the help that you will
give us through your prayers. We are convinced that you will be
even more generous and fervent in helping us with your prayers
and support, so that the peace that Our Lady incessantly calls us to
here at Medjugorje, may once again be felt by us and the whole
world. We greet each one of you and we will remember you all to
the Queen of Peace! Medjugorje, August 1991.The priests,
visionaries and parishioners of Medjugorje. (Signatures follow.)
(Translated from Croatian by Fr. B Hechich.)
Fr. Jozo: To you, leaders of the people, get freedom for these
people, defend the country chosen by Mary. Do not be afraid to
come here.
Echo too can help Our Lady spread the truth, because it is a
small instrument that reaches all corners of the earth... There are
some political parties that call themselves Christian, and they do not
want to understand, their politics does not agree with the people...
How much time do they need, these people that have the world in
their hands, to learn that just like one gives bread to the hungry, one
has to give freedom to these ’insignificant’ people? They have to
protect and fight for the peace and freedom of this little nation.
Being free and autonomous is not a privilege for important people -
being a large nation with 100 million, or 60 million people like
Italy, does not automatically give one the right to be free and the
others not because they are too small and insignificant.
I would like all those Christians that come here from all parts of
the world, to pray so that the hearts of the big men will open up to
the call of a minority group. This war is not only a difficult trial for
us, but it should be a reason for the big men to search their
consciences, these men who were unable to protect this country
chosen by Our Lady.
From Medjugorje, I beg you: console this land that is suffering -
parents that have lost their children, families without homes,
without bread, people who are escaping from their own homes
(there are already 20,000 Croatian refugees in Istria - Ed.).
Destruction and misery have taken hold of our country.
On the 10th anniversary (25 June), Our Lady said: ”I want to
give you many graces.” There were so many people, like never
before, and Satan became very angry and placed the thoughts of
war in the hearts of men and your governments told the people to
come back home. Medjugorje was abandoned by everyone in an
instant. (Immediately after the meeting at Czestochowa, the devil in
his anger stirred up the fire in Russia.) Help this nation that was
chosen by Our Lady. Do not be afraid to come here. Our Lady did
not say to run away, but to fight together with the Rosary. There is
no war here - here there is only peace.
(Fr. Jozo - 1 August 1991)
The world will not see peace if it does not turn away from sin.
Peace and war, both on the 10th anniversary. On the 25th June,
Slovenia and Croatia proclaimed independance, and the day after
the war began. The same things can be found in men’s hearts... and
the same situation is found all over the world - the world will not
know peace if it does not convert to God. Even if we can resolve
political problems, other problems will crop up... I would like to
stress the importance of the call to offer oneself totally to God, to
live totally for God, so that we can take this Light to the hearts of
men, because the real problems rise from there. The conversion of
men’s hearts to God is the only way that will lead to peace. We
must be brave in announcing this message.
Like we can see here in Medjugorje, the presence of Our Lady is
of no importance if the people do not respond and convert. In the
same way, Our Lady in the Church, or in the world, is of no
importance either, without a real conversion. The only thing that
humanity can and should lean upon is God. If all mankind converts,
God would give us His peace, otherwise these trials will continue.
Those who will be on the road to God will be purified, but those
who will not be on the road to God will be in big trouble. We see
that all these problems and trials are signs for us to be more
courageous. Like the Gospel says: ”when you see these things, lift
your head because the times are near.” Be happy to meet the Lord,
be happy for all those things that the Lord has prepared...
(Fr. Tomislav Vlasic’ - 30 July 1991)
is contained in the messages of the Queen of Peace
Mary’s intervention in the Russian events
For some time now we have all been concerned about the tragic
situation in Croatia. The problems are age-old problems, so
entangled that a way out doesn’t seem humanly possible. They rise
from the fact that Croatians live together with large minority groups
of aggressive Serbians living in Croatian territory. These Serbians
are backed up by their motherland (Serbia), who would like to place
Croatia under Serbian rule.
The use of weapons to oppose the oppressors who are by far
superior, and who do not want to hear reason, would end up in a
massacre. The use of weapons is not the solution proposed by Our
Lady. The solution can only be found in God, and it must be
obtained from Him. ”He hears the cry of the humble and He saves
them.” Israel, oppressed by enemies, called on the Lord, the priests
and the people did penance and God freed them from their enemies.
The real liberation, however, is this: be able to live together
with true love.
The Christians, therefore, should have to
continually show their love towards their enemies - or as the Bible
says: heap red-hot coals on their heads.
So we have two possibilities: either close one’s heart to the
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messages of the Blessed Mother and accept all the inevitable,
negative consequences, or open one’s heart to God’s way and
tempt new ways, both in social and political terms. It means being
courageous and going beyond that simple human reasoning and
trusting the messages of She Who knows the hearts of men. The
entire international community, of course, would have to contribute.
People have tried, but the sinful structures that make up our society
and that look at the other nations as opposing powers or nations to
conquer, instead of brothers of the same family, impede man from
understanding the other’s problems. The logic of this society is
based on equality of power. Even a solution imposed upon them
from above would only end up in leaving behind them that age-old
hate that cannot find human solutions.
The problem is finding a way to live together, but this cannot be
done without man being converted. When the barbarians invaded
the country, they were gradually taken up and made civil by the
church of the time. Saints were able to stop devastators, like Pope
Leo I who persuaded Attila not to attack Rome, like St. Francis who
tamed the wolf at Gubbio. The answer to these present aggressors
is not in using weapons produced by the world, but in using
weapons indicated to us by Our Lady: a complete surrender to God.
Then it is God that does the best part of everything. God
ensnared those Russians that wanted to overthrow the
and they ended up digging a grave for themselves
and for that monster called Communism after 70 years of terror. It
is not difficult to see the hand of God in these events
. And His
plan moves on to stage two: ”Russia will convert,” and, ”in the
end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”
The turn of events in Russia could play a determining role in
making positive moves in Croatia, like in various Russian
Republics which are becoming independant. We have to admit
that God has the world in His hands. Man makes the moves, but
God is the conductor. The only solution then for Yugoslavia, and
the rest of the world, is that of the Queen of Peace Who came to
teach all of us how to live in peace. Fr.A.
For those who had dared.
Those people who had dared to be imprudent, not caring about
their flesh, or being scared off by the talk of weapons, were sure to
have done the right thing when counting the many graces that were
showered upon them. On the other hand there was no warfare near
Medjugorje, nor on the Dalmatian coast where many people pass
through to go to Medjugorje.
Our Lady had rewarded those who had dared. There’s always a
risk in loving someone. Some were reminded of the ancient
pilgrims who, before going to St. James at Campostella, were
obliged to write their will, because of the many dangers involved in
such a journey. All those people, however, who had gone to
Medjugorje for the various celebrations in the month of August
(and who had to make their own way there, as there were no buses
going) had declared that they came across no problem whatsoever.
They were rewarded - with six people being miraculously
, and a pouring down of graces. The father confessors and
many other people were witnesses to sincere conversions and inner
healings felt by a great number of people. Our Lady had thus
confirmed Her presence in such a delicate moment. Fr. Jozo said (1
August 1991): ”I can testify that Our Lady said on Her
anniversary: ’I want to give you many graces.’ Above all,
however, Our Lady said to the youth present at the festival: ’I wish
to bless all of you young people who have come here to fill me with
so much joy.”
At great personal cost, 1300 people attended YOUTH 2000
The eve of the festival was grey and uncertain, but the youth
arrived from all over the place, even if in lesser numbers than for
last year’s festival; and certainly not because they didn’t want to
attend, but because the various travel agencies had refused to
accompany anyone to Yugoslavia. The power of Mary’s call is
therefore enhanced even more.
There were about 200 English-speaking youth present,
whereas last year they represented the majority. It is to note,
however, that the British Foreign Office had advised against
visiting Yugoslavia. On the first day of the Festival, the Italian
language was not among the translations, as there were only about
20 Italians present. However, it quickly became the major language
with 200 people arriving from Sardinia and a further 100 arriving
from various other parts of Italy, and thus becoming the largest
group present. Many other groups who had planned to come, but
were then uncertain because of the uneasy situation in Yugoslavia,
had opted for Czestochowa only.
There was a group of 200 Hungarians and Romanians who
stood out for their seriousness and dedication. They prayed and
fasted throughout the whole journey. They consisted of novices,
seminarians, social workers, students, doctors, nurses and
unemployed between the ages of 18 and 30. It was a condition that
none were to be married and they had to be aware of the difficulties
of the journey. They had borrowed and scraped together enough
money to pay for the hire of the coaches only. The Providence saw
to the rest. The Yugoslav Tourist Centre allowed them to stay in the
campsite. After all, had they not come to Medjugorje to answer our
Heavenly Mother’s call? The English organizers of Youth 2000
have paid for most of the expenses - let’s help them! A bus from
Bucharest organized by our translator Anca Dragos tried to enter
Yugoslavia at the Serbian frontier twice, but unsuccessfully. One
can imagine how disappointed they would have been. There were
those of us who had not wanted to eat when they found out, in
sympathy with the immense sorrow of their fellow countrymen. We
prayed for them: ”may twice as much grace be granted to them,”
and in fact, Anca wrote to tell us how Mary had given them the
strength to bear such a grave sacrifice .. with the promise to go as
soon as possible. There were only about 100 Croatians, which is
easily understood, given the state of their country. There were 200
Germans and 150 French Canadians.
The day began in the enormous tent with Eucharistic adoration
guided by Fr. Tomislav - so wonderful in guiding prayer. The
chorus was most effective in helping the youth invoke the Lord.
Those wonderful songs are still echoing in our ears - such as the
interminable invocation to the Holy Spirit ”Veni Sancte Spiritus”
which stressed the complete opening up of hearts to receive
everything from God, because, ”without your grace, man has
nothing.” And then there was ”Laudate Dominum,” ”O
Emmanuel,” ”Dona nobis pacem,” ”Hosannah.”
At 9.00 a.m. the fathers took it in turn to speak to the youth. On
Thursday the 1st August, the meditation was held by Fr. Ivan
Dugandzic’ who spoke about Our Lady, Teacher of the Word of
God. On Friday, Fr. Slavko prepared the youth for confession. On
Saturday, Fr. Jozo spoke about how prayer is new every day, just
like the light. On Monday Fr. Tomislav spoke about Mary Who
brings us peace. At the end of each meditation, the various
linguistic groups got together to greater meditate upon the theme
that had been presented.
International Mass was held for
all those present in the evenings at 7.00 p.m., and likewise,
adoration for the public was held in the evenings at 10.30 p.m. and
guided by Fr. Slavko. On Sunday afternoon there was a song
in honour of Our Lady, and presented by various linguistic
groups. The chorus was directed by a young Irishman, Robbie
, who showed a lot of dedication in his work, without any
sign of exhibitionism, and with real devotion. But then again, they
did prepare themselves with 3 days of prayer under the guidance of
Fr. Tomislav. There was someone in adoration before the Blessed
Sacrament 24 hours a day. A roster was organized for the many
volunteers who were serious and showed great fervour in fulfilling
their ”duty.” Some, who had also attended last year’s festival,
made the following observation: that last year’s festival which had
been conducted by one father only, was perhaps of greater help in
that there was more practical experience and this helped in finding
one’s particular walk in life. Not, of course, that one could doubt
the authority and inspired words of the wonderful fathers at
Medjugorje. It is Our Lady that works in our hearts, afterall. And
She also shows us, with experience, what is best, and that we cannot
use God’s charisms as we wish. A.M.
What a wonderful night on Krizevac’
The highlight of those days during the festival, so full of grace,
was Our Lady’s birthday. On the 5th August She appeared on
Krizevac’. Ivan told how She was very, very happy, and that She
remained for a long time with Her hands extended out over all of
us. She said that we must pray with joy: ”My dear children, I am
happy and I want you to be happy with me.” She thanked the many
people who had climbed the mountain - there really were so many.
All the time that Our Lady was present (about seven minutes), there
was an absolute silence. Then She left, saying: ”Remain in God’s
peace, my dear children.”
Many remained the whole night and prayed and sang. Some
slept in sleeping bags, all around the Cross at the top of the
mountain. At about 3.30 a.m. many groups of both parishioners and
pilgrims starting climbing the mountain. They prayed the rosary on
the way up with Fr. Petar. Then at 5.00 a.m. Fr. Slavko arrived with
the other priests. By then there was an immense crowd of people on
top of Krizevac’. Holy Mass started at about 6.30 a.m., at sunrise.
Fr. Tomislav said in his homily how, like the sun, we have
emerged from the darkness of sin to become filled with the light of
God. ”You are here in front of the Cross, but a Cross which lacks
Jesus. Jesus, however, is in the Eucharist to make the Cross and
background image
the Resurrection be active in us. In the hardest of moments let us
not forget that Jesus is with us and He transforms our sacrifices
and sorrows into joy and Resurrection. Let us not lose the hope
that helps, saves and takes us to heaven.” The homily was said in
Croatian, and then translated into the various languages, including
Hungarian. Three very large bread forms were then presented to
the altar. One of them was presented by a disabled person who
had been carried up the mountain on someone else’s back. In
eating the bread, we would have symbolically shared in the
sufferances of all mankind. Fr. Leonard concluded by thanking all
those present: ”You came to the oasis of peace, while our country
is at war. If peace can multiply in people’s hearts, then there will
be peace for the nations. Help us with your prayers.”
(Josko Perkovic’)
A SECRET: enter Her Immaculate Heart and
consecrate ourselves to Our Blessed mother, to adore God.
Here is a summary of the prayer meeting guided by Fr. Tomislav
(First Saturday - 3 August) ”(...) In Her apparitions, Mary
expressed Her desire that our consecration to Her be a continuous
one; and She gave us a formula for the consecration. She would
like us to be in Her Heart - the only fertile place on this earth for
the Word of God. Many mystics of our time say that it will be
impossible to live outside Her Immaculate Heart. My experience is
also this: that it is impossible to live outside Mary’s Immaculate
Heart. I wish to give you spiritual wisdom: enter the Immaculate
Heart and listen to the Word of God in us.
When the prayer group met, Our Lady asked for at least 15 - 20
minutes to stay with Her in Her Heart. Then She would ask us to
spend the day with Her and in Her. In the prayer that I will say
shortly, we will try to surrender our souls to Our Lady, to surrender
our hearts, our bodies. Now sit down and be comfortable so that you
will not be distracted - it is important to be comfortable. The Bible
stresses the importance of sitting down in front of the Lord.
Oh Mary, I surrender up unto You, my nervous system, my brain
and all my thoughts that will enter my spirit. I want my thoughts to
disappear, so that the thoughts of the Holy Spirit may enter my spirit. I
consecrate my eyes to You. I want Your goodness in my eyes, Your
love. I consecrate my ears to You, I want them to be open only to the
Holy Spirit to listen to God they way You listened to Him. I
consecrate my mouth to You so that it will pronounce only the Word
of the Lord; my face so that it will become the splendour of God’s
Glory... my arms, my hands so that they will do only what God
wants... my feet so that they will walk on the path to God. I
consecrate to You also my breath that I can feel within me.
Concentrate on this breath and feel it within you. This breath is
embracing me and it enters into what I call the mystery of my life. I
want Your consecration to completely penetrate me. I will stay in
silence with this desire. (Silence for a while, then a song: Ave Maria.)
You are full of Grace, the Lord is with You, and You are within
me. The fruit of Your womb within me is blessed. I want You to be in
my heart. (Ave Maria) Holy Mother of God, inside of me, You are
giving birth to God. Inside of me, You live only for Jesus. Pray for us
now and at the hour of our death. Pray for me, always, because I am
weak and a sinner. Pray for me also when I am lost. I put everything I
have in Your heart. Don’t abandon me, not even when I want to run
away from You (Ave Maria). Lord God, send Your Holy Spirit down
upon me, make me faithful to the prayer of this morning. May Your
Spirit guide me, always forward. May He be the spirit of my soul, like
it is for the Virgin Mary. (Let’s all sing: O Adoramus Te ...)
Monday 5 August: (...) You are worthy of every praise, of our
adoration. You created me and everything I have is a gift from You.
You came to the earth only for me, You went on the Cross to save me,
You gave Your life to be able to give It to me. You transformed
Yourself in bread to fill me. When I open myself up to You, I open
myself up to life, I receive life. That is why my heart is happy,
because I am able to see this. (O Adoramus Te ...). You need me, and I
recognize You as You are, so that You may give me what You are. I
do not ask for anything: I only need to adore You and I have
everything... (O Adoramus Te...) Call me today to adore You together
with Mary, so that I may be close to You. You are the master of all
situations. I recognize You as Lord and Master for all mankind. I want
to adore You for all mankind, because I am carrying the whole world
within me. Give me the grace that I may love the whole world with
Your Love, so that You will have the whole world in me.
I beg You, my Lord, may all the rays of the sun that kiss the men
be Your praise and bring Your praise to the world; that all the drops of
water that fall and the winds that blow be Your praise and carry the
blessings of all men. Make it so that I may hear You everywhere I go,
adore You, love you, thank you, Lord, everywhere I go. (O Adoramus
Te...) Now let’s get up and sing a song that is appropriate to what we
have been saying: Gloria in excelsis Deo.
a sign of encouragement to those on the straight and
narrow path
Just like in the Gospel, the healings of our present day are signs
that continue to manifest the power of Jesus ”who came to heal all
those who are under the power of Satan.” (Acts 10.) They are a
sign of encouragement to the disciples on the narrow path that Jesus
Himself followed; and the same path that Mary proposes to us again
- a path that heaven seems to approve with these continuous signs.
A birthday present: Rosetta walks!
”My name is Rosetta Trogu. I’m 40 years old and married to
Antonio Cabras. I come from Capoterra (Cagliari, in Sardinia). We
have 2 children: Cecilia who is about to get married, and Franco. I
have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for 17 years. My
knees have been stiff for the last 4 and only with immense pain am I
able to bend them. I cannot do any work as at home I have to stay
in a horizontal position all day long.” That’s how Rosetta
described herself to her fellow travellers from Cagliari and guided
by Fr. Pietro (Peter) Villasanta, parish priest at S.Tarcisio Pirri.
On the 5th August, after only one hour that Rosetta had been
healed, we went to visit her at the boarding house where she was
staying. This is what she said: ”I was lying down in my room and
my friend Gabriella was with me. We were chatting about various
things and Gabriella said to me: ”I’m sure that Our Lady will heal
you,” and she said it in such a convincing way. Then I sat up on the
bed and she started massaging me, but because it was hurting me
she said to me: ”Try not to think about it. Imagine that it is Our
Lady doing it to you and stay relaxed.” Half an hour later she said:
”That’s enough for now. We’ll do more tomorrow. Now get up
and walk.”
And I got up from the bed. I started walking. ”Gabriella,” I
said, ”I can bend my knees! I can bend my knees!” We hugged
each other and cried out of immense joy. I knew that before then,
the pain was terrible whenever I tried to move my stiff legs. This
morning I went into the chapel where the apparitions took place to
place a gold chain around Our Lady’s neck. I was helped to climb
up onto a chair, and clinging onto Our Lady I said: ”Oh My Lady,
heal me.” Then at lunch time we all wished Our Lady a happy
A priest from Milan, together with a group of young people who
had just finished doing spiritual exercises, were the first to enter
Rosetta’s room. Their impression of Rosetta was that of a humble
person, someone unable to deceive others. They saw simplicity and
wonder in her. And we saw the same things in Rosetta, who was
surrounded by her friends and fellow travellers - simple people, old
fashioned, but spiritually joyful. Before we left they sang the long
Ave Maria, Sardinian style, for us.
”What does your husband think?” She replies: ”He was the
one who wanted me to come in the first place, while I was very
uncertain about coming here. He said to me: ”I would like to see
you healed; and then I will believe too that Our Lady does
miracles.” I had been to many hospitals, in Bologna, Turin, Rome
and others, but no-one could help me... Another girl from Sardinia,
Alessandra, 14 years old, came here about a month ago. She was
partially paralyzed but returned home without her crutches. (We
have no other details - Ed.) I have been coming here for 3 years
and I wasn’t sure about coming this time, but Antonio told me to
come, ”otherwise you’ll be nervous all year long.” So I came. I
telephoned him to tell him I had been healed. He was astounded.”
At the end of the evening Mass, Rosetta was asked to go to the altar
to give thanks to God before the entire assembly.
The next evening, a missionary priest from Zaire, Fr. John
Beaudery, 77 years old, was asked to give thanks to God and Mary
before the assembly. During the apparition of the 6th August, he
recovered his sight and his hearing. He would have gone to
hospital after his return from Medjugorje to undergo an operation
on his eyes, and he even threw away his hearing aid since he didn’t
need it any more!
Susan doesn’t need her wheelchair anymore.
It happened after the 10th-anniversary apparition. Twenty-two
years old, American, Susan Whitmore from Connecticut arrived in
Medjugorje in a wheelchair. Now she can leave Medjugorje on her
own two feet and happily tells her story:
”The doctors discovered the inflammation of my brain when I
was 18 years old. I had encephalitis. The terrible pains impeded me
from walking, and I found it very difficult to understand what was
happening around me. I couldn’t express what I meant and I was
very confused. When I started off on this journey I wasn’t feeling at
background image
all well and I also found the political situation of Yugoslavia to be
very tense.
On Monday the 1st July we went to Tihalijna to meet Fr. Jozo
Zovko. When he blessed us, I felt a shocking, unsopportable pain in
my head and I was also certain that Fr. Jozo could feel it too. Then
I was suddenly invaded by a warmth .. a peace .. a joy ... The day
after, because of the pains I was feeling, I couldn’t go to Tihalijna,
but I received a blessing by Fr. Jozo anyway in the church at
Medjugorje... Once again I could feel that strange warmth while I
was praying the Rosary. Then I went back to my room in my
wheelchair - I was extremely tired.
On Wednesday the 3rd July, we returned to Tihalijna. I was
feeling stronger, but I still had difficulty in talking. Fr. Jozo laid his
hands over me - I was shaking, unsteady, and my heart felt like it
was going to jump out of my chest. Then, all of a sudden, I felt
well. I have no more headaches. Without any help I was able to
climb the hill of apparitions.”
On the return journey Susan’s wheelchair went lost, and the
travel agency lent her another one ”just in case,” but it did not
have any tyres on the wheels. It was therefore useless. Susan prayed
to Our Lady: ”It’s up to You to take me back home, because we
haven’t got any tyres.” Susan went home on her own two feet -
completely healed. (From ”Vecernjl List” - evening edition
13 July 1991)
Rosetta and Susan after being healed.
Our Blessed Mother gave us Her consolation also for the feast of
Her glorious Assumption. On the eve of the feast day, a Dutch
who works in Africa and who suffers a grave form of asthma
and carries a pacemaker in her heart, had wanted at all costs to
come to Medjugorje. Her superior mother gave her permission even
though she was against it, saying that she would have only come to
Medjugorje to die. In fact, the nun could walk with only great
difficulty. After the Mass, she started walking, and has stopped
taking all medicines. Now she can eat, sleep and work like
everyone else.
A man gave testimony to having been healed - he in fact had
been suffering terrible pains for years, and now they have gone.
Both have promised to send us the documents to testify to their
NEWS FROM MEDJUGORJE : Many people present for the
feast of the Assumption (15 August). The recital of the Rosary on
the hill had been organized for the 12th, 13th and 14th August as
preparation for the feast day. Many participated.
New posts for Medjugorje priests: The decisions were made
by their superiors, and they began their new positions on the 19th
August. Fr. Leonard Orec’ becomes parish priest at Citluk, while
Fr. Ivan Landeka (the tall one with a moustache) became the
superior father at Medjugorje. Fr. Jozo leaves Tihalijna and goes to
Siroki Brieg, about 30 km away from Medj, where the biggest
Marian sanctuary of Herzegovina is found. Fr. Dobroslav goes to
Zagabria. Fr. Slavko and Fr. Petar remain in Medjugorje.
Apparition to Ivanka on 25 June: it lasted 7 minutes and
among other things, Our Lady spoke to her about the sixth secret,
explaining the first part. We know that Our Lady has spoken a lot to
Ivanka in the past about the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Through Ivanka, Our Lady has asked more fervent prayer.
We wish a quick recovery to Vicka, who underwent an operation
after the anniversary. Vicka always says that she is well, and that
the only thing that displeases her is that she cannot receive the
LATEST NEWS: Fr. Slavko announced the
message from Fulda in Germany where he was taking part in a
meeting with 4000 people. The day before he was in London for a
prayer meeting with 5000 people. After a number of meetings
planned for Stuttgart, he will take part in a meeting for priests in
Austria. Cardinal Ratzinger will also be present.
Mr. ANDREOTTI, Italian Premier, visits MEDJ.
Mr. Giulio Andreotti, Democratic Christian and President of the
Italian Cabinet and top personality in the EEC, had wished to visit
Medjugorje before going to Dubrovnik where he was to meet with
heads of state of Yugoslavia’s neighbouring countries.
On the 26th July, the military aircraft landed at Mostar. From
here Mr. Andreotti went to Medjugorje and remained for about two
hours. Despite the fact that it was meant to be a private visit he was
met by Premiers of the republic Bosnia and Herzegovina and the
President of Croatia, Mr. Franjo Tudjman, sent his counsellor, Mr.
Bozdar Petrac for the occasion.
Mr. Andreotti prayed as they do in Medjugorje Upon his
arrival he met with Fr. Jozo, the visionaries Marija and Ivan and
father superior Leonard Orec’. After, he went to the church where
there were already numerous people praying. Everyone sang the
Medjugorje hymn while Mr. Andreotti, on his knees before the
Tabernacle, remained in silent prayer. Then, together with Marija,
Ivan and Fr. Leonard Orec’, he went into the small chapel to the
right of the altar where the apparitions used to take place. Marija
explained to him what the meaning of the message regarding prayer
was and he asked them to pray the Creed and the seven times Our
Father, Hail Mary and Glory with him. Once they left the church,
Mr. Andreotti asked to be able to pray in private for a while and he
was thus accompanied to the Chapel of Adoration where there were
already numerous other people praying before the Blessed
In the Presbytery, Fr. Leonard told the distinguished guest the
story related to the sanctuary of the Queen of Peace and Mr.
Andreotti was then asked to leave a declaration for the Croatian
population. He replied: ”I believe that the major aim in any and all
political aid by Italians and the European Community should be in
helping the people of Yugoslavia find peace and reciprocal esteem;
and in respecting the desires of each single republic. The most
important means in doing this is prayer. That is why I have come to
Medjugorje, and as a Catholic, I am convinced that the help of God
is particularly needed in finding inner peace.”
He was asked, ”What does Medjugorje mean to you?” ”I know
many Italians who have been coming to Medjugorje for years and I
must say that the spiritual good that these people have been
bringing home is certainly of great significance for the whole
world. This has to be a divine sign.”
(From ”Glas
Koncila”, 4 August 1991 - Translation and summary by Fr. Josko
Mr Andreotti with Fr. Jozo and Ivan in the background.
People talk about them, some are worried about them,
and some criticize them. Let’s set things straight.
The six nice children from Medjugorje have grown up. At the
time of the first apparition, they were aged between 11 and 17; now
they are all ten years older. They were poor and unknown,
persecuted by the police and looked upon with suspicion by
ecclesiastical authorities. Things have now changed a great deal.
The first two visionaries, Ivanka and Mirjana, are both married, to
the disappointment of some. The others are all more or less spoken
about, except for Vicka, who always manages to keep control over
any situation with her disarming smile.
In no. 84 of Echo, René Laurentin pointed out the risks that
these children are running into. They are now protagonists, they
are photographed, and asked after as if they were stars. They are
invited to go abroad, put up in the best hotels and weighed down
with gifts. Once poor and unknown, they are now the centre of
attention. They have admirers and there are those who have fallen
in love with them. Jakov left his humble post in the parish shop
because an agency offered him a job for three times as much
money. Are they being tempted by the easy life, so different from
the austere messages of the Blessed Virgin? We must be very
careful to distinguish that which is of general interest, from that
which regards personal problems.
1. Right from the beginning Our Lady said that She had chosen
those six children because that’s what She wanted, and not because
they were better than the others. The apparitions and the public
messages, if authentic, are charisms freely granted by God, for the
good of all mankind. They do not depend on the holiness or non of the
background image
people chosen to receive them. The Scriptures tell us that God can
make use also of ... a donkey (Nb 22.30)
2. In the early years when Fr. Tomislav used to guide the young
visionaries with a stern hand, he was often heard saying: ”the children
are just like all other children, they have their faults and are subject to
sinning. They have put their trust in me and I try my best to guide
them.” It was possible to see them crying, at different times, during
the apparitions - and they would confess that Our Lady had
reprimanded them.
It would be silly of us to pretend that they become saints all of a
sudden and it would be misleading to think that they could live for ten
years under continuous spiritual tension without their moments of
relaxation and amusement. It would also be terribly wrong to expect
them to enter a convent, like St. Bernadette. First of all, a person has to
sanctify oneself in whichever state of life one may be in. And afterall,
everyone is free to choose.
The five children who saw Our Lady at Beauraing (Belgium, 1933)
are all married, to the disappointment of the fellow townspeople. The
lives of Melania and Massimino, the two children who saw Our Lady
at La Salette in France (1846), was certainly not led in the best of ways
- Massimino died as an alcoholic. The life of a visionary is certainly
not easy.
3. Personal sanctification is a problem that regards the individual,
since the Lord granted us the gift of freedom. We are all called to
holiness, and if we think that the visionaries of Medjugorje are not
holy enough, then let’s start wondering about ourselves. Of course, the
more gifts one receives, the more responsibility one has. I repeat,
however, that charisms are granted for the others, not for the
individual, and it doesn’t mean that just because someone has received
charisms that they are saints. The Gospel tells us that even miracle
workers may go to hell: ”Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your
name .. ?” But Jesus will reply, ”Away from me you evil men.” (Mt
7.22-23) This is a personal problem.
4. What we are interested in, however, is another problem: if the
visionaries should fall out, would this influence the final judgement of
the Medjugorje events? It must be very clear that I am talking about
something hypothetical, because, thanks to God, none of the
visionaries have yet fallen out. Well, in such a case, the judgement
could not change, because any future behaviour cannot cancel the
charismatic experiences of the past. The children were studied and
tested like never before for any other apparition. It has been seen that
they are sincere and that science cannot explain what happens to them
during an apparition. This cannot be cancelled anymore.
5. The apparitions have been continuing for ten years. Do all of
them have the same value? No. Even if the ecclesiastical authorities
declared themselves to be favourable of Medjugorje, they would still
be the problem of discerning the messages. There is no doubt that the
first messages (the most significant and characteristic ones) are of
much greater importance than the subsequent ones. Perhaps I can
explain what I mean with an example: the ecclesiastical authorities
had declared the six apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima in 1917 as
being authentic. When Our Lady appeared to Lucy in Pontevedra
(1925 - to ask for the devotion to Her Immaculate Heart and the
practice of the 5 first Saturdays) and in Tuy (1929 - to ask for the
consecration of Russia) the authorities accepted the contents of these
apparitions, but they did not say anything about the apparitions
themselves. Just like how they have not said anything about the many
other apparitions had by Lucy, and that are certainly of a lesser
importance with respect to those of 1917.
6. To conclude, we must understand the risks that the visionaries
of Medjugorje run. Let us pray for them, so that they may always
overcome the various difficulties and that they may always have a sure
guide. In fact, when they were left without one, they seemed a little
lost. Don’t expect the impossible from them. Yes, we can expect that
they become saints, but not according to our schemes. And let us
always remember, that before we should worry about other peoples’
sanctity, we should worry about our own.
Fr. Gabriel Amorth
private revelations of Medjugorje could not be affirmed as being of
supernatural origin. It goes without saying that in both cases, various
interpretations appeared in the papers. On one part the sense of the
declarations was broadened somewhat, whilst on the other, the writers
tried to explain the declarations in their literal sense.
Private, if not public, consent. The Pope’s personal opinion.
With regards to the first declaration, some interpretations said that
all pilgrimages were forbidden, whilst others placed the accent on
”official,” and correctly stated that only the official, but not private,
pilgrimages were forbidden.
The second declaration stated that the visions and private revelations
at Medjugorje could not be affirmed as being of supernatural origin. It
is important here to analyse the significance of the word ”affirm”
(ustvrditi) if we wish to know what the Bishops meant. Let us
remember that the Bishops in this case represent judges and their voice
is official. They speak in name of the Church, and in particular of the
Church of Yugoslavia. What the Bishops want to tell us is that one
cannot affirm ”officially,” but this doesn’t mean that one cannot
affirm ”privately” that the visions and private revelations at
Medjugorje are of supernatural origin; and which is what nearly all the
pilgrims that have been to Medjugorje are affirming. To prove what I
say, let me point out the following:
a) The JEC unanimously agrees to receive the pilgrims that come to
Medjugorje and to ensure that all the Yugoslav bishops will provide
liturgical and pastoral assistance, even though they are aware that all
the pilgrims believe in the supernaturalness of the events.
b) A statement made in private by Pope John Paul II also backs up
this argument. During lunch with the bishops of South Korea (who
were on visit in the Vatican - Nov 90), the president of the Episcopal
Conference of South Korea said to the Pope that part of the merit for
Poland being freed from Communism was his. Pope John Paul II
replied: ”No, the merit is not mine, but of the Blessed Virgin, in line
with Her affirmations at Fatima and Medjugorje...” And when a
Korean bishop told the Pope about the statue of Our Lady in Korea
that cries, the Pope said: ”.. and there are some bishops who don’t
believe, like in Yugoslavia.., but one must also consider the response
of the faithful, the numerous conversions .. Everything conforms with
the Gospel; all these things must be studied seriously” (From the
Korean ”Catholic weekly” - 11 Nov 90 -see also Echo 81, page 4)
These words were not pronounced by the Pope officially (if they had
been, it would be every Catholic’s duty to believe), but they reflect a
private and personal conviction.
Analysis of the document. Bishops are neutral.
If the Pope then may publicly pronounce his personal and affirmative
thoughts regarding the Medjugorje events (and this was not the first
time), then every good believer may do the same, with the implication,
however, that they are ready to accept the final judgement of the
Church. In the same way, for instance, we all say and write that
Cardinal Stepinac’ is a saint, even though he has not as yet been
I would like to remind the readers about the telegram sent by the
Pope to Cardinal Kuharic’, where the Holy Father entrusts the citizens
of the beloved Croatian Republic to the intercession of the Queen of
Peace (from Glas Koncila - 14 July 91).
This brief analysis undoubtedly shows up a few things:
- The bishops of Yugoslavia are aware of the important role they
play regarding the events at Medjugorje. The Holy See has entrusted
them with the collegial power of judgement, naturally under the
supervision of the Holy See, concerning the supernaturalness of the
events at Medjugorje.
- In both declarations, the bishops of the JEC showed a will to be
fair - in remaining equally distant from approving and from rejecting
the supernaturalness of said events.
- On the contrary, the adversaries of Medjugorje took advantage of
both declarations to interpret them as a definite condemnation of the
supernaturalness of said events, and especially with regards to the
second declaration.
- We are certain that the second campaign will end up like the first
one; and that is, that after a while, when the warfare comes to a stop,
the number of pilgrims will continue to grow.
Two critical notes: From an objective analysis of the declarations,
we can clearly see that they are the result of a compromise between the
bishops. In fact, they did not all think the same way. There were some
of them who would have wanted to condemn the supernaturalness of
Our Lady’s messages and prohibit all pilgrimages. The majority of the
bishops, however, did not accept this proposal and the declarations
were written up in a way that all of them could sign them. The
declarations then contain some inaccuracies that can be easily
manipulated, and which did unfortunately happen.
The Church has never directly approved
private revelations as
being authentic, but it has limited itself to examining the
authenticity of said revelations, with the use of criteria that can
demonstrate the probability of such authenticity. Some of these
criteria are: the
psychic status of the ”visionaries,” the religious and
Msgr. Franic’
If the Pope can openly manifest his personal and favourable
thoughts on the apparitions, then every good Christian can do
the same.
In the 22.07.91 issue of Split’s daily, ”Slobodna Dalmacija,”
(which means free Dalmatia) there was an article by Msgr. Frane
Franic’, archbishop emeritus of Split. Msgr. Franic’ was one of the
most authoritative theologians of the Vatican Council, and he is still
the president of the Theological Commission of the Jugoslav
Episcopal Conference (JEC). The JEC has so far made two
declarations regarding the Medjugorje events. The first time (12 Oct
84) the JEC declared that ”official” pilgrimages to Medjugorje were
not permitted. The second time (10 March 91) at Zara, the JEC said
that, based on official research work done to date, the visions and
background image
moral growth of the visionaries and pilgrims, consonance of the
private revelations with the public revelations contained in the Bible
and Apostolic Tradition, ascertainment that there is nothing in the
private revelations that contrasts with the universal doctrine of the
Church. It is up to the theologians to study these criteria, which is
what they are doing for the private revelations in Medj. Many studies
of this type have been published in various books and magazines and
are available world wide. By the way, the extraordinary healings in
Medjugorje are still being studied . There are also many books
available that talk about this argument. We are waiting for our
theologians to make a declaration about all of these facts.
Our faith in the Queen of Peace. The messages of Medjugorje are
now being heard amongst the sound of warfare. One can no longer say
that Our Lady has spoken too much and that She has not told us
anything new.
We are threatened by a third world war. Our Lady in Fatima used
the conditional tense when She said: ”if the world does not convert,”
and we can ask ourselves: has the world really converted since Our
Lady appeared at Fatima?
We can say that all over the world, in these last seventy years, there
have been numerous conversions and many prayer groups have
formed, under inspiration of the messages given by Our Lady at
Fatima and Medjugorje. Thanks to these prayer groups there has been
a noticeable return to the Church. These facts have also been
recognized by Pope John Paul II.
Furthermore, the millions of martyrs that have been killed in the
last seventy years because of their faith are reason for hope that God
will show His infinite mercy to this sinful humanity and grant us
peace. That is why during this most difficult period, our faith in the
Queen of Peace Who has appeared in Medjugorje, grows day by day.
The hope that our bishops will follow the example of the Pope also
grows. May they also invoke the intercession of the Queen of Peace
for their motherland Yugoslavia, tortured and bloodied, and for all the
people of Yugoslavia and the rest of the world, because She is the
Mother of all men, of all peoples, just as the Vatican Council II says
(LG 54.69). (Frane Franic’ - translation by Fr. B Hechich)
discovered the grace received through the sacrament called confession.
He and his friend went to Medjugorje again, and they wondered
what to do to spread such a great gift to the others. In 1988, they
started up a prayer group and organized meetings with slides and even
a pilgrimage to Medjugorje in aeroplane.
His father reminded him about his responsibility in the business
and told him that he had to put a stop to all this priest business. Hubert
was hurt and went to the chapel to ask Mary what to do. He went to
Medjugorje again and during that pilgrimage he realized that he
wanted to leave everything behind him and follow God. He went back
home. His father argued with him but then let him free. His protestant
wife, however, was not happy with his choice. Had he not chosen the
way of the Cross? His family even advised him to see a psychiatrist.
No-one understood him, but Our Lady was leading him by the hand.
Together with his friend, he organized a Medjugorje centre in
Germany to spread the messages, and they have prayer meetings once
a week. His now-deceased mother was very happy for his conversion.
She had prayed so much. There are still some problems in the family,
but they are improving. His advice for others in similar situations is to
consecrate the family to Our Lady and not to worry as no-one will
perish. We must be patient, however. If your sons converted straight
away, perhaps you would pray less - Our Lady needs our prayers and
sacrifices for many other families.
Mark Waterinckx
to follow the Queen of Peace
Freed through the grace of confession
Hubert Liebherr is the one and only heir to the world famous
Liebherr company. I met him by chance at Marienfried (see Echo nos.
57 & 58), where Our Lady has appeared, and even though it is not
recognized by the Church it is common to see bishops and prelates
presiding over religious ceremonies there.
He was born in 1950 at Memmingen to Catholic parents. He is the
sixth-born child - the first five are all sisters. When he was 13 years
old he was sent to a boarding school. He was too well off to think of
God and he ended up becoming an atheist. He graduated in
architectural engineering and started helping his father in the business
in Germany and abroad.
In 1981 he had a car accident at a crossing. Both cars were
destroyed, but both drivers were unhurt. Only two years later did he
realize that there was a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes only
5 metres away from that crossing. An irresistible force drove him into
the chapel - that was his first step back to God after so many years.
Standing there before Our Lady of Lourdes, he understood that there
was a relation between Her and his accident. His mother had spoken to
him about Lourdes and Fatima and he subsequently bought a book
about the apparitions at Fatima and discovered that the predictions
concerning Russia had come true.
He returned to the chapel - had not the Blessed Virgin promised
help to those who would confess, communicate and recite the Rosary
on the first Saturday of 5 consecutive months? Hubert’s business was
in big trouble and to ask Our Lady’s help he promised to do those 5
Saturdays in that chapel. At the time he didn’t even remember how to
recite the Lord’s Prayer, but Mary helped him. He then decided to go
to Fatima for the 70th anniversary. He returned to the chapel to ask for
a sign, to know whether or not he should go. He got his sign and
stayed in Fatima for 3 beautiful days in 1987.
During the voyage a friend talked to him about Medjugorje and he
immediately felt very attracted by the place. As soon as he returned
from Fatima, he flew to Medjugorje. Liebherr, the millionaire,
expected to see miracles, and he felt embarrassed about praying in
public, also because there were many Germans. Up on Krizevac’ he
felt very sick and giddy, which was strange because he had always
been well, but then he recalled a terrible thing that he had done in a
church but had never dared to tell anyone, not even in confession.
Outside the church at Medjugorje there were many people confessing,
but he was too proud. Then there was a priest who
set up his chair
outside on the grounds surrounding the church. He put his card in
front of him with ”Deutsch” written on it.
All of a sudden, Liebherr
threw himself down on his knees and poured out his past. He felt
relieved, as if a great weight had been removed from him. He
The gift of tongues repeats.
An Italian woman, G.H., who has lived for many years in
Germany with her German husband, was returning from the hill of
apparitions. She was tired, so she sat down to rest in someone’s
courtyard. A little while later she realized that she was at Marija’a
house, because of the great crowd that had gathered there. The
visionary came out to speak to the crowd of people, remaining to
talk for about half an hour.
The woman was happy to hear Marija speaking in Italian, and at
the end she offered to translate the substance of what Marija had
said to her husband who only spoke German. Her husband,
however, did not reply. He looked thoughtful and tired so she did
not insist.
Once the pilgrimage had come to an end, they returned to
Germany. The wife had brought the subject up again and asked
why he had not wanted her to translate for him. The husband,
slightly surprised, replied, ”But she spoke in German!” His wife
thought that perhaps they were thinking of two different moments,
but on carefully putting the pieces together, she realized that he
really did hear Marija speak German while she was actually
speaking Italian. The husband did not find anything strange in the
event as he thought the group was a group of Germans.
The gift of tongues had characterized the apostles’ first sermon
on the day of Pentecost, when people from 15 nations could hear
them speaking all in their own language. Saints too were endowed
with this gift, and the same gift can be repeated today too.
(From the Medjugorje Committee, Bolzano.)
A Croatian priest: ”(...) Please send me a copy of Echo. I
think that Echo will help me prepare myself for announcing the
Gospel of Peace to this country that has been invaded by war, tears
and blood.(...) I would like to be an apostle of the peace that Our
Lady announces to us at Medjugorje - that the whole world may
become one big family belonging to Mother Mary and our celestial
Father - that we could finally become ”one herd and one Pastor.”
(Fr J.Penava)
Consecration to Mary's Immaculate Heart, or living in Mary's
Imm. Heart is a way of saying that with Her help we wish to protect
the consecration of ourselves and all that we have and are to God.
Mary is our Mother - Jesus entrusted all humanity to Her from the
We were consecrated to God with our baptism. With baptism, one
renounces Satan, all his works and allurements. The allurements of the
devil and today's world, however, are so great that we are unable to
remain faithful to God without the help of a superior force. There are
even men of the Church that are pious only in their looks (2 Tm 3.5),
who don't realize that they are full of idols. They teach the easy way,
so that they ae popular with the world, and close their eyes to perverse
sins such as abortion, adultery, homosexuality so that they will not be
unpopular with the world. For they are full of words of the world,
instead of words of God.
Mary is thus our help, our shield. She asks us to live with Her, pray
with Her, work with Her, so that we will be safeguarded from the lies
and deceiving tricks that Satan sets to trap us. (2 Th 2) Nobody can
defend themselves in today's world from the slyness of Satan. Only
Mary can defend us.
We can consecrate ourselves with any formula (eg. the one Our
Lady gave to Jelena or the one by St. Louis De Montfort), as long as it
is done with sincerity. Let's place our trust in Her and consecrate
ourselves today!
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There are many good signs, but there are also many anguished
situations, like Croatia ... I believe that Her projects have begun
especially in those people that have prayed a lot. In Medjugorje itself,
and in our region, many prayer groups started up after the last
message. That is something really beautiful! I also think that this
message will give us new incentive, and will give courage to the
people to continue praying and believing in prayer...
Our Lady says that Satan wants to upset Her plans for peace and
joy... One cannot reach peace and joy without sufferance, whether it be
on a personal level or national level. Each moment of sufferance is
long; and thus it is very easy to lose one’s trust and courage, both on a
personal level and on a social or community level. But this can’t
happen without Satan’s influence, who wants to make us believe that
God cannot do anything for us. Now that Our Lady has told us this, I
believe that many hearts will be healed from that lack of courage in
going ahead... and really believe in peace - first personal peace, then
world peace...
(Fr. Slavko)
Our Lady asks us for a special novena
so that Her plans may be fully realized
Our Lady’s message of the 25th August 1991:
”Dear children, Today too, I am inviting you to pray, more
now than ever before, since when my plan has started being
actuated. Satan is strong and he wants to upset my plans of
peace and joy and make you think that my Son is not strong
enough in His decisions.
Therefore dear children, I am inviting you to pray and fast
more intensely than before. I would like you to offer up some
sort of renunciation for the duration of nine days so that with
your help everything that I want to realize according to the
secrets that began in Fatima, may in fact be realized.
I am asking you dear children to understand the importance
of my coming and the seriousness of the situation. I want to
save everyone’s souls and offer them to God.
Let us pray then, so that everything that I have started may
be fully realized. Thank you for having responded to my call.”
In this message Our Lady has summarized everything that She has
ever said during Her apparitions. At the same time, She also makes it
clear that there is a connection between Medjugorje and Fatima and
She expressly says that Her projects contained in those secrets are
being realized. Here we can easily see the allusions to Russia. This is
important because it throws light on our present century.
The presence of Our Lady in the modern day events is quite clear!
Those who have faith have not been left in the dark, but can see how
Our Lady has heard all our prayers. It is important to understand the
secrets of Fatima and to put into practice everything that She asks of
us with regards to the secrets.
Our Lady then stresses two things: First - faith, trust in God. Satan
is strong and is trying to upset God’s plans. How? By weakening our
faith and making us believe that he is stronger than Jesus. God’s plan
will be realized though, even if Satan has been granted much power.
Our Lady has warned us that the more time goes on, the stronger Satan
will be, as the moment of his total defeat will get closer. (Rv 12.12)
For this period Our Lady asks for our trust and perseverance
through prayer and fasts; and in particular She has asked us to offer up
some sort of renunciation, together with intense prayer, for the
duration of nine days. It is most important that we start this novena
and do it seriously. It has clearly been given to us as a concrete means
of helping, and without it we would risk being vague after hearing Her
words, and deaf and blind, especially with regards to fasting and
renouncing. If, on the other hand, we put Our Lady’s
recommendations into practice, our eyes will open more and more.
The events in Yugoslavia are clearly asking us to take Our Lady’s
messages seriously, and especially this last message, and especially
here where the situation is so grave. I can see Our Lady guiding the
ranks of the elected in battle against Satan. It is a spiritual battle, with
Her in front line, wanting to save the souls of all Her children, every
single one of them, and offer them to the Lord.
Second - Our Lady has told us once again that it is extremely
important that we open our hearts to understand the importance of Her
coming and the seriousness of the situation. In this way, we will be
able to continue advancing while trusting in Her. In yesterday’s
Gospel (Jn 6.60-70) Jesus points out how it is possible to keep on the
path to God only if we have faith - like the apostles who continued to
follow Jesus because they believed, whilst many others had abandoned
Those people without faith cannot continue on this path because the
further one goes, the darker it becomes. It is only possible to walk
along this path when accompanied by faith, not by human logic. Now
I would like to ask for the gift of faith for all the pilgrims and for all
those who will read these lines.
Oh Lord God, send Your Holy Spirit to fill our hearts that we may
look, listen and understand, and put into practice everything that Your
Mother has told us. Enlighten all the heads of the Church, and in
particular the Holy Father, so that they may understand the presence of
Our Lady here in Medjugorje. Bless the bishops of Yugoslavia so that
at least now, in such a serious moment, they may understand that Our
Lady has appeared and wants to help us.
Oh Lord, grant Your Light to all the heads of state and political
parties, and especially in war-stricken zones. Bless all the countries,
especially this one which Your Mother has visited. Send Your Spirit to
enlighten all the representatives of the Marian sanctuaries all over the
world so that they may understand how all Our Lady’s messages over
the centuries are connected.
Bless all the people who feel the impulses of the Holy Spirit so that
they may respond and, together with Our Lady, defeat Satan. And may
the Lord Almighty God, through the intercession of the
Virgin, bless the entire world, in the name of the Father, and of the
Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Fr. Tomislav Vlasic’
”Pray now, more than ever before, because my plan has begun.”
What does this phrase mean? Does it refer to the events in Russia?
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A bad habit that we must avoid:
Our French translator and distributor, Colette Evrat writes:
”Requests for the French Echo are on the increase (I now send out
15,000 copies). I also receive however, increasing requests to send
copies of Echo to third parties, and in particular to priests, religious
and bishops - with the writer usually hiding behind anonymity. I am
sure that this cannot be pleasing to Our Lady, Who is all wisdom and
prudence. She does not force anyone. She is the bearer of peace, not of
Dear Colette, thank you for writing to let us know about this bad
habit. We have repeatedly requested our readers not to do this (see
Echo 59 & 76 in particular). It is more a form of propaganda than
testimony, and the Gospel and Our Lady ask us to bear testimony with
our lives. Forcing Echo on other people does not respect their
freedom, nor does it respect the fact that no-one can go to the Father
if it is not He to call them and if it is not their hour. It would also be
too easy to convince others just by showing them a piece of paper. Our
Blessed Mother asks us to present ourselves, changed, so that the
others can see the truth and the effectiveness of the messages in us.
These anonymous people who want to convince others at all costs
do not realize that they get the opposite effect. The others will not be
convinced, but may end up hardening their hearts to Our Lady’s call
and will bear prejudices against all Medj.supporters, even those who
do not force the messages on others. We repeat that we will not send
Echo to third parties, even if we receive donations for the same, and
whether the requests are signed or not. We do not know whether the
third parties are happy to receive Echo. We will be happy to send
extra copies to anyone who makes a request, and then they may
personally deliver Echo to the people they care about.
We are happy to announce the birth of Maria. Her parents, Ornella
and Mario Sfriso are the printers of Echo. Born after ten years of
marriage, the many doctors and specialists had told them that it was
impossible for them to have children. She is Mary’s gift to the family
that spread Her messages to the whole world through Echo. Once
again we recommend to the Lord our helpers, Fr. Robert Cona of
Verona who continues to work and suffer for the glory of Mary, and
Sr. Margaret, whose complete recovery has been entrusted to Our
Lady as an important sign for Echo.
Infinite thanks to all those who help and support us through their
prayers, collaboration and donations. Echo is growing - and we are
still waiting on Our Lady to send us a helper for the parish, to permit
us to continue with Echo.
May Our Lady’s blessing, in the memory of Her nativity and Her
Sorrows, descend
upon all those who, through reading Echo, will
respond to Her most pressing call.
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