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March 1994 - Month of St Joseph - Orig. Ital. edition: Eco di Medj., C.P.149, 46100 Mantova, Italy.
Yr 9 #2 - All mail to: Echo of Medj., Casella Postale 27, 31030 Bessica (TV), Italy. Fax: 0423-470331
25 March 1984:
The Pope in St Peter's square
consecrates the world to the Immaculate Heart
goodness and omnipotence? We must dare to
ask for everything! The Father is not unwilling
to bestow [His graces on us], as it may appear
to us at times. This is precisely what He
wants. It is to the glory of my Father that
you should bear much fruit
(Jn 15:8).
Let us lend ourselves to the prayer of
Jesus in the Church, His body, and pray
united to Mary. She is one with Jesus and
is close to each one of us and pleads on
behalf of each of us
, to obtain not only what
we think we need, but what She knows we
need the most.
She loves all of us in the same way. She
wants every single one of us to be saved,
because we are Her children. Now the time
is favourable, it is time of grace.
everything is possible for those who believe
Thus, pray, pray, pray. Fr.Angelo.
Our Lady’s message of 25 February 1994:
Dear Children, Today I wish to thank
you for your prayers. All of you have
helped me to make this war end as soon
as possible. I am close to you, I pray for
each one of you, and I beseech you: pray,
pray, pray.
It is only through prayer that we can
defeat evil and protect everything that
Satan wishes to destroy in your lives.
I am your mother; I love all of you in
the same manner and I intercede for you
before God. Thank you for having
responded to my call.
Our prayer united
to Mary’s can destroy
Satan’s destructive power
What made Mary thank us for our
prayers, while on many other occasions She
complained about us being too talkative and
not prayerful enough? What is it that we did
to deserve this gratitude if even when we
pray more it is still not enough? Mary, truly
a Mother, wants to encourage us! And
perhaps She thanks us because we helped
Her to make this war end as quickly as
. We can see for ourselves that this
is, in fact, happening. Prayer and fasts can
truly stop wars.
We think Our Lady is happy because
many responded to the great prayer and fast
promoted by the Pope for the good of the
whole Church on 23 January. How important
it is that prayer rises to God from hearts
united to His representative on the earth!
Many people prayed on this occasion, moved
by the sad events of our time, but this time
the prayer was public and unified. Tertullian
speaks about this unity: we shall be unanimous
and take God by storm, and He will not resist
the strength of our faith.
Yes, now we can say that the Pope is
moving in the same direction as Our Lady
and he is taking the whole Church in this
same direction. Even in this simple message
Our Lady shows how She is a spiritual guide
that gets to the heart of things, so different
to the abstract intellectualism of our times.
Basically She is telling us: Satan has a
plan of destruction, aimed at each single
person and the universe as a whole. We
cannot face up to this on our own, because
he is more powerful and shrewder than us.
Only the power of Jesus can destroy his
plots. The devil himself says: I know who you
are, the Holy One of God; have you come to
bring us ruin?
We let God’s power act through us when
we humble ourselves and pray, continuously,
in union with Christ, the Head. He says: ask
and you will receive, knock and it will be
opened for you.
God wants to give us grace
upon grace. Remember, it would have taken
only 10 righteous persons to save Sodom!
So how could we not hope and trust in His
Those who cannot come to Medj. can
remain united to us spiritually so that the
Immaculate Heart may triumph as promised
in Fatima. It is a great privilege to live under
a pontificate which is totally consecrated to
Paul Maria Hnilica SJ
Pilgrim bishops of past
invited to Medjugorje
In another letter, Bishop Hnilica extends
an invitation to those bishops who have been
to Medj. on pilgrimage, that they may renew
their Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart
together on the anniversary date. More than
200 bishops have been there on pilgrimage.
"In these most difficult times we are
desperately in need of tangible signs of unity
around the Vicar of Christ and the Virgin
The fact that bishops go to Medj. is not
prejudicial to the acknowledgement (or non)
of the supernatural in the apparitions, nor
would this force it. A pilgrimage by bishops
is more than legitimate since Medj. was
declared a Marian Shrine by the Yugoslav
Bishops' Conference, and praying for peace
in such a tormented land is more than justified.
Without a doubt, this is a blessed and
prophetic initiative for the entire Church.
It was precisely in Medj. that we found
that motherly refuge, and now we realize how
precious it is for us! No one can deny or
ignore the presence of a great, uninterrupted
prayer for peace in that little village in Bosnia
& Herzegovina - the only oasis of peace in
the country. No matter what people think »
10th Anniversary of
Consecration of world
to Immaculate Heart of Mary
Celebration on 25 March in Medjugorje
- Bishop Hnilica’s letter to leaders of prayer
groups and pilgrimages:
«As you probably already know, March
25 marks the 10th anniversary of the
consecration of the world to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary. On that same date in 1984,
Pope John Paul II performed the consecration
in front of a statue of Our Lady of Fatima.
He asked all the bishops to join him in replying
to a request made by the Blessed Virgin in
Fatima, which was finally fulfilled, by the
pastor who came from the East. It was not
just a simple liturgical act, but the faithful
reply to that heavenly appeal made in Fatima.
It is God’s wish.
That act of consecration opened the doors
to Christ in the terribly tormented lands of
the former Soviet Union and the east. The
wall that separated the west from the east fell.
It was the strength that came from that act
carried out by the Vicar of Christ, in union
with his brothers, that placed Russia and the
world in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Today we have a world situation which
is no less dramatic than that of 10 years ago.
"Who would have thought that other walls
could have sprung up so quickly in the heart
of Europe to become barriers of hate and
blood for the division of brothers?" (John
Paul II) The Mediatrix of all graces, the Virgin
co-redemtrix, who was and is at the foot of
the Cross of Her Son, offers us the only remedy
that can triumph over evil in the world:
devotion and consecration to Her Immaculate
Heart. This is our only refuge, and in it God’s
tender love for us is unveiled.
For this reason, and this reason alone, I
invite you to come with me on pilgrimage
to that Marian shrine in March where we
shall renew our Consecration to the
Immaculate Heart of Mary, to ask for peace.
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Pope proposes:
as opposed to projects aimed at
destroying unity
between man and woman
The family is a central theme in the
teachings of John Paul II, to which he has
dedicated many discourses and catecheses,
and the Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris
in 1981. 1994 was dedicated to
family both by the UN and the Church.
It is natural then to expect abundant and clear
indications from the Pope. On 22 February,
his LETTER TO FAMILIES was published.
It is ample and profound.
We cannot cover all the themes covered
in this letter, but we do wish to stress the
importance given by the Pope to prayer in the
family. «In the solemn nuptial blessing during
the Rite of Marriage, the celebrant calls upon
the Lord in these words: "Pour out upon them
the grace of the Holy Spirit so that by your
love poured into their hearts they will remain
faithful in the marriage covenant.”
This effusion of the Holy Spirit gives
rise to the inner strength of families, as
well as the power capable of uniting them in
love and truth.»
Prayer is only force capable of healing
all types of wounds present in families
Everyone can see «how urgent it is for
families to pray and for that prayer to
increase and to spread throughout the world,
expressing thanksgiving for love in truth, for
the outpouring of the grace of the Holy
Spirit, for the presence among parents and
children of Christ the Redeemer and
Bridegroom who "loved us to the end.”
Let us be deeply convinced that this love
is the greatest of all, and let us believe that
it is really capable of triumphing over every-
thing that is not love.»
The Pope points out how love for the
family is fundamental, and is the first step to
a civilization of love: God’s plan for humanity.
Love means donation of self, it is an act in
which man «fully finds himself. To love
means to give and to receive something
which can be neither bought nor sold, but
only given freely and mutually.»
From the sacrament of marriage spark
forth values, which if lived, become a tangible
sign of the spousal love: «These values,
rather than being taught, must be witnessed
in a family environment where oblative love
accepts the differences in the others, takes
upon itself other’s needs and shares its goods.
The domestic virtues, based on profound
respect of life and of dignity of the human
being, are embodied in comprehension,
patience, encouragement and reciprocal
forgiveness. They give the family community
the possibility of living that prime and
fundamental peace experience. Beyond this
context of loving relationships and solidarity
which is both active and reciprocal, the
human being is in itself an incomprehensible
being, its life has no meaning unless love is
revealed ... and experienced and made one’s
Such love is not a fleeting emotion, but
an intense and lasting moral force that
pursues the good of others, even to the
point of self-sacrifice
These last words, from the Pope’s letter
for the day of peace (1 January), bring us to
another point in his new letter regarding love
that demands
«Love is true when it creates the good of
persons and of communities; it creates that
good and gives it to others. Only the one who
is able to be demanding with himself in the
name of love can also demand love from
others. Love is demanding. It makes demands
in all human situations; it is even more
demanding in the case of those who are open
to the Gospel...
People need to rediscover this demanding
love, for it is truly the firm foundation of the
family, a foundation able to "endure all
things.” According to the Apostle, love is not
able to "endure all things” if it yields to
"jealousies” or if it is "boastful... arrogant or
rude” (1 Co 13:5-6). True love, "believes all
things, hopes all things, endures all things,”
because at work within it is the power and
strength of God himself, who is love, the
power and strength of Christ, the Redeemer
of man and Saviour of the world.»
How does this love grow in families, to
be a support and a help for them also in
their decision making?
The answer is in prayer. In the Angelus
of 6 February the Pope said: «The answer can
only be found in God’s temple, that is, in
praying and in listening to the Lord’s word.
Sometimes, when the events of life become
complicated, it is difficult to discern the
divine will. But a family that prays will not
lack an awareness of its own basic vocation:
that of being a great journey of
This is how God designed it from the
beginning, when he created man and woman
in his image. Scripture says: "God created
man in his image; in the divine image he
created him; male and female he created
them.” It is important to grasp this great truth
in the Book of Genesis. The image of himself
» of Medj., whether it be in favour of or
against it, it is clear that Medj. is a prophetic
sign for the Church and for all humanity
in our present times
35th anniversary of Italy’s
Consecration to the Immac. Heart
On the 13th September 1959, Italy was
consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of
Mary,at the closure of the National Eucaristic
Congress held in Catania. The consecration
celebration was performed by the bishops in
union with Pope John XXIII. A shrine was
subsequently built in Trieste and dedicated
to Mary, Queen of Hearts, in remembrance
of the event.
The statue of Our Lady of Fatima, before
which the consecration was performed, was
placed in the votive temple which was
consecrated on 22 May 1966 by Pope Paul
VI. Our present Pope went on pilgrimage to
this shrine on 1 May 1992.
The "great prayer” for the Italian
population, in response to the appeal
launched by John Paul II in his letter to the
bishops, will begin officially with a Holy
Mass, concelebrated by the Pope himself and
Card. Ruini (president of the Italian Bishops’
Conference) in St Peter’s on 15 March.
that God gave man is also to be found in the
complementarity of the sexes. Joined in
marriage, man and woman reflect God’s
image and are in a certain way the "revelation"
of his love.»
A family is born and develops when it
conforms to this mysterious but real truth.
Marriage is a vocation that must be accepted
and loved: «We need to pray that married
couples will love their vocation, even when
the road becomes difficult... we need to pray
that, even then, they will be faithful to their
covenant with God. The family is the way of
the Church. In this letter we wish to both
profess and proclaim this way which leads to
the kingdom of heaven through conjugal and
family life.
It is important that the "communion of
persons” in the family should become a
preparation for the "communion of Saints.”
This is why the Church both believes and
proclaims the love which "endures all things,”
for with St Paul she sees in it the greatest
virtue of all. The Apostle puts no limits on
anyone. Everyone is called to love, including
spouses and families. In the Church everyone
is called equally to perfect holiness.»
Year of the defense
or the dissolution of families?
The recent, squalid decision of the
European Parliament to legitimize
homosexual "marriages” and give them the
right to adopt children violently contrasts
with the grandness of God’s project for the
The Holy Father spoke out against this
resolution in the Angelus of 20 February:
«The legal approval of homosexual activity
is not morally acceptable. Being under-
standing towards the sinner who is unable to
free himself from this tendency is not the
same as lessening the requirement of the
moral norm... The Parliament has unduly
institutionalized deviant kinds of behaviour
not in conformity with God’s plan... Without
a doubt we are faced with a great and terrible
The International Year of the Family has
started off straight away with a battle between
the light of God and the darkness of Satan.
The Pope suggests that certain attacks on the
family can only be resisted through prayer,
fasts and mutual love
. That is what we intend
doing, because debating over what the family
is is a waste of time when others don’t even
know the difference between a man and a
Edit. staff
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Return to Fasting
Surprising reply by Pope to
Roman clergy in discussion
on needs of Church today!
On the 17th February John Paul II met
the Roman clergy in the Vatican for the annual
Lenten meeting. After a number of
interventions by priests who called his
attention to various matters (social
emergencies, the role of the parish, family
pastoral programmes, etc.), the Pope
surprised them with his reply:
«I would like to say a word about
something that I think has been neglected:
fasting. Christ once told the apostles that the
devil, and thus evil, cannot be overpowered,
defeated or sent away if not through prayer
and fasts. (...) These days, precept has
reduced fasting to two days a year. The rest
is left to personal initiative, considered a bit
like a private event in the life of a Christian.
Perhaps it is right to do it this way.
I fear, however, that the world of today
is very contrary to fasting. So much is said
about consumerism; and using things is
contrary to fasting, because fasting means
being able to give things up for a greater
cause, a spiritual cause. It means living more
on a spiritual level than on a carnal level. All
this, it seems to me, is far from the present-
day mentality.
I don’t know if it’s that our Orthodox
brothers are in a more consistent or stronger
position than us. Without mentioning the
Muslims who observe their Ramadan, the
Hebrew faith is certainly very observant with
regards to this aspect. At times I think that
we are a little behind.
This is not a problem to do with Catholic
ambition. The problem is to do with our
faithfulness to the Lord, and in particular
with the effectiveness of our efforts, because
our efforts are great, and the Church certainly
has its structural force, but one fears that this
spiritual force that comes from prayer and
fasts is at times missing.
It is true that the modern-day western
man is ready to offer things for the good of
others, to give alms; yes, many do this. It is
easier for him to give things to others than
to accept not having things for himself.
What we have before us is a worldly spirit.
We also see before us a great work, that of
defeating this worldly spirit, defeating that
devil that Christ speaks about. It is a task,
a big and difficult challenge. So we have to,
as it were, calculate our strength, weigh the
odds against the evens to see that we are not
too weak for this spiritual battle.
It is known that the great saints and
the great pastors fought with the spiritual
strength that comes from prayer and fasts.
This is something we cannot forget; it is
something that we should perhaps even bring
back into use in the life of the Church and
the Catholic community (...).»
Jesus created in and around Himself a total
detachment from everything worldly so that
God’s love was central. God’s promise was
totally realized in Him. You too, in your daily
lives, can create the conditions needed for
God’s promise to be realized in you.
Week 2. Experience the Transfig-
uration! You pray - even a lot - but this is
not enough. You need to experience the
Transfiguration. How? Come out of yourself,
forget your desires, expectations and
explanations of God and of His promises;
and instead, live according to God’s will.
Do not be surprised if He asks you to
sacrifice something (cf. Gn 15:5-8).
Everything you do should be done with
immense hope. That way you will feel the
richness of God’s Blessing.
Do not become attached to pleasant prayer
experiences, like St Peter (cf. Lk 9:28-36).
Your spiritual life must advance with the
conditions present in your daily lives. The
love of God will be strengthened in you with
each trial, and this will make you faithful to
God’s love even if He asks you to sacrifice
everything (cf. Lk 9:57-62).
3. Be courageous and purify the temple
of your body! The merchants in the temple
cared so much about making money that they
profaned the Temple. What was holy became
a place of impurity. The place of God’s Glory
was turned into a place of personal interest.
This danger for the heart is in each of us.
Be brave enough to look into your heart and
throw out everything that does not belong to
God. Courage will grow in you if you learn
to tell the difference between divine and
human, eternal and transient. Jesus is clear
about this. That is why He could throw out
the worldly activites from the Temple and
say with courage: Destroy this Temple and
in three days I will raise it up
(Jn 2:13).
Discovering the indestructible in you
and believing in this truth means
discovering the power and wisdom of God
(cf.1Co 1:22-25). When you see something
in you that is sublime and eternal it will not
be difficult for you to give up the transient.
If you allow God to purify you, then He,
through you, will purify the others.
4. Believe in the Crucified King! God
gave orders to Cyrus, the King of Persia. To
the people of Israel who were reduced to
slavery He made Himself known as the King
of Kings (cf. 2Ch 36:14). His Mercy is greater
than all the evil in man who is a sinner. Jesus,
in fact, saves the man who believes in Him
(cf. Eph 2:4-10). God is King even when He
is opposed, misunderstood, refused and
St John guides you to the foot of the Cross,
so that on the Cross you will see in the person
of the suffering and crucified Jesus the
ETERNAL KING! When you see Him on
your crosses, ever alive, and you believe in
Him, you are saved (cf. Jn 3:14-26). (...)
See Jesus as King in your crosses! Offer
Him your mistrust in His Regality. Adore
Him and glorify Him on every cross! He needs
all your weaknesses and sufferings. That is
the only way you can discover His Regality
in every situation, and you will become His
5. Now you can die to yourself! Your
eyes permit you to see the eternal and the
indestructible. You are aware of Christ’s
* A lovely church dedicated to the Queen
of Peace will be inaugurated in Perugia, Italy
on 29 May. The visionaries and Fr. Jozo will
be present. Radio Maria and the national TV
will also be on site. Perugia is close to Assisi
and Collavalenza where there is a Merciful
Jesus shrine, and is expected to become popular
with pilgrims.
for the love of God
Lenten letter to "victim souls”
and those who would like to be one
Peace to you sister!
Peace to you brother!
With this letter I wish to offer you help
for your Easter journey. The Easter experience
makes us more aware of the love of God who
wishes to donate Himself in a special way so
that He can rise and live in us. Together with
the Community, I will follow you with my
prayer and offering. We shall be as one heart
and one soul; as one family: God’s family.
I know that you too, have some difficulty
with what name to give this call (victim soul,
a soul offered for others?). In fact, there is
no name that can express the profound
meaning of this call, because the infinite love
of God cannot be humanly expressed. So from
now on I shall call you: MOST BELOVED
SOUL of God!
Make up your mind to belong totally to
God! Begin Lent by immersing yourself in
the biblical reading of St Paul - Romans 8:
If God is on my side, who can be against me?
... Who can come between me and God’s love?
I tell you that God’s love for you exceeds
all sins, all limits, all Satan’s ploys and even
death; so there is nothing that can come
between you and God. Yet, you are separated
from God’s love, in the amount that your heart
places things and people before Him. So you
see, it is necessary to sacrifice all the rest
to find total fulfilment in God’s Love!
Whether you are a priest, a religious or
a lay person, your itinerary is your day-to-
day life. Decide for God's love without
conditions. Be open to His love. Let Him
guide your feelings, words and actions. Put
God’s love before everything and everyone.
If something needs sacrificing, sacrifice it,
and love will live and grow in you.
Only this love will bring you closer to
God, it will light up your journey and show
you what to do and how to do it.
The following are steps for you to follow
during Lent. Take them seriously, and
meditate on the Liturgical readings. Pray,
consecrate yourself to the Immaculate Heart
of Mary, and adore Jesus.
Week 1. Create the conditions for God’s
Love! God invites you, through the prophet
Isaiah: Oh, come to the water all you who are
thirsty; though you have no money, come!
Buy corn without money, and eat, and, at no
cost, wine and milk. Why spend money on
what is not bread, your wages on what fails
to satisfy? Listen, listen to me, and you will
have good things to eat and rich food to enjoy.
Pay attention, come to me; listen and your
soul will live...
(Is 55:1-11) (Read and
meditate on the entire passage.)
This is God’s promise. It is truthful. If it
has not been fulfilled in many it is because
these have used the excuse of not having time.
Their heads are full of their own ideas, their
hearts full of their own desires. They are
incapable of accepting God’s love. Something
so simple has become impossible for them.
You, though, must organize your time and
your day so that you can make this biblical
message yours... Jesus withdrew into the
desert, He left everything, He turned to God.
With the sole power of prayer and fasts He
defeated Satan; for Satan even tempted Him.
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News from the blessed land
(from Sr. Emmanuel’s diary)
* Medjugorje is lying under a thick
blanket of snow for the first time in many
years. The snow and the sub-zero temper-
atures have put a stop to many activities,
except the intense life of the parish. The
Blessed Virgin expressed her joy in the early
years at seeing the parishioners go to church
even in bad weather: "because they love me
and wish to show me their love in a special
way. The Lord will reward them generously.”
(21 Nov.'85)
* Ivanka’s third child: Ivan - was born
on a special day: 11 February, the feast of
Our Lady of Lourdes. We recall that on the
birth of her 2nd child Our Lady said: I thank
you for giving your life to bring other lives.
* Our Lady’s oases of peace all over the
world - During my round of conferences in
France I discovered with admiration the work
of the laity for Our Lady. They are extra-
ordinary supporters, ready to work day and
night in her honour, to consecrate all that they
have. Our Blessed Mother has planted her
little oases all over, in families which have
given themselves totally to her and which
shine out in the world.
In Versailles, Our Lady gave us a very
eloquent sign. A man in the gathering was
deaf in one ear and was due for an operation
the following week. As I was talking about
the main message he became aware of a very
disturbing buzz. He complained about it to
his wife; she replied that Our Lady was doing
the cleaning up. Well, she cleaned up so well
that he regained his hearing.
* Ivan is back after his mission in the
southern part of the Philippines.
* After having been forced back from the
front in Buna, close to Mostar, the group of
soldiers from Medj. has now been called to
the dangerous Bosnian front near Gornj
Vakuf. Our prayers are with them. Mujahed-
dins have arrived from 37 different countries.
Herzegovina, on the other hand, is calm and
there has been no shooting in Mostar since
20 Feb. last. Morale is growing. Our Lady’s
last message is full of hope...
* Fr. Slavko telephoned the message and
his comment to Radio Maria from Miami in
Florida . That same evening he attended a
meeting with 5000 people. The theme: Mary,
Mother of consolation. The day after he and
Fr. Tardif held a retreat for 70 priests, with
the archbishop's blessing.
* Fr. Slavko’s Chinese mission - Fr.
Slavko was very happy on his return from
Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. He reports:
"We met many people who follow the
messages of the Queen of Peace. China is
certainly another world, but the people are
very kind and open. We spoke to 400 students
in Macao. It was like a little Rome, so full
of churches. Many missionaries left from
Macao to spread the good news in China.
We celebrated Mass for Peace, in union
with the Pope on 23 January with the Bishop
here. There was a large crowd present and
about 30 priests concelebrated.
The local bishops welcomed the message
and even said how they desired going to Medj.
eternal Regality, from which nothing can
separate you - not humiliation, not poverty,
death, hell or any creature.
There is no doubt that you can now hand
yourself over to the hands of the Father. He
is calling you to eternal life! If this is clear
to you in your heart, then it will be easy for
you to remove your untruthful ego, and learn
to be at peace with your own limits. The limits
and sins of the others will not disturb you
because you will see beyond, you will see the
reality of eternity.
For this you must sacrifice your un-
truthful ego. If you have decided for this
out of love for the Father, then you have
decided for the glorification of God in you
You give the Father the possibility for Him
to be glorified in you (cf. Jn 12:20-33)... for
God wants our glorification through both our
small and big trials. Your false ego dies in
you and in God your glorious ego is born
because God glorifies you.
6. Live God’s Love without conditions!
Sacrifice all the rest. Leave aside everyone:
the Judahs, the Peters, the Herods, the Pilates,
the world... even your own thoughts about
yourself. Just contemplate Jesus and live the
way He lived. He continued on His way to
the Father, peacefully and silently. The
Father’s Love for men was realized through
Him; He offered it for the world.
Contemplate His love on the Cross. While
bound by the limits of pain in a dying and
humiliated man, it exceeds the limits of man’s
evilness and is offered for all, both good and
This love was greater than the weakness
of the chosen apostles. He gathered them up
after the Resurrection and carried on with His
work. Jesus was successful because He built
on the Love of God which cannot be knocked
down by weaknesses and limits, for it exceeds
these. This is the law of God’s creativity, the
good result which is conditioned by nought.
If you, too, sacrifice all the rest, so that
God’s creativity can be freed, God will realize
His promises in you and you will enter the
fullness of Life!
Jesus is the infinite love of the Father. He
gives you the fullness of Life. I wish for this
Love and this life to rise in you, so it may
be revealed to the world through you.
May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord let his face shine on you
and be gracious to you. Amen.
May the Lord uncover his face to you and
bring you peace. Amen.
And the blessing of God Almighty, Father,
Son and Holy Spirit descend upon you and
remain with you always. Amen.
Fr. Tomislav Vlasic (13 Feb.'94)
The impulse to write this letter, and the
call contained in it, comes from the experience
of the Community named: Kraljice Mira,
potpuno tvoji - po Marji k Isusu
(Queen of
Peace, all yours - to Jesus through Mary).
Anyone who would like to receive a copy
of this letter (also in other languages) or for
further information about Fr. Tomislav's
community, write to: Comunità Kraljice Mira,
Convento Francescano, 66010
Lama dei
Peligni (CH), Italy.
Siege on Sarajevo removed.
Muslims and Croats will
work together for peace
The bomb in the market at Sarajevo killed
69 people and wounded 140. The massacre,
transmitted by the TV all over the western
world, was what it took for diplomatic
indecisiveness to take a turn and decide on
an ultimatum: the Serbian army were to leave
their postings around the city before 21 Feb.,
otherwise NATO planes would have attacked.
For the moment it is working, and the UN
troops have collected more than 250 pieces
of heavy artillery. The Russian "blue-berets”
have also moved in to ensure the Serbs move
out. No bombs have fallen on Sarajevo since
21 February. The NATO bases in Italy,
however, are still on alert.
The diplomatic move was handled by
both the US and Russia, though it seems
fairly clear that Russia has greater influence
in Slav concerns. According to some, this
will not help in the definitive settling of the
Balkan regions, because at the moment Russia
represents a powerful interlocuter on a
diplomatic level, and Serbia trusts Russia,
which makes one think of political reasons
being behind this.
Anyhow, a 20 km strip has been created
around Sarajevo where the UN soldiers are
now posted, and this is a first step to guaran-
teeing peace. This is a temporary solution,
though, in need of outlets. The method
whereby air attacks are threatened could be
used in other zones because the Serbian forces
have just moved with their war to other areas
which they are isolating so they can take over
the rest of the Muslim strong-holds. See
Tuzla for instance, where the Serbs have
closed off the airport, leaving half a million
Muslims (inhabitants and refugees) without
In the meantime, it looks like the conflict
between Croats and Muslims is coming to
. The conflict between these two
peoples (now tempting at reconciliation) is
the cause of incalculable damage and the
destruction of Mostar. The possibility of
creating a confederation between the two
ethnic groups is being discussed, where
Muslims would have access to the sea.
At this point in time, no one can say the
war has ended. The political, territorial and
military questions are still open. The only
global plan for peace so far discussed (and
unlikely to be accepted) is the division of
Bosnia into two parts. Neither Serbia nor the
Serbs of Karadzic’s Bosnia have ever said
they would renouce their claims; so it’s »
Dear children, Pray, pray, pray.
(25 Oct. 1991)
* Pilgrims continue to come, there
generally being a few hundred present, the
majority of whom are French speaking.
as soon as possible. We could not visit
Communist China. The inhabitants of Macao
are worried about having to rejoin China in
1999, but they told us that they are happy to
pray and fast "to help Our Lady help them.”
I was delighted to discover that the word
peace in Chinese is represented by a woman
beneath a roof (the mother of the house).
They’ve understood that peace in the family
comes from the mother! The symbol for the
word good is a mother with a child; so it is
good when both are together. This, also, helps
me understand where peace and good come
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Sparks of love in
kingdom of hate
Life offered for sake of Love -
Following is the latest news regarding the
Poor Clares in the monastery of Brestovsko
(central Bosnia):
The youngest of the sisters, Sr. Franciska,
was sent to the UNPROFOR quarters in
Zagreb because of her poor health. When she
was better she asked to be taken back to her
monastery, since they had promised her they
would do this before she left, but they did not
keep their promise. On many other occasions
UNPROFOR requested that the community
leave their monastery; but that would leave
central Bosnia completely "cleaned out.”
Worldly powers make projects like this.
The Lord’s projects are different. The nuns
are ready for everything, even martyrdom.
They all say: "Our departure would be like
betraying the Catholic Church!” The Croatian
soldiers say: "As long as the nuns stay we
stay. For us they are God’s protection; if they
go, we go too.”
At the moment the monastery has become
refuge for many elderly women and mothers
with children. The nuns help them to survive.
They have neither water nor electricity. They
drink mineral water when available, but
they've mostly been drinking melted snow.
They say: "It is natural that we remain
with these women. It would be unthinkable
to do anything else. The Muslim soldiers on
the nearby front ask themselves: 'How come
our rifles don’t harm or kill these nuns? What
power is protecting them?’
We pray for these soldiers too; that is why
our remaining here truly is apostolate.”
True love gets to the heart - A few days
ago a priest came here. He is a refugee from
Travnik. Mujaheddins destroyed the church
and kept him prisoner in the presbytery for
6 months, till he finally escaped.
He tells: "One day a big man holding a
knife broke into my room. When he saw there
was no one else with me he fell onto his knees
and started sobbing...
After some minutes he begged forgiveness
for his Muslim people, saying: "We locals
know, and we can’t forget how you helped
everyone in need in our parish. It didn’t matter
to you whether they were Catholics, Muslims
or Orthodox! Now we too are afraid of the
mujaheddins, but we hope one day to be able
to return such generous love!”
Fr. Jerko Penava (Ogulin, Croatia)
Mostar is hellish
Vicka says: the war is in us
"Mostar is hell,” whispered the two priests
that visited the hospital with me. The hospital
had no more room for the young men waiting:
young men in their twenties - Croatians, Serbs
and Muslims - waiting for a leg to be
amputated. The hospital lacks even basic
things! Soon we’ll be taking them a Drager
respirator for their operating room, plus
supplies and medicines of every type. This
is possible thanks to Echo. We express the
gratitude of all those people who don’t even
have tears left to cry with.
On our way back we stopped over at
Vicka’s and asked her what Our Lady says
about the war. She replied: "This war is not
the real problem. The real problems are found
inside us. Inside us is the war and this is worse
than what we can see outside. I can’t see Our
Lady being worried about this war, but for
the world situation yes. She wants us to change
inside, then the war will stop.” We asked her
what we could do for the youth and she
replied: "Well, it’s not our words that can do
anything. It’s our prayer and example that can
touch their hearts.” (Luciana Randon)
One hundredth voyage
Alberto Bonifacio, who collaborates with
us, recently came back from his 100th voyage:
60 with pilgrims and 40 with aid. He says:
"The Friends of Medjugorje Group has
been organizing convoys of aid for the last
26 months. The convoys are not only means
of delivering aid, but also pilgrimages of
solidarity and testimonies of friendship and
prayer commitment.”
From notes on his last trip: «We arrived
in Medjugorje 12 February. Mostar is quiet
they tell us, but only those who wish go there.
The others unload at Caritas in Citluk which
keeps 9,000 refugees. We get to Mostar
together with a long convoy of UN tanks.
The people of Mostar ignore the tanks but
joyfully greet us. Such a beautiful city of
100,000 inhabitants, half Muslim, half Croat
and 2,700 Serbs - now in ruins.
We are asked to visit the psychiatric
hospital. There is only an old ruined barracks
and the Neretva between them and the
Muslims who continue to shoot on the other
side. We can hear the shooting, it’s very close.
The hospital is in bad conditions. All the
windows are broken and replaced by plastic
sheeting. Heating is practically inexistent. I
am told that 15 people have died tragically
over the last few months: some by sniper fire,
others by throwing themselves down from
the 3rd floor out of fear.
Doctor Helena, who speaks French, tells
me we are the first to take aid to them. That
leaves me astounded and dismayed.
Next stop is at the old hospital, then we
get out of there as quickly as possible and
return to Medj. Mita Ferrario, who works for
the hospitals, tells us how things really are:
different to the way our mass media presents
them. We take our laden hearts to Adoration.
The day after is dedicated entirely to prayer,
and the Way of the Cross on Krizevac in a
snow storm. The silence is unreal, so
contrasting to the shelling the day before, but
on the other hand so precious for reflection
and meditation.
Come without fear. Load up your vans and
come with us. There is no danger as far as
Medjugorje. Only those who wish need go to
Mostar. It is an experience in life, faith and
charity so enriching that you can’t wait to get
back there.»
Thanks from the Bishop of Mostar: I
cordially thank you for all the good you are
doing for our people. May God bless you and
fill you with abundant graces.
8 February 1994 - + Ratko Peric
Fr. Jozo in Italy: "We’re alive
thanks to your help!”
Fr. Jozo came to Italy precisely to thank
the makers of peace for all the help given to
the refugees. It is this, he said, that has helped
entire populations of refugees survive. Great
crowds turned out to pray and listen to him
in Trieste and Pordenone (12 Feb.) and
Udine (13 Feb.). In Udine he spoke to a
group of priests, then he met the press.
After, he went to Bergamo where he
stayed for 2 days, one being dedicated to the
sick at the Sanctuary of Basella.
Fr. Jozo said: "We are alive thanks to the
help brought by volunteers. There are now
refugees by the thousands and sick people
who need caring for.”
He spoke about the school organized by
him for the children of the refugee families
in the Siroki Brijeg area where he is the
superior in the Franciscan convent. 6,000
children are taught by teachers who have
offered to work free of charge. Besides books,
the children receive a bread bun each day.
He also spoke about the war orphans and
the sponsorship programme. 7,000 orphans
have been sponsored so far thanks to this
«We are our brothers’ keepers»
The aid that continues to leave from
Italy and many other countries, thanks to
friends of Medjugorje and other volunteers,
is by far superior in quantity to that sent
by the international organizations
. Our
papers reported of 4 Italian lorries that took
30 tonnes of aid to Mostar on 25 February.
It is usual for our convoys, though, to be
made up of dozens of lorries and vans each
The parish priest of Medj. says that 80%
of the aid for Bosnia arrives from these
volunteers. This may be ignored by the press,
but not by God.
The fruit of Medj.
is the amount of aid
Mons. Franic was asked about the Medj.
phenomenen and its influence on the
Croatian-Bosnian question.
He replied: «It has been said about the
Medjugorje messages that they are "the
biggest lie in the history of the Church, and
will badly harm her.» Instead, we have seen
just the contrary. The Medj. events have
brought great fruits to the Church.
The pilgrims bring so much help which
is being used for the Muslims and the
Orthodox as well. This aid is brought to us
at no expense to us (not even political) and
those who bring it even risk their own lives.
The aid helpers continue to work to help the
refugees even though the voyages are lengthy
and tiring. People leave from Italy, Germany,
France, Belgium, Ireland, England and even
from overseas.
This help is a testimony of the great faith
and Christian love towards our Church and
all those in need of help. This is proof that
the fruits of Medjugorje are good. One could
say that today in the world there is so much
interest for our country because of
(from Glas Mira, Dec. 93)
» probable that they won’t!
It must be said that the Pope’s requests for
greater spiritual commitment on the part of
Christians has without a doubt played a part
in this initial success.
This way [of prayer] is one that remains
valid. We are asked to continue praying with
greater intensity and decision, for: if you pray
and don’t get what you ask for it is because
you have not prayed properly
(Jm 4:3). **
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her death.
The really striking thing is that a child
who was refused by her parents was able
to understand and love them anyway
, right
from when she was little.
From this we see how God guides people
to the true love of Christ Crucified, no matter
what their human condition is. Just like Him
and His faithful disciple (Margaret), we too
are called to love each man, no matter who
they are or what they may have done.
Margaret was able to accept everything with
so much peace because of her profound
communion with Christ. She once told her
father director: "Jesus too was refused by his
own kin and God permits me to be treated
in the same manner, that I may follow my
Lord more closely.”
As we contemplate the life of St Margaret,
we ask through her intercession the grace of
being able to accept everything that our
brothers bring upon us - whether it be
consoling or purifying - as from the loving
hands of God Himself, who desires our
holiness. Being able to love he who disturbs
me, but who does not directly harm me, is
only the first step in loving. Pure love, that
true Christian love, is forgiving he who
persecutes me, who does not understand me,
who speaks badly about me, who abandons
me ...
St Margaret had a profound love for her
parents, and by divine grace, three small
globes were found in her heart (where she
said she kept a treasure). These globes bore
the images of the Holy Family.
13 April: St Margaret
Refused by family
In exchange
she gives them love
Year 1287. There was much excitement
in the castle of Metola (in Umbria), for the
powerful captain, Parisio, and his wife Emilia
were expecting the birth of their first child.
The event, which should have been happy,
only brought dismay because the little girl
was such a frightful sight. She was so tiny
it was thought she would not reach normal
stature, one leg was shorter than the other and
her back was humped. One week later, it was
also discovered that she was blind.
They decided to keep her a secret and
gave the little babe to a wet nurse. When
there were no visitors in the castle, Margaret
was allowed to walk around freely, but she
was never allowed to enter the rooms occupied
by her parents, who did not want to see her
at all.
One day a guest came across her by
accident. Parisio was so angry and
embarrassed that he had a small room built
onto the chapel in the wood - with a door
that led only into the chapel - and closed her
in there. He justified his action by saying she
would be happier in the place she liked the
best. It was when it was thought the enemy
would invade that he closed her up in a real
prison for fear someone would see her. So
she was also deprived of her only comfort:
confession and Holy Mass.
All this time Margaret showed no signs
of rebellion, but serenely accepted the
sufferings as if from God’s hands, and in her
heart she dearly loved her mother and father.
Some years later she was taken to the
tomb of a saintly monk who had recently
died, in the hope that she would be healed.
The disappointed parents abandoned her on
the spot. Margaret was found by some good
women, then lovingly raised by a married
couple, Grigia and Venturino. She grew in
holiness, and found great comfort in prayer.
Though still a child, her holiness was
greatly admired by all to the point that some
nuns asked to have her in their convent.
Margaret’s adoptive parents sadly gave her
over, but much time had not passed when the
nuns sent her back home. In fact, Margaret’s
constant example of holiness and virtue was
not well accepted by the nuns whose monastic
life was a more relaxed environment.
When she was 14, thinking she would
never be accepted into a monastery, she
became a member of the Third Order of the
God rewarded her holiness with the gift
of contemplation and many prodigies. She
was illiterate and not at all knowledgeable,
but the Lord gave her the gift of wisdom.
Thus, she was able to interpret the psalms.
Margaret, commonly known as the blind
woman of Metola, was very charitable. She
often visited the prisoners and the sick to take
them a word of comfort and on many
occasions these were graced with miraculous
The many mortifications that she subjected
herself to, and the long hours of prayer
weakened her already fragile health and in
1320, on the 13th April, she died at the age
of 33. The townspeople were sorrowed by
like: what would the others think, how could
I convince my parents that I was doing the
right thing after all that I went through before,
filled my head. I was trying to hide from the
truth, I was afraid, I wanted to back out. I
don’t think I’ve ever felt so terrible as when
I was put before Crucified Christ. It was as
if I was nailing Him down even more. Yet
He loved me and was waiting for my yes.
In the end it was His love that disarmed
me and I was able to say: "Lord, it’s not
possible not to love when Your love for us
is so immense, and given so freely. By Your
grace I too will learn how to love the man
I was destined for from the beginning of time.”
So I started going out with my husband
and the children, but back home I’d ask myself
if I was mad thinking about getting back
together with him. "Why am I doing it - it’s
so good without him, no one to argue with!”
There was a real battle going on within me,
and it was only in prayer that I could find
Nonetheless, I couln’t turn back, so I
forced myself to live out the Word. Little by
little things started changing and the man I
had married and loved for my own sake, I
was now able to love for the sake of a greater
Love. Today, after 12 years of separation, my
husband and I have decided to set up family
In all this the devil has certainly not been
a spectator, but the certainty of knowing we
are not alone in this battle gives us the courage
to go on. God is with us and with His infinite
love He will repair our failures.
We both know it won’t always be easy
and wonderful, but the Lord made this
"miracle” come about, so He certainly won’t
abandon us now.
I pray to Him, that what has happened to
us may also happen to other married couples,
that they do not close themselves up in their
limited convictions, but leave a space in their
hearts for God to work. He can do what we
can’t do: make a new family.
Nadia (Milan)
Broken family reunited
with power of Christ
Three years had passed since we decided
to separate and I felt good, as though relieved
of that burdensome life made up of continuous
quarrels and incomprension.
By then I felt almost serene, even though
I had the two children to raise. I started going
to Sunday Mass with the boys and since the
eldest was to receive Confirmation I became
more interested in the parochial environment.
Whenever I went to church it was like going
back home after being away for a long time
- when your folk are so glad to see you and
you know you’ve not been forgotten.
Later on in time I was asked to take a
catechism class. I thought about it a lot and
finally accepted. As time passed I came to
realize that the Holy Spirit was not only
guiding my children, but He was also guiding
me along a path made up of lots of yeses to
God - which became more and more
One day, during confession, the priest
asked me to consider the possibility of getting
back together with my husband. I told him
that I could never consider that, as my husband
was just too different from me and there was
never any understanding between us.
"No, no, look at the cross! How can you
say before Crucified Christ that you can’t?
That’s wanting to be rid of the cross. Is that
what you teach the children at catechism?”
All I could do was ask forgiveness and
think about the ambigious position I was in.
At this point the Lord was asking me for
another yes. What should I do? Thoughts
Nine years of apparitions in Schio -
They write to tell us: «On 25 March it will
be nine years since the Queen of Love started
appearing to the visionary, Renato Baron.
Despite the adverse publicity the press has
given us over these years, pilgrims continue
to come in great numbers. They come from
Italy and abroad, particularly Germany, but
even from Russia and Brazil.
The special days in Schio are Wednesday,
Saturday and Sunday when great crowds
arrive for the Way of the Cross and the Rosary,
in an effort to put Our Lady’s promise into
effect: It will be God’s people to save God’s
people... In and with the divine love you will
become collaborators of all the wonders of
God’s Providence.
These wonders here in Schio include signs,
conversions and works in favour of the needy,
especially the homeless children and the
lepers. The Church is in danger... make your
foundations on the holy Church, remain
united to the Pope.
To the priests She says:
no compromises. Do not close your eyes.
The Spirit of God calls to conversion, to
holiness and to works of love which build up
the Church. Only a blind man could not see
the fruits of this fountain of grace.»
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Non-stop Prayer Continues
«So you had not the strength to keep awake
with me one hour?» (Mt 26:40)
Our friends from France write:
"To the brothers and sisters who have
committed themselves to becoming a link in
the chain of prayers for peace, and to all the
children of the Queen of Peace:
Dear children, pray, pray, pray. (25 Oct.
I invite all those who said yes to me to
renew their consecration to my Son Jesus, to
His Heart, and to me, so that we may use you
all the more fervently as instruments of peace
in this unpeaceful world...
(25 April 1992)
Plus the many other messages that urge
us to pray for peace...
We were touched by this appeal of our
heavenly Mother. We made a commitment,
a personal yet solemn one, to intercede with
continuous prayer for peace in the world!
Our names have been presented to the Queen
of Peace, and She looks upon us lovingly.
Now, are we being faithful to that
commitment? Are we keeping guard before
the Lord each time it is our turn? Have we
put aside this time each day to dedicate to
prayer and stay with the Lord?
Let us remember that we are the children
of the Queen of Peace. She needs those
prayers we promised Her. She waits for them;
and it is our duty.
«Perhaps there are fifty just men in the
town,» Abraham implored (Gn 18:16-33).
Anyone wanting to join us in this non-
stop prayer can contact: Echo de Medj., Allée
Thévenot, F-39100 DOLE, France. All you
have to do is send us your name and state
the day and the hour you intend to pray.”
Prayer is a battle
Prayer is a gift, donated by grace; on our
part it is a decisive response. It is implied that
effort is needed. The great praying men of
the Old Alliance before Christ’s time, the
Mother of God, the saints and of course Christ
Himself teach us that praying is a battle.
Against whom? Against ourselves and the
cunning of the Tempter, who does every-
thing he can to distract man from prayer,
from being united to his God.
One prays according to how one lives, for
one lives according to how one prays. If one
does not wish to act habitually according to
Christ’s Spirit, then one cannot pray habitually
in his Name. The "spiritual battle” in the new
life of a Christian cannot be separated from
the struggle of prayer.
The usual difficulty with prayer is
distraction. (...) Searching for what distracts
us is falling into a trap. All we need to do
is recollect ourselves and continue with our
prayer. Distraction reveals to us what we
are attached to
, and realizing this should
awaken in us our preferential love for Him,
whereby we offer Him our hearts so He can
purify them. This is where the battle lies: in
choosing which Master to serve.
Another difficulty, particuarly for those
who sincerely wish to pray, is aridity. Aridity
in prayer is when the heart remains insensitive
to thoughts, memories or feelings, also on a
spiritual level. This is when only pure faith
helps you carry on. A wheat grain that dies
... yields a rich harvest
(Jn 12:24). If the cause
of aridity is lack of roots, because the Word
fell onto stony ground, then the battle concerns
the field of conversion.
The most frequent and hidden form of
temptation is our lack of faith. It is manifested
not so much in a declaration of unbelief, but
in a preferance for facts. When we decide to
pray, a thousand chores or worries come
to mind, which we consider as being urgent
and requiring immediate attention.
Once again this is the moment of truth for
our heart: whom do we love the most? At
times we turn to the Lord as if to a last resort:
but do we really believe? Other times we
consider the Lord as our ally, while the heart
is still in a state of presumption. In any case,
lack of faith reveals that we are still not
disposed to being humble of heart: Without
me you can do nothing
(Jn 15:5).
Another form of temptation, which arises
from presumption, is spiritual laziness. With
this term the Fathers of spiritual life refer to
a form of depression caused by a slackened
ascesis, by a weakened state of alertness, by
not keeping watch over the heart. The spirit
is willing, but the flesh is weak
(Mt 26:41).
The higher the fall is the more one gets hurt.
Feeling discouraged is the opposite to
presumption. A humble person is not
surprised by his own wretchedness
; but
discovering it leads one to a greater trust in
God and to a greater constancy.
(Catechism of the Catholic Church - ref.
nos. 2725-2733)
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God is offering Himself totally to you, but
you can discover and recognize him only in
prayer. Therefore, make a decision to pray.
(25 February 1990)
Mother Teresa: "Don’t kill
the child, give him to me!”
This is what Mother Teresa said on the
2nd February at the annual National Prayer
meeting in the US with the President and
congressmen. She was invited to say her
prayer for "those unable to defend
themselves:” the unborn children of course.
The President and his wife blushed as
Mother Teresa was applauded by others.
She told those present: "The greatest
threat to peace is abortion. If we accept that
a mother can kill her child, how can we tell
people to stop killing one another?”
Pray for those who treat you badly
(Lk 6:28)
We receive many heart-warming letters
and testimonies. The following may help us
meditate for this Lent. The writer is a young
man who distributes hundreds of copies of Echo
in North America:
"Before Christmas I had my car stolen, so
now I walk and make use of public transport.
It takes me nearly two hours though to get to
the post office. At times I think about buying
a car, but when I remember that so many people
are really poor, I put the thought out of my
I ask you all to pray for the people who
stole my car. May the Lord have mercy on
them and forgive their sin. Please also pray for
me.” (G.B. 10 Jan. '94)
Thank the Lord that your heart suffers for
the sins of others rather than for what you’ve
suffered. Put aside your scruples my dear G.,
and buy yourself another car so you can serve
Our Blessed Mother and Her poor children
more efficiently.
* Bus service from Trieste to
Medjugorje continues to operate every day.
Where: bus station adjacent to train station
in Trieste. Departure: 6 pm daily and return
from Medjugorje same time daily. Cost:
Lit.86,200 return fare. Validity 10 days. Ph.
Italy 040-360300.
* Fr. Jozo’s initiative for sponsorship
of Croatian and Bosnian children. For
information write to Matteo Rossi, via delle
Grazie 9, 54100 Massa, Italy. Give full name
and address, and print or type when writing.
Helping the refugees
Contact your nearest Medj. or Caritas
centre. If you wish to send your donations
through us, please specify that the money is
for this purpose. Make your cheques out to
"Echo of Medj.”
In GB the Medj. Appeal accepts
donations and supplies, such as non-
perishable foods, school equipment, medical
supplies, nappies, baby food, tools, sewing
machines and kits, etc.
From a report by Appeal workers stationed
in their Medj. warehouse Medj.: "... there are
encouraging reports about how people in the
area of conflict from different ethnic groups
help one another: Muslims sheltering and
feeding Catholics and vice versa...
Unfortunately, this situation is not
publicised... as only atrocious situations make
background image
* The apparitions of Belpasso (Catania)
- The second network of the Italian national
TV has been transmitting programmes on
various supernatural events and apparitions.
In Belpasso a young student, Rosario
Toscano, says Our Lady appeared to him
between 1986 and 1988. At the time he was
at high school, he now goes to University.
The TV reported: "After the events, pilgrims
began visiting the place of apparitions. We
saw no fanatism. They are composed and
The various witnesses, priests and experts
talk of celestial phenomena seen with their
own eyes and two miracles, almost with an
air of detachment. The main character, the
visionary, did not accept being interviewed.
He was filmed at the time of the apparitions
without him knowing it, but he has kept
himself out of the limelight since. The local
bishop appointed a priest as his spiritual
Rosario has never made out he’s a prophet,
or spoken of threatened disasters to those
who won’t believe. After the last apparition
he read one of Our Lady’s messages - very
similar to those of Fatima and Medjugorje -
that announced suffering and trials for the
whole world and the Church.
Though the Bishop of Catania, Msgr.
Bommarito, says he becomes suspicious when
faced with the many supposed extraordinary
cases, he also spoke of the: "tendency to
believe there is something extraordinary in
Belpasso.” The bishop also spoke about
Rosario in a positive way, saying he is
psychologically stable and humble. In the end
he confessed that he goes to pray every now
and again to the rock where the supposed
apparitions took place.
Do not take God’s gifts for own use
"A risk faced by people who have
locutions, visions or any other particular
experiences is that these extraordinary
experiences and miracles etc., can become
possessive about them, and interpreted by
themselves, used for themselves and centred
around themselves, to the point where they
even threaten those who do not believe.
They act as if they had rights over the
truth and thus create false fears and division.
This type of behaviour permits Satan to use
a soul’s extraordinary powers for himself.
Everything that is extraordinary or
ordinary must be subjected to God for the
good of our brothers and sisters. That is the
only way God can fulfil His plan for which
He originally gave those gifts, without causing
rifts in the unity and in the meaning of the
Church. Ordinary gifts such as humility,
obedience and submission to God are worth
much more than extraordinary ones.
Any gift, whether it be ordinary or
extraordinary, can be used by God only when
we are submitted to Him and we let Him
dispose of us as He wills.”
Fr. Tomislav
Sped.Abb.Post.3/70; Aut.Trib.Mant.#13, 8-11-86; Legal Dir: A.Lanzani; Printed by DIPRO-Italy, Fax: 0422-840804
Refugee mothers in Medjugorje have constructed a wall. On each brick is written the name of a son
killed at war. The mothers bring flowers and prayers.
* Donations received for month of Feb.
For Medjugorje in the East: Lit. 2,335,000
For Bosnia-Herzegovina: Lit. 4,490,000
Mother Teresa and Seminarists: Lit. 700,000
For Sahel and Latin America: Lit. 250,000
Thank you to all those people who so
generously support us and make it possible
for Echo to continue. A special thanks to our
readers from Germany who sent us a lump
sum of 11 million lire. Also to our readers
in Switzerland who send us 2 million each
month towards Echo in German and 2 million
towards Echo in Italian. French-language
readers also sent us a lump sum of 11.5 million
lire last January for the publication of Echo;
and we thank our English-language readers
for the many private donations received by
Echo is free. It lives on donations. In the
month of February, for the 5 editions we
publish ourselves (Italian, French, English,
German and Spanish), plus the help we give
to those editions published in the East, and
to upgrade the computer for the English-
language edition we spent: Lit. 66,500,000
Through the many letters we received
from all parts of the world, telling us to
continue with the way Echo is (following our
request in Echo 107, page 8), Our Lady has
wished to encourage us. I thank you for your
letters of concern and your prayers for my
health. Thanks to God I have now recovered
and, God willing, I shall continue with Echo.
Without a doubt, Echo is a gift from
Mary, given as nourishment for Her little
children in this time of famine. In our efforts
to be faithful to Her and the service She
entrusts us with, let us renew our consecration
to Her Immaculate Heart, to become live
members of the Church. God bless you all
now and always.
From the mail: "...This Jan./Feb. edition
more than made up for the wait. Thank you,
Father, we would be lost without our "nourish-
Maureen D., GB
were as repulsive as mud, your confidence and
your love will make Me forget them, so you
will not be judged! I am just, it is true, but
love pays for everything!
Listen, my children, let us make a com-
parison, and you will be assured of my love.
For Me, your sins are like iron, and your acts
of love like gold .. so that with just a little love,
great iniquities can be expiated.
You must love and honour Me so that you
will not be judged, or rather, that you will be
judged with infinitely merciful love»
Taken from the book: The Father Speaks
to His Children.
Medjugorje 1994 National Conference,
University of Notre Dame, Indiana, 46556,
USA. May 20-22, 1994 (Pentecost weekend).
Theme: Unity for the Mission of the
Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Speakers include: Bishop Paul M. Hnilica,
S.J., Fr. Andrea d'Ascanio, O.F.M., Fr. Daniel-
Ange, Sr. Emmanuel. For information write
to: Queen of Peace Ministries, POB 761,
Notre Dame, Indiana, 46556, USA
"The Father Speaks to His Children:"
«Is it possible that having called Me your
Father and having shown your love for Me,
you could find in Me such a hard and insensitive
heart as to let you perish? No, no, do not
believe it! I am the best of Fathers! I know
my creatures' weaknesses! Come to Me, come
with confidence and love! I will forgive you
after you have repented. Even if your sins
* The Father Speaks to His Children,
introduced by Fr. Andrea d'Ascanio, OFM.
Write to. I Nidi di Preghiera Publications,
Casella Postale 135, 67100 L'Aquila, Italy
* The four books containing meditations
by Frs Tomislav and Slavko provide excellent
spiritual guidance. These books are free.
Donations are accepted for cover mailing costs,
etc. Write to: Amici di Medj., Via Nirone 9,
20123, Italy.
* True Devotion to Mary, by St Louis De
Montfort, for preparation and Consecration to
Immaculate Heart of Mary. Ask at your nearest
Catholic book shop, or write to: Tan Books and
Publishers, Inc., Rockford, Illinois 61105, USA.
* Rex Tuus Venit (Thy King is Coming):
paintings by Bradi Barth - £4 or US$6
(excluding postage). Profits for the needy. Write
to: The Medjugorje Appeal, Lambs Bus. Park,
UnitJ, Tilburstow Hill Road, South Godstone,
Surrey, RH9 8JZ, England.
* My First Catechism - Synthesis of the
New Catechism of the Catholic Church. by Fr.
Paolo O. Pirlo, SHMI. For children and youths.
Write to: Sons of Holy Mary Immaculate,
Isabella De Rosis St., Multinational Village,
1700 Paranaque, M. Manila, Philippines.