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Languages: English, Italiano
Added July 2, 2008 /  Category: Testimonies
Maria Vallejo Nagera

The Spanish famous author Maria Vallejo-Nagera speaks about her conversion at Medjugorje.

Added July 6, 2008 /  Category: Song lyrics included, Music with pictures
Doris Dragovic Medugorje

Song "Medugorje" of Croatian singer Doris Dragovic, including lyrics in Croatian and English language.

Added July 13, 2008 /  Category: Medjugorje Pilgrimages, Music with pictures
Medjugorje Voice Peace

Beautiful Music Video capturing the Spirit of Medugorje. The sound track Medjugorje-'The Voice of Peace' is used on a TV Documentary on Medugorje called MEDUGORJE COME AND SEE.

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