God Loves you / Bog Te Ljubi

video with lyrics by Maja Štrk, VIS Dujam Split

A beautiful Croatian devotional, spiritual song by Maja Štrk, performed by VIS Dujam from Split. Comes with accompanying video slideshow with some beautiful scenes and images related to Medjugorje, Jesus, angels, children and Christmas. Inspirational lyrics in both English and Croatian are provided as well.

Bog Te Ljubi God Loves you
Tvoju su lađu vjetrovi odnijeli
na pučini dalekoj olujama lomili,
al' oblaci nestanu
kad more sunce poljubi
duša ti zna više nisi sama
Bog je s tobom.
Wings took away your ship,
On far billow knapped it by storm
Clouds disappear
When sun kisses the sea
The soul knows you are not alone
God is with you

On te ljubi
s tobom uvijek ostaje
kada pritisnu te boli
ta ljubav jača postaje.

Kad te neka druga mora
lažnim sjajem privuku
Bog te opet prima k sebi
tvojoj duši daje luku.

He loves you,
with you will always remain,
When pains will press you
that love will become stronger

When some other nightmare
will attract you by false glitter,
God will again receive you,
will give light to your soul

Kad tvoja se lađa
I nemirnom moru izgubi
odbaci sav strah, odbaci tugu
Bog je s tobom..
When your ship
on rough sea will get lost
reject all fear, reject all sorrow
God is with you..

For God to live in your hearts, you must love.