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2 agosto 2008 /  Categoria: Fenomeni paranormali / Autore: Paranormal TV
Miracles Medjugorje Paranormal Tv

This video contains some photos of events, that seemingly have supernatural character. Further, Timothy Klauck, former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, speaks about his opinion on miraculous or supernatural happenings in Medjugorje. He also speaks about an incident with aircraft bombers, that he saw near Medjugorje. He became convinced that Medjugorje during the Bosnian war in ninetees became relatively untouched, because of divine intervention.

7 agosto 2008 /  Categoria: Apparizioni di Medjugorje / Autore: Vittorio, Bologna
Apparition Mirjana August 2008

An apparition of Our Lady for Mirjana, 2. August 2008

10 agosto 2008 /  Categoria: Veggenti, Testimonianze
Vicka Testimony 2008

Testimony of Vicka in Medjugorje

16 agosto 2008 /  Categoria: Testimonianze, Interviste
Donald Callaway

Note: The book that Don Calloway speaks about is: "The Queen of Peace Visits Medjugorje", about the apparition site Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina, by Father Joseph A. Pelletier

24 agosto 2008 /  Categoria: Spirituality, Carità
Mother Theresa

Externally you see just bread, but it is Jesus, externally you see just the poor person, but it is Jesus, difficult to explain it is a mystery of love. It is one of thinks that human mind cannot reach, but you have to bend, it is him we receive and . Our Love of christ is in action is serve him and poor.

30 agosto 2008 /  Categoria: Paddy Kelly, Paddy Kelly, Testo della canzone inclusa
John Paul Mary at Medjugorje
30 agosto 2008 /  Categoria: Paddy Kelly, Testimonianze, Festival Mladifest
John Paul Mary at Medjugorje

Brother John Paul Mary (Paddy Kelly) member of the famous Irish music group The Kelly Family was on Monday, August 4 in Medjugorje for the first time on the Mladifest (Festival of Youth in Medjugorje) since its entering the monastery of the community of the Saint John in France as a monk. He was standing there before a large crowd telling about his life with God.

30 agosto 2008 /  Categoria: Paddy Kelly, Testo della canzone inclusa / Autore: Zimra
John Paul Mary performing at Medjugorje
2 agosto 2008 , Ultimi aggiornamenti 11 aprile 2010 /  Categoria: Spirituality
Donna Corri Gibson Divine Mercy Chaplet

Donna Cori Gibson sings Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Perché Dio possa vivere nei vostri cuori, dovete amare.