About Medjugorje WebSite

Importance of Medjugorje Messages

From its beginning in June 1981 up to now, Apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje has attracted attention of millions of people in the world. Medjugorje had become a place of important source of grace for lot of them, including, but not limited to pilgrims that visited this place.

Translations of Messages on Internet

Because Medjugorje messages are a very important part (if even not the most important one) of Medjugorje phenomenon. Medjugorje Messages are given in Croatian language to visionaries, who are Croats born in Medjugorje of Herzegovina. This is the language which is used primarily in Croatia, by Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in neighboring countries with Croat communities. The messages are then translated to other languages. There are many websites offering translations of these messages on Internet, including the official website of Medjugorje ^ .

However, these websites use very limited possibilities for presentation of these messages. Usually, we are not able to display or print messages only of for example year 1990, we cannot display messages containing selected words or phrases, there are problems with printing the messages, the design of pages with messages could be improved, we cannot display and print separate messages, we cannot use advanced features, such as text analysis tools, etc.


Major Goal

Major goal of this website is to utilize advantages, which offer current computer and Internet technologies for an advanced online presentation of international versions of Medjugorje messages. This website effort to shift possibilities of publishing of Medjugorje messages on Internet considerably further and thus offer better possibilities and tools for people who likes them. Current state of the project offers many advanced features, which realize this goal.

Minor Goals

Beside the Medjugorje messages, texts, which would further help us to open our minds and namely our hearts, in the way described in Messages are published. Included are also articles, testimonies and other content, related to Medjugorje and also content which would encourage us to lead a valuable, spiritual life in love and compassion for others, devotion to God and faith. Generally speaking, more spiritual and less religious texts are preferred and also the quality over the quantity.

Hundreds carefully selected items, such as important news, documents, testimonies, articles, and free online videos related to Medjugorje or spiritual life are included as well. Albums with over thousand pictures and photos in total are placed in Pictures & Photos galleries and a section with links to other Medjugorje related websites is also maintained.

Testing of pages

Pages were thoroughly tested in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. Pages are XHTML 1.0 compliant. Special versions of all pages suitable for printing, limited internet connectivity, pda and wap browsers are provided as well.

For God to live in your hearts, you must love.