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Our Lady’s message 25 November 2005:
“Dear Children, Also today I call
you to pray, pray, pray till prayer
becomes life. My Children, particularly
at this time I pray before God to give
you the gift of faith. Only in faith will
you discover the joy of the gift of life
that God has given you. Your heart will
be joyful thinking of eternity. I am with
you and I love you tenderly. Thank you
for responding to my call.”
The Gift of Life
In a world that emphasizes the
ephemeral, virtual choices, and temporary
relations, Mary speaks of eternity. In a
world where the doctrine of market
attempts to mortify the individual
personality and produce a mass of
stereotypes, Mary proposes the doctrine of
the faith which enhances the dignity of the
single person, ratifying the original, unique
essence of the individual. In a world where
man attempts to seize the principle of life,
Mary ratifies that life is a gift of God. Let
us meditate on her words, that our soul may
be imbued with this message, and our soul
be irrigated, fertilized, and blossom; and
may not pass without having accmplished
its purpose
(cf. Is 55:10-11).
Pray, pray, pray, till prayer becomes
life. Prayer is a bridge that connects us to
God; it places us in communion with Him.
It acts as a vehicle for His Love. Prayer,
real prayer, is never sterile: sooner or later
it makes life fertile, gives shape and
substance to life, it becomes life, eternal
life which we can experience already on
the earth, because the eternal life is to know
the only true God and Jesus Christ whom
He sent
(cf. Jn 17:3).
My Children, particularly at this
time I pray before God to give you the
gift of faith
. At this time when our opulent
countries identify the Christmas gift with
consumerist presents Mary instead
implores for us the gift of faith. And she
will surely obtain this gift, as it is also
God’s desire. Only in faith will you
discover the joy of the gift of life that God
has given you.
This is not just biological
life, but much more so, it is life in Christ
Jesus, in His Name (cf. Jn 20:31). I came
that they may have life, and have it
(Jn 10:10) which is to say full
life in which will reign messianic peace (Is
and there shall no more be an infant
that lives but a few days, or an old man
who does not fill out his days
(Is 65:20).
Life is a gift of God, and as such is to
be accepted from the moment of
conception, is to be respected, honoured,
cared for and defended in all circumstances,
in health and in sickness, in youth and in
old age. Human life is to be protected from
everything that disfigures the image of God
impressed in it (cf. Gen 1:27). Life is to be
promoted so it may always conform to
Christ impressed in each life at Baptism.
Life is to be offered up, in Jesus and with
Jesus, to the Father so that it may be a
sacrifice pleasing to God. These days
sacrifice is refused without realizing that
by doing so it is man who is sacrificed and
reduced to a good for consumption,
merchandise for exchange, an object for the
market. Life is to be lived as a gift of God,
and thus offered, spent for others: heal the
infirm, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast
out demons. You received without cost, give
without charge
(Mt 10:8).
Your heart will be joyful thinking of
eternity. Eternity is life in Christ: If then
you have been raised with Christ, seek the
things that are above, where Christ is
seated at the right hand of God. Set your
minds on things that are above, not on
things that are on earth. For you have died,
and your life is hid with Christ in God.
When Christ who is our life appears, then
you also will appear with him in glory
Nuccio Quattrocchi
He is the King of peace, and He
blesses us with His peace
Our Lady’s message, 25 December 2005:
“Dear Children! Also today in my
arms I bring you little Jesus, the King
of Peace, who blesses you with His
peace. My children, in a special way
today I call you to be my bearers of
peace in this world without peace; God
will bless you. Do not forget my
children: I am your mother. With little
Jesus in my arms I bless you all with a
special blessing. Thank you for
responding to my call.”
Bearers of Peace
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give
to you. Not as the world gives do I give to
(Jn 14:27). These words of Jesus come
to mind each time Mary speaks of peace.
There is an enormous difference between
the peace that comes from God and peace
of the world. True peace is a gift of God; it
is fruit of His most pure Love. Worldly
peace, even when it is not fruit of
oppression, can at the most be fruit of
human solidarity; it can contain a reflection
of divine Love, but it can never be its fruit.
We know our limits, and the recurring
temptation to defend or impose peace with
weapons – once with the sword, today with
terrible instruments of destruction.
Like then, and perhaps even more so
now, ours is a world without peace. It
always will be for as long as we seek peace
with our own strength, instead of imploring
for this gift from God. Though not easy, it
is the only way to put a stop to hatred,
hostility and divisions that continue to
divide civilizations, nations, peoples, and
religions and even people within the same
nations, the same religious creed, the same
city and the same family. Today divisions
have penetrated even the psyche of
individuals, creating apprehension or more
subtle sicknesses than in the past.
This world without peace is our world,
our planet earth, but also the world of our
cities, of our families, and our personal
world. What can we do? Where can we
start? We can start from the message:
“Dear Children! Also today in my arms
I bring you little Jesus, the King of Peace,
who blesses you with His peace.”
This is
where we can begin. The Infant Jesus is in
Mary’s arms, not to be cuddled by His
mom, or admired by us. No, He is there to
be given to us (I bring you); He is there to
be received by us, lived by us. It all starts
from here. If we accept Jesus in us, His
blessing will blossom into peace, because
He is the King of peace. May our soul be
the womb for God who comes into the
world, and shrine of His Presence.
There is no special project to study. We
only need let ourselves be penetrated by
Jan-Feb 2006 - Yr 22 # 1; Echo of Mary, Queen of Peace, P.O. Box 27, I-31030 Bessica TV, Italy. Ph/fax
+39(0)423470331 - E-mail: info@ecodimaria.net- A translation of the original Italian: Eco di Maria
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the presence of the Child that Mary brings
to us as a gift, and be inundated with His
blessing. Jesus is the sole project of peace
that God offers us, and He is found in a
bed of straw. Conversion begins from an
encounter. The Gospel is not a treatise on
theology, but the story of an encounter
between Jesus and mankind: those who
accept Him, those who treat Him with
indifference, and those who refuse Him.
“But to all who received Him, He gave
power to become children of God”
If we let Jesus encounter us we will
bear His peace, His caress and His loving
look to those who seek our hands, and our
eyes. You received without cost, you must
give without charge
(Mt 10:8). No longer
eye for eye, violence for violence! Now,
after the coming of Jesus, the reply to
hatred is love, only love; to violence it is
forgiveness; to betrayal it is the kiss of
peace. This is possible only if we are so
full of God that we are a pure expression
of His presence in us. This is why we must
become a womb for God. Nothing is
impossible to God
(Lk 34:37).
Mary knows; she repeats it to us in all
her messages, and today she confirms it
with the triple blessing of the Son, of the
Father, and of her own personal and
special blessing. Before it is too late, may
we be converted into His bearers of
The Year of two Popes
At the conclusion of a year it is natural
to turn back and cast your eye over past
events. In particular, on the last day of
December, the Church sings the Te Deum
after the last Vespers to give thanks to God
for the year about to end. Not only, but the
compilation of what we could call an
annual report helps lay foundations for the
year to come.
As we think of the year 2005 memories
stop especially at the events in the “house
of Peter” – in particular on the conclusion
of the lengthy and fertile pontificate of
Pope Woytila
, and the beginning of the
new pontificate of Pope Ratzinger, who
is a gift to the Church, the splendour of
which is being gradually revealed to us.
A great deal has been said about John
Paul II, but given the greatness of this man
and the depth of his spirituality there is
still much more to be said, however, there
will be other occasions for this.
Nonetheless, we cannot fail to give thanks
for his example of faith, courage and
obedient love which enabled him to face
death on the cross of his infirmity which
he offered up to the Lord to the last with
the meekness of a lamb… till the end,
when he whispered: “Now let me
go to the Father’s house…” The
rest is news.
The holy death of this grain of wheat
has germinated a new ear and given us
Benedict XVI: meek pontiff with clear and
solid ideas, able to orient with wisdom and
strength the path of today’s Church as she
journeys amid the waves of doubt,
uncertainty, relativism, and nihilism
submersing the man of today.
We needed a pope like him. He is one
of the greatest living theologians, yet it
became immediately evident that he is also
meek, timid, reserved, fatherly and humble,
in contrast with the image painted of
Cardinal Ratzinger who was feared for his
doctrinal rigour.
He is not afraid to tell the truth, which
he proclaimed in his first message
dedicated to peace. He has thus been
proceeding in the wake of his “venerable
predecessor” as he likes to call JPII, while
remaining ever attentive to the needs that
arise from the heart of humanity.
We have drawn from various public
interventions of Pope Benedict in an
attempt to capture his thought and to see
which paths are being asked of us to
journey along, both personally and
together. S.C.
The Church lives from Christ and with
Christ. He offers her His spousal love, guiding
her through the centuries; and she, with the
abundance of her gifts, accompanies men and
women on their journey so that those who
accept Christ may have life and have it
abundantly. The Church always desires to be
welcoming, in truth and in charity.
Looking at Mary, how can we, her
children, fail to let the aspiration to beauty,
goodness and purity of heart be aroused in
us? Her heavenly candour draws us to God,
helping us to overcome the temptation to live
a mediocre life composed of compromises
with evil, and directs us decisively towards
the authentic good that is the source of joy.
The closer a person is to God, the closer
God is to people. We see this in Mary. The
fact that she is totally with God is the reason
why she is so close to human beings. For
this reason she can be the Mother of every
consolation and every help.
Our Lady says to us: ‘Have the courage
to dare with God! Try it! Do not be afraid
of Him! Have the courage to risk with faith!
with goodness! with a pure heart! Commit
yourselves to God, then you will see that it
is precisely by doing so that your life will
become broad and light, not boring but
filled with infinite surprises, for God’s
infinite goodness is never depleted!’
God calls us to communion with him,
which will be completely fulfilled in the return
of Christ, and He himself strives to ensure
that we arrive prepared for this final and
decisive encounter. The future is, so
to speak, contained in the present, or
better, in the presence of God himself,
who in his unfailing love does not
leave us on our own or abandon us
even for an instant, just as a father and
mother never stop caring for their
children while they are growing up.
Sanctification is God’s gift and His
project, but human beings are called to
respond with their entire being without
excluding any part of themselves. Thus, the
entire work of creation and redemption which
God, Father and Son and Holy Spirit,
continues to bring about, from the beginning
to the end of the cosmos and of history, is
summed up in every individual person. And
because the first coming of Christ is at the
centre of the history of humanity, and His
glorious return is at its end, every personal
existence is thus called to be measured against
Him - in a mysterious and multiform way -
during the earthly pilgrimage, in order to be
found “in Him” at the moment of His return.
Light is a source of life, and means
knowledge; it means truth, as contrasted with
the darkness of falsehood and ignorance.
Light gives us life, it shows us the way. But
light, as a source of heat, also means love.
Where there is love, light shines forth in the
world; where there is hatred, the world
remains in darkness. The true mystery of
Christmas is the inner brightness radiating
from this Child. May that inner brightness
spread to us, and kindle in our hearts the flame
of God’s goodness; may all of us, by our love,
bring light to the world! Let us keep this light-
giving flame, lit in faith, from being
extinguished by the cold winds of our time!
In truth is peace expresses the conviction
that wherever and whenever men and women
are enlightened by the splendour of truth, they
naturally set out on the path of peace.
Peace cannot be reduced to the simple
absence of armed conflict, but needs to be
understood as ‘the fruit of an order which has
been planted in human society by its divine
Whenever there is a loss of fidelity to the
transcendent order, and a loss of respect for
that “grammar’’ of dialogue which is the
universal moral law written on human hearts,
whenever the integral development of the
person and the protection of his fundamental
rights are hindered or denied, or when
countless people are forced to endure
intolerable injustices and inequalities, how
can we hope that the good of peace will be
realized? The essential elements which make
up the truth of that good are missing.
Lying is linked to the tragedy of sin and
its perverse consequences, which have had,
and continue to have, devastating effects on
the lives of individuals and nations. How can
we fail to be seriously concerned about lies
in our own time, lies which are the framework
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for menacing scenarios of death in many parts
of the world. Any authentic search for peace
must begin with the realization that the
problem of truth and untruth is the concern
of every man and woman; it is decisive for
the peaceful future of our planet.
The truth of peace calls upon everyone to
cultivate productive and sincere relationships;
it encourages them to seek out and to follow
the paths of forgiveness and reconciliation,
to be transparent in their dealings with others,
and to be faithful to their word. At the same
time I ask for an increase of prayers, since
peace is above all a gift of God, a gift to be
implored incessantly.
The men and women in our technological
age risk becoming victims of their own
intellectual and technical achievements,
ending up in spiritual barrenness and
emptiness of heart. That is why it is so
important for us to open our minds and hearts
to the Birth of Christ, this event of salvation
which can give new hope to the life of each
human being.
Wake up, O men and women of the third
millennium! At Christmas, the Almighty
becomes a child and asks for our help and
protection. His way of showing that he is God
challenges our way of being human. By
knocking at our door, he challenges us and
our freedom; he calls us to examine how we
understand and live our lives.
Men and women of today, humanity come
of age yet often still so frail in mind and will,
let the Child of Bethlehem take you by the
hand! Do not fear; put your trust in him! The
life-giving power of his light is an incentive
for building a new world order based on just
ethical and economic relationships. May His
love guide every people on earth and
strengthen their common awareness of being
a family called to foster relationships of trust
and mutual support.
The blessing of the Lord produces well-
being and salvation through its own power,
just as cursing procures disgrace and ruin. The
effectiveness of blessing is later more
specifically brought about by God, who
protects us, favours us and gives us peace,
which is to say in other words, He offers us
an abundance of happiness
Since its origins consecrated life has been
marked by its thirst for God. Do not be afraid
to present yourselves as consecrated persons,
also visibly, and do your utmost to show that
you belong to Christ. The Church needs your
witness, she needs a consecrated life that
confronts the challenges of our time
courageously and creatively. In the face of the
advance of hedonism, the courageous witness
of chastity is asked of you.
In the face of the thirst for money, your
sober life, ready to serve the neediest, is a
reminder that God is the true treasure that does
not perish. Before the individualism and
relativism that induce people to be a rule unto
themselves, your fraternal life, which can be
coordinated and is thus capable of obedience,
confirms that you place your fulfilment in
Benedict XVI
Feast of Light for
Consecrated Persons
The feast of the Presentation of Jesus
at the Temple, celebrated 2nd February,
or forty days after Christmas, was fixed
in ancient times, and has undergone
various changes. In the Eastern Tradition
this day is called the Feast of the Meeting,
because in the sacred space of the Temple
of Jerusalem, the meeting takes place
between God’s graciousness and the
expectation of the chosen people; between
the Old and New Testaments.
It later spread to the West and became
known as the feast of lights, and the
solemnity of the benediction and
procession with candles – lit during
calamities - was introduced, as a way of
renewing one’s entrustment to God. From
here it became known as the Candlemas
feast. Thus, the theme of light is
fundamental, for light symbolizes Christ:
the true Light who came to
illumine His people and all
peoples. He opens the way of
salvation for every man. This is
why the candles are blessed and
why one goes in procession
towards Christ in the house of the
Father where we find Him in the
celebration of the Eucharist.
Connected with the Nativity
and the Epiphany, this feast also
serves as a bridge to Easter since
it celebrates the consecration of Jesus to
God, when Mary and Joseph presented the
Son of God at the temple according to
Jewish law, that through Him the way of
salvation may be opened for all.
According to Jewish law a woman was
to be purified forty days after giving birth,
and at the same time was to offer a ritual
sacrifice to the temple for a first-born son
as a ransom since first-born sons belonged
by right to God. For these two reasons
Mary and Joseph went to the Temple, but
in their case the offering of the first-born
son to the Lord was particularly
significant since they were placing the life
of the little Saviour back into the hands
of the Father from Whom they had
received Him, and by doing so they were
renouncing their rights as parents. At the
Temple, while Jesus was still a babe and
in Mary’s arms, old Simeon, illumined by
the Holy Spirit, proclaimed to all the truth
of the babe’s identity and sacrificial
mission for the redemption of the world
Mary is not unaware of the Son’s call,
and at the Temple old Simeon prophesies
the future of the baby and her own. He tells
her, in fact, that a sword will pierce her
, when she will actively participate in
the redeeming work of the Son with the
offering of her own suffering. Simeon
also hails Jesus as the One who will be the
glory of his people, Israel; and as the one
who will prepare the salvation before all
peoples and be light to illumine all peoples.
In 1997 John Paul II, contemplating
the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple,
chose this festivity to celebrate the first
day dedicated to consecrated life. The
Pope asked all consecrated persons to
thank God together for the gift of their
vocation, and to renew together their
commitment before Him. This
appointment is renewed every year in each
diocese of the world.
Every consecrated person knows he or
she was predestined for his task, from the
very beginning of his life. Of course, each
has a story and charism of his own: some
proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the
earth, some choose to stay next to those
most in need, others to teach children,
while some dedicate their lives to prayer
and to adoration of God as reparation for
the refusal God receives from the hearts
of men.
However, the thing that unites them all
is the task to proclaim - with the word or
with works - the primacy of a
supernatural reality
; that is, that God is
alive and in our midst, and He alone can
give an answer to man’s problems.
The candles that are lit at Candlemas
remind us of the need to be vigilant, by
keeping the light of hope, of faith and of
love always at hand, in a world
which often sinks into darkness
and anxiety.
Consecrated persons have
to know how to see beyond the
uncertainties of our world,
read the signs of the times, like
Simeon and Anna the prophetess
who were able to see in the baby
Jesus the great miracle of
Salvation being donated to the
world. To those who accept Him,
the Holy Spirit grants a penetrating gaze,
a wisdom that is more than human, and
inexplicable strength and courage; to show
the world that he who lives in God and
for God
disposes of mysterious resources
that make him special and transfigure his
The choice of a life lived in poverty,
chastity and obedience must liberate the
person of his egoism, and bring him to
inner freedom that allows him to live the
life of a redeemed person
who is not
imprisoned and bound by sin. This way it
is possible to show (the world) that the
Kingdom of God can be realized already
here on the earth, and that His grace is
superabundant and transforms our
humanity from degraded to risen.
The consecrated person becomes light
for the nations when he shows with his
life that it is possible to pass from death
to life, when he knows how to spread the
joy of living to others, when his love
knocks over the contempt and lack of love
in others. His love must be selfless love,
able to propagate mercy and forgiveness
of sins, and heal the wounds of the heart.
Consecrated life, in its various
forms, is a witness that life in God is
full of joy,
and is capable of showing the
Father’s Face, that the world may see His
presence. The various and multiform
experiences that range from prayer to
charity make the things of God tangible.
Some in the world might best reflect His
love; someone else His patience, peace,
or wisdom, so that the mosaic of His
presence takes form, and that people may
know that God walks beside His children
in those who offer themselves to Him
without reserve.
Sabina Rosciano
Echo 185
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“In the womb of the Church
you will be trust”
In Christian mysticism a victim soul is
by no doubt the highest state one could aspire
to. In a certain sense, one could say it was
both a compendium of all vocations, and a
crown upon them all. But we must understand
the meaning of victim. A victim soul is a
person who offers himself willingly, and even
if he is to suffer, he does not offer himself to
suffering itself, but to the Man of sorrows,
out of love, to share in His passion of love.
Yes, he is a person who sacrifices himself,
but in the sense given by the Old Covenant:
that is, to offer a sacred gift to God.
Consolata Betrone, of the order of the
Poor Clares, lived near Turin in the first
half of last century
(1903-1946), and was
without doubt a victim soul who had the
courage to respond to the cry of Jesus: “I thirst
for victims to save the world. I thirst for brides,
not for nuns; and in this precise moment I
need victims more than I need brides,”
she offered herself as a holocaust (sacrifice
that is burnt till it is totally consumed, as in
the biblical sense). And she made her offering
for the sake of “each soul in the entire
universe, that Jesus might save them all,” and
in particular for the priests and religious who
were not faithful to their vows or who denied
their vocation.
Inspired by Thérèse of Lisieux, she had
the audacity to be “that soul that was weaker
than mine, littler than mine” whom the holy
Carmelite nun had said “would receive still
greater graces, if it abandoned itself with
absolute confidence to God’s infinite mercy.”
And Consolata was that soul. Of her Jesus
said: “In the womb of the Church you will be
trust… I am very pleased with the blind trust,
infantile trust, boundless, immense trust that
you have in Me… Never allow, not even for
an instant, that the enemy should penetrate
your soul with the thought of mistrust, ever!
Believe in me as only and always good;
believe in me as only and always a mother
for you… Consolata, understand my heart…
tell the world how good and motherly I am…
I am and I love being exclusively good and
merciful with my creatures. Don’t paint me
as a severe God, if I am a God of love… I
shall save the world with merciful Love!
To console Jesus for the great mistrust
in His Goodness and Mercy, Pierina Betrone
took the name Consolata (she who is
consoled) when she took her vows, in a desire
to console the Heart of Jesus and all those
who weren’t able to perceive and receive the
Lord’s love. And it was Jesus Himself who
showed her not only the way to console Him
but also how to “love Him as none other had
loved Him and to save souls that none other
had saved.”
This way is the unceasing act of
love Jesus, Mary I love you, save souls!
that the Redeemer called the very small way
of love and trust. It wasn’t meant just for her,
but for all little souls, since the Lord wants:
“the triumph in the world not only of Mercy,
but especially of Love, particularly in the very
little souls.”
“Jesus, Mary, I love You, save souls
encompasses everything,” the Lord had told
her: love for Him and for creatures: “the
souls in Purgatory and the souls in the
Militant Church; the innocent soul and the
guilty soul; the dying, the atheist, etc… Do
not lose time; remember that every act of
love is a soul.”
This act of love, if
uninterrupted, is destined to cut off the
roots of all evil
, and to remove life from the
old man so that the new man may live and
be only and totally love for God (Jesus, Mary
I love you) and only and totally love for men
(save souls). It is an evangelical way in the
true meaning of the word, for it requires that
one should remain continuously in His love,
to have Christ’s own sentiments, to have no
other time except to think of loving Jesus
and Mary and saving souls. This is equal to
the perfect denial of self that Jesus asked of
His disciples.
It is for this reason that Jesus told
Consolata that she would have been
annihilated by an uninterrupted act of love.
She experienced that “to be an uninterrupted
virginal act of love, one must disappear,”
disappear before creatures and before one’s
own eyes, so as to follow with all one’s might
– in profound silence and in love – “God
alone, till all is fulfilled.” This Poor Clare’s
radical response prompted her: “to never
attempt to make myself happy: neither
through food, nor drink, nor rest, nor clothes,
nor tastes, nor preferences; but to seek total
annihilation of my will, my due, my personal
work… annihilation of the tongue… respond
only when necessary and with an act of love.”
To live this act of love without
interruption, with all one’s being, in times
of consolation and in times of trial
, requires
heroism, it requires stripping of self, but it
makes the heart pure, and it unifies it. It is
similar to prayer of the heart, but it is even
greater, for it not only unites one to Jesus, but
to God through Jesus and Mary. It unites the
soul to their Hearts which are offered in
sacrifice to the Father as a sacrifice of love
for the sake of souls.
Jesus and Mary cannot be separated,
just as one cannot separate God’s love from
the offering of self for the salvation of our
For Consolata, in fact, love for
Jesus and Mary could not be separated. It was
this love that generated her love for souls. At
the end of her earthly life she said: “ Oh, I am
certain that one day when the Divine Heart
will show me to the world He will say only
one thing: ‘She trusted me! She believed in
me.’ Yes, Jesus will do great things, and I
already join myself to the Blessed Virgin to
sing the Magnificat. A few more months and
Consolata will become Consolatrix (she who
consoles). Yes, with love I shall bend down
over every heart that groans, that suffers, that
despairs, that swears, that curses… How I feel
sorry for those who suffer…”
It was this divine love for souls that
made her desire Paradise so that she could
do good for all.
Now that Sr. Consolata is
in the Father’s bosom, her thirst to do good
is entirely satisfied according to the Lord’s
promise: “Yes, your Jesus will grant it to you:
you shall tend your ear to all the sorrows of
the earth, you shall wrench from me the
greatest graces, and from each soul - in
recompense - you shall always ask for holy
communion… yes, I promise you even now,
that apart from the special mission of your
brethren, you shall be everyone’s
Cristina Palici
Jesus, Mary, I love You,
Save Souls!
In the message
of 25 July 2005 Our
Blessed Mother at
Medjugorje said:
“Dear Children! I
call you to fill your
day with short and
ardent prayers
There are
countless brief and
ardent prayers.
Perhaps we all have
a favourite one we
like to repeat more
frequently. It would
be an ardent task to
find the origins of each, but I think it is fair
to say that they are all inspired by God’s
Spirit of Love; by Love for Love, for love
of souls and love of us. One such
inspiration was given to the Servant of God
Sr. Maria Consolata Betrone (1903-1946,
Italy) after reading St. Therese of Lisieux’s
Story of a Soul. Consolata herself was
granted mystical experiences, but she is
particularly remembered for her “very
small way” which can be summed up in
the following three points which are the
nucleus of Our Lord’s instructions to her:
1. Offer an unceasing act of love from the
heart: Jesus, Mary I love You, Save Souls!
2. Have a smiling “yes” for everyone, to
see and treat Jesus in everyone.
3. Have a grateful “yes” for everything.
An act of love is also an act of
reparation: the Lord told Consolata: A
“Jesus, I love You” repairs a thousand
The importance of this brief
but powerful invocation can be understood
by Jesus’ own words: “All I ask for is this:
a continuous act of love: JESUS, MARY I
He invited Consolata to intensify the
prayer, and to make no delay: “Don’t waste
time: every act of love is a soul! Of all the
gifts, the best gift you can offer me is a day
full of love. I desire an uninterrupted Jesus,
Mary I love You, save souls! from when you
get up in the morning till when you go to
bed at night.”
The act of love that Jesus wants is much
more than lip service. It must be
interiorized: with one’s mind that
concentrates on loving, with one’s will that
wants to love, with one’s heart that loves.
The formula Jesus, Mary I love You, save
is but a help.
To German mystic, Justine Klotz
(1888-1984), the Lord inspired a similar
ejaculation, with special regard for priests:
Jesus, Mary I love You, save priestly
save souls!”
When we pray for a
priest we are praying not only for him, but
for the many souls under his pastoral care,
for a holy priest will bring many other
souls into the realm of God’s love. But
they need the support of our prayer. We
offer an immense gift to the Church, to
ourselves and to the world when we pray
for priests… and for the gift of many, holy
Beverley K. Drabsch
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News from the blessed land
Communities at Medjugorje
Different Charisms
One Heart
On the 10
November at Medjugorje
there was a meeting for all the communities
present in Medjugorje. Lately the meeting
has been held 2-3 times a year, and takes
place in a different Community each time.
This time the host community was the Oasis
of Peace
. In all simplicity we spent a large
slice of time sharing, then we recited the
Rosary prior to Holy Mass which was
celebrated by the newly ordained priest Fr.
Luka Maria from the Beatitudes Community.
Besides the three better-known
communities (Oasis of Peace, Beatitudes,
Kraljice Mira
) there were others, more
recently founded: the two branches (male
and female) of the community founded by
Mother Rosaria – Adorers of the Most
Precious Blood and Apostles of Our Lady of
– with the charisma of prayer of
reparation. There was the very new Heart of
Mary Community
: under the guidance of Sr.
Milena several young people from various
nations live an experience of community life
combined with intense prayer, for periods
of varying duration. And then there was the
New Horizons Community for former drug
addicts. The Cenacle Community was not
present this time, but they were in spiritual
communion with us all.
We were all visibly moved by the sight
of so many young people, representatives of
different movements, but once we overcame
the initial impact it became evident how we
had something in common; and it was the
serenity written on the faces of each – no
doubt a mark of Mary – and through this
serenity the love of God was able to transpire.
The brothers and sisters, each in his or her
own way, were witnesses of the same fact:
“God had disposed, Our Lady had called.
God had arranged, all I did was respond.”
Different were the backgrounds, the
style of dress and of life, different were
the charisms
, but it was precisely this that
made our meeting - held in the name of the
Lord who unites all in Him - a meaningful
and powerful witness. Each of us was a piece
of the big family that the Queen of Peace
has brought together in her Heart.
The common element that brought us
together was this desire and decision for the
Lord. Every step that another brother or
sister makes is both a help and stimulus for
the rest of us. Every encounter has been a
source of grace for us all.
It’s like a series of paths all leading to the
same place; at times running alongside each
other, at times intersecting. Or like a race
where there are neither winners nor losers,
but where someone else must always open
the way for those who come afterwards. But
who is greater: he who sows or he who reaps?
he who leads the way, or he who follows
behind bringing more beautiful and more
abundant fruits? “He who reaps receives
wages, and gathers fruit for eternal life, so
that sower and reaper may rejoice together.
For here the saying holds true: ‘One sows and
another reaps’.” The harvest is great,
numerous are the ways, there’s room for
everyone, and each is important in God’s plan.
I think the most credible sign of our state as
servants and members of God’s family is
precisely this communion while respecting
one’s originality,
which ought to flourish in
every community and radiate outwards to
embrace the reality each encounters.
Our prayer time, though quite simple and
natural, was an intense moment, and I dare
say made us all aware that though this friendly
exchange and sharing of experiences and
impressions is important, we truly
encountered each other while we were on our
knees before Eucharistic Jesus, in union with
Our Lady’s unceasing prayer. We recited the
Rosary in several languages and thus
witnessed to the unity according to the plan
of the Blessed Virgin. At Holy Mass this unity
was brought to fullness in the reciprocal gift
of self as each of us placed his own poor yet
precious offering on the Altar where all is
recapitulated in Christ and offered up to the
Father through His perfect sacrifice, thus
becoming seed of holiness, blood that brings
full life, incorruptible life, pledge of salvation,
broken bread for distribution and
consumption by the faithful.
Following are various testimonies:
Br. Alessio Maria
Oasis of Peace Marian Community
It was a time of wonderful and serene
communion. Sharing the joys and fatigues
of the journey, and praying together were
wonderful occasions to get to know each
other better and to see how we are all
journeying together behind the Lord Jesus.
It helped us to see how we all belong to the
same family of God, and how we are all at
the service of the Gospa.
Since I’m fairly new in Medjugorje it has
been a source of wealth for me to actually
meet persons I’d already seen in church, on
Podbrdo or on Krizevac – those people who
place their lives at the disposal of Our Lady –
and to learn more about their communities
and their spirituality. It made me think of the
words of St. Paul when he spoke of different
charisms but one Spirit; of one God at work
in everyone, of special manifestations of the
Spirit in each person for the good of all.
I also think of our heavenly Mother’s
words: “My Children, through the messages
I wish to create a beautiful mosaic with your
hearts so that I can offer each of you to God
as an original image
(25.11.89). My Children,
I wish to make of you a beautiful bouquet of
flowers, prepared for eternity
(25.7.95). I
desire that my heart, the Heart of Jesus, and
your heart be fused into a single heart of love
and peace
Thank you, thank you, thank you Mary!
Apostle of Our Lady of Sorrows
The meeting of the religious
communities present in Medjugorje is a
precious moment, as it allows us to
experience the spiritual unity which the
Gospa has created to fulfil the plans she has
for us and all mankind.
I found it of great consolation and
comfort being able to share the daily
experiences of mission and apostolate. It
was a great opportunity to encourage each
other with the strength of one’s decision
for God and for the Queen of Peace. In our
spirit we were able to perceive the strong
wind of the storm that is thrashing out
against the world; the storm of incredulity,
compromise and falsehood.
I thank Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace,
who called us aside to be hers and to serve
God’s Kingdom with the offering of our lives.
Sr Halina
Kraljice Mira, potpuno tvoj – po Mariji
k Isusu Community
(This Croatian name means: Queen of
Peace, wholly Thine, to Jesus through Mary.
It is Padre Tomislav Vlasic’s Community, in
brief called the Kraljice Mira Community.
Translator’s note)
The Lord needs and desires His workers,
collaborators, and children. Thanks to this
event (the encounter for Communities) it
became clearer for me how the Lord calls His
workers, and how the presence of these
communities in Medjugorje is a great gift. I
understood more clearly that the diverseness
of our charisms is a wealth and an important
witness for the “world” which continually
makes it way to Medjugorje.
Sharing about the spiritual journey of
each, the type of spirituality, and the daily life,
with bouts of spontaneous laughter in-
between, strengthened our spiritual
communion. During the Holy Mass which we
celebrated together we were able to express
our joy and gratitude to God for each other. It
was then, more than in any other moment,
that the Lord was at the centre of our
encounter. Our praise was raised up to Him,
and it was to Him that our souls desired
belonging. We could feel the grace of the
blessing of God our Father and the motherly
and loving gaze of our Queen of Peace.
It is a beautiful gift of the Lord being able
to surrender oneself and entrust one’s life to
Him, and that He should allow us to express
our individuality and freedom whilst serving
Him. I nurture immense gratitude for what
God has done for me, for giving me life and
for calling me into a Community, and for
showing me how each vocation is important
and precious when it bears life within it.
Sr. Lioba
Beatitudes Community
We are always enriched when we’re all
together like this. The joy and love we
experienced, the encounter amongst brothers
and sisters of the different communities, from
so many different countries, cultures and
continents is for me a taste of Heaven. Despite
our differences, we are gathered together in
the big family of God.
This reminds me of Our Lady’s message
of 25 July 1999: “I wish for you to understand
that I don’t want to realize just a place of
prayer here, but also (a place for the)
encounter of hearts. I desire that my heart,
the Heart of Jesus, and your heart be fused
into a single heart of love and peace.”
When we are able to live this, we already
experience the Kingdom of God, and our heart
is gladdened by the thought of eternal love.
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Interview of Fr. Tomislav
Twenty five years with Mary
This year is the 25th anniversary of Our
Lady’s apparitions at Medjugorje. You were
a witness of the extraordinary events of the
first years. In the light of your personal
journey and your priestly experience, what
memories awake in you today?
With regards to my past years in
Medjugorje, not a lot of things come to mind
right now. In 1985 I began gradually
withdrawing from Medjugorje to live in
contemplation. As my relationship with God
grew deeper there was an awakening of the
memory of my soul, that space where the Holy
Spirit was able to assume the role of main
actor, to reveal the Mystery. In this memory
there’s not so much the phenomena of
Medjugorje, but rather the divine truth of the
living and true God, and the Mother of God
who is present in and works in us. It is the
truth of the Church.
Whoever receives an extraordinary grace
must make it bear fruit for the Church. The
visionaries have said, with regards to some
of the secrets, that when these will be revealed
it will be too late for many. This means that
what counts is our participation in the divine
action in us, including that which is being
manifested at Medjugorje in such an
extraordinary way
So what do you think is the most important
thing about Medjugorje?
As I said, the memory of our soul records
everything. The Holy Spirit reveals the
contents of it to us gradually, to lead us to the
entire truth. All is entrusted to the Church to
accompany us on our way to God, as the
deposit of the divine truth is revealed to us.
For all of us it is extremely important that
we accept the Mother of God as part of God’s
salvific plan; and accept her person. By
following her example, and letting ourselves
be guided by her motherly love we participate
in her glorification. Through Mary we
conceive Christ in us, and in us He grows,
offers Himself, and is glorified. Through Mary
Most Holy we take part in the salvific event
of Christ.
It is a dynamic journey that involves the
human being on all the levels of his existence
and guides his development. For this reason
it can also confuse and overwhelm him, but
in a good sense. He who accepts this action
of God, and converts, allows himself to be
fully included in the salvific event worked by
Jesus Christ, the Saviour, and allows himself
to become an instrument of divine action
himself. If this doesn’t happen, man remains
closed up within his own little world, though
remaining a believer.
Our Lady at Medjugorje continues to
invite us to conversion. Do you think people
are truly converting?
The fruits are many and evident. That
people are converted, let’s leave it to Heaven
to judge. In the message of 25 December 2005
given to Jakov, Our Lady said: “Children,
throughout all this time in which God has
permitted me to be with you, I have
continuously called you to conversion. Many
of your hearts have remained closed… Begin
to pray. Pray to God for the gift of
I think these words should make
us seriously reflect.
Don’t you think this message is perhaps a
little too severe; that it might discourage
those with good will but who feel too weak?
I would say not! This is a mistake, based
on our fears, which we immediately seek to
justify. St. Francis of Assisi, at the end of his
earthly life, told his brothers: “Brothers, let’s
start from the beginning because so far we
have done nothing!”
These words are very
significant also for us.
When a person is
open to God he always
sees new horizons ahead
of himself, and he always
receive new graces. He is
fascinated by life in God
and with that same vital
fascination he attracts
others to God, since they
feel its pull and are
In these our times,
with evil so strongly
present, God expects
His children to let
themselves be
powerfully involved in
His divine life, so they
in turn may involve
others, and overturn and
destroy evil, and
ultimately overturn
death itself. If believers
remain outside this
dynamic action, they
remain flat, they do not
arrive at authentic
conversion and they are
subject to the aggressive
action of evil.
In this message that you quoted, Our Lady
asks us to pray. For many years she has
continued to ask for prayer, almost with
insistence. Why, do you think?
Our Lady is faithful to herself. She shows
us the way; she indicates the most suitable
means to awaken in us the divine life and all
its dynamics. There is no doubt that prayer is
the fundamental means for active participation
in the life of grace.
Why are many of our prayers not granted,
even when we think they are good things?
St. Augustine explains that bad people
(mali) pray in a bad way (male) for bad things
(mala). We turn around ourselves, and we
want to involve everyone and everything,
including God, in our egoistic needs. God
withdraws from this type of behaviour.
In the message of 25 December 2005 that
I cited before, Our Lady also says: “My
Children, Jesus is peace, love and joy. So
decide for Jesus.”
True prayer raises a praying
person, and introduces him into the life of
Christ. It detaches him from his egoism and
makes him participate in the dynamics of
salvation. This is the prayer that attains its
Our Lady has frequently called us to fast.
Many have difficulty fasting. Can you say
something about this?
We must understand that in God’s plan,
everything is connected harmoniously; also
fasting. Independent from the form one may
choose to fast, its scope is to lead the person
away from material and spiritual
consumerism, and to awaken in him the quest
for God, to steer him towards conversion. As
with prayer, fasting too is an indispensable
means to arrive at God.
What advice can you give us to advance in
the spiritual journey?
The scope of our life is to enter into
mystical union with Jesus; to enter into the
fullness of His life. If we have the Son, then
we also have the Father, and the Holy Spirit
will lead us – says St. John the apostle. If we
allow ourselves to be involved and
overwhelmed by Jesus Christ, then we will
be His people and He the Immanuel, the God-
with-us. All apparitions, all graces granted us
have this purpose.
If we journey decisively in this direction,
that is, towards total union with Jesus, then
everything in our life will change. Faith, hope,
and love become dynamic, able to involve and
overwhelm others. This is the way we become
involved in the action of divine grace, and
participate in the mandate of the apostles,
moved by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Otherwise, we remain closed up in our own
superficial religiosity, turning around
ourselves and our concern for the future, and
trying to get others involved not in God but
in ourselves: it’s like a destructive vortex.
The world doesn’t seem to be going too
well. Many people are concerned,
pessimistic. Do you think something in the
world is changing?
Very much is changing; very much! God
is the true protagonist of history, even if He
seems hidden. His action is silent, hidden to
the “greats” of the earth. He transforms
everything, and He doesn’t want to damage
anything. He allows humanity’s crises so that
man will seek God and convert. God does
wonderful things even today, often through
the little, simple people, those who are most
hidden. Besides, He has always acted this way
throughout history, even in the life of the
Virgin Mary.
What do you expect from the 25th anni-
versary of apparitions at Medjugorje?
A jubilee is a jubilee! A jubilee brings
many graces with it, and opens up great
scenarios of divine action. So I expect very
much. In particular I expect an awakening of
God’s people: with regards to prayer,
conversion, and fasting; that they may be
caught up by God.
I hope each believer will comprehend that
the main stage where God acts is within
himself, in his soul. The fruits will come, both
in and around persons. God’s people will thus
see the realization of His promises; they will
see the salvation of mankind. And then,
believers will bear the announcement of the
happy news of the salvation of each person.
This is my hope and also my prayer to God
and to our Mother.
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Beyond time and space
devotions towards formulae or images,
even if our sophisticated world wants us to
believe that only what we see and own is
true. So that we are not deceived we must
allow the invisible to transpire – the
invisible of what our inner gaze has
accepted and acknowledged as true.
It’s as easy
as breathing; because Mary is like fresh air.
Mary’s “fresh pureness” reassures the soul,
gives new oxygen to the spirit, and gives
new vigour to tired limbs. Her fresh-ness
invigorates the blood, giving new desire to
live, to be, and to rejoice.
All this can be seized when at
Medjugorje our feet quickly climb over the
stones of the hill where Mary appeared 25
years ago: Podbrdo, which I like to call
Mother’s Hill. If you listen carefully, in the
silence of your heart, you will hear her
breathing, ever so lightly, as she caresses
and embraces you; and you will feel her
motherly kiss. She will speak to you, to
make you feel her invisible yet absolutely
real presence. And when you descend from
the hill you will say in your heart: “Mary
is here. I met her; for she called me, awaited
me, and embraced me.”
And what ought we do when back
home after visiting this place of grace?
Back home, back in our little worlds made
up of relationships, duties, commitments
and timetables, Mary should transpire
from our soul! After having absorbed her,
her presence should overflow into the air,
so that others may perceive and breathe in
her perfume, and be pervaded by her, and
filled with her. As fresh air through an open
window, the Blessed Virgin will renew
them. Then, the invisible will become
The Eternal One will break through
time and break down the frontiers.
It takes courage; courage to
adventure through her Heart, without
fearing the lack of limits that man normally
creates round himself. We are used to
structures, to tracks, to the narrow laws of
human customs that we build out of fear of
the unknown that we cannot control. United
to Mary it is possible to go beyond time
and space, where our beings dilate as much
as God allows. Then, we will enjoy every
fullness that our soul is capable of.
Mary is present, but she does not let
herself be captured. She gives herself, but
she does not let herself be possessed, or
used. Like Jesus, she is a pilgrim on the
way to Palestine.
The Queen of Peace has been with us
for nearly 25 years to lead us in this time
which is treacherous, but also precious for
our souls. And she leads us with all the
grace that fills her, wrenching from God
extra time to teach us, console us, confirm
us and exhort us.
And she has prayed much
more, also loved more, and most likely
suffered as she looks down on her children
who are so often distracted, closed,
indifferent, or even unwilling. I think the
time has come for an honest and realistic
summing up, to understand with greater
clarity the project that God wants to realize
through Medjugorje: that is, to responsibly
grasp the situation and decide to respond
ever more sincerely to the calls of Mary, a
Mother who never forgets to thank us for
“having responded to her call.”
Stefania Consoli
Beyond all possible thoughts and
imagination. Beyond all possible
capabilities and merits. Beyond all possible
plans. Such is Mary’s presence at
Medjugorje. She is present, beyond all
possible human logic; beyond all possible
will to keep or ignore her; beyond all
possible human law and reasoning.
For nearly 25 years the Blessed
Virgin has been visiting Medjugorje to
visit her children
who still belong to time
and space, to help them cross the frontier;
now, here on earth.
Prayer: continuous and free of
all schemes. Sacrifice: loving and
generous. Holy Mass: fully participated
and celebrated with life. The Word: lived
in a continuous liturgy, that makes of us
living gospels. All this, together with an
unconditioned acceptance of the Mother,
makes us citizens of Heaven even though
our feet are on the ground; and it helps us
to be sincere witnesses of the kingdom that
awaits us beyond the frontiers of death, but
which is already here in our midst… or
rather, inside of us.
Mary came to remind us; she came
to renew in us the news that She herself
had accepted from the angel that day in
which the Word became flesh in her womb;
the news of God becoming one of us to lead
us back to Himself, to pull us out of the
world of corruptibility that degrades our
nature, and to show us how to raise
ourselves to a dimension where we are
immune to all forms of corruption.
But to understand we must above all
allow Mary to enter our life – really and
naturally. It is no longer time for mere
Mary’s Grand Programme
of Light
by Giuseppe Ferraro
At the core of the message of the Queen
of Peace there is a clear line of light, a plan of
grace of undreamt-of dimensions that God is
granting the world at our time through Mary.
Perhaps it won’t hurt if we try to sharpen our
inner vision to grasp the essential core of this
great mystery of love, also in view of the great
jubilee of 25 years of apparitions of the
Mother of God
In her messages Mary frequently makes
reference to an extraordinary programme
of salvation entrusted to her by the Father
for our time
, which she calls “a special time”
(25 June 1993) “connected in a special way
to heaven through me”
(25.5.96). This
extraordinary plan of grace I would say is the
key to the true spiritual meaning and the
deepest reason for the presence of the Queen
of Peace amongst men: “I wish to thank you
for making it possible for my project to be
(25 June 2004); “Dear Children,
you have helped me with your prayer to
realize my plans. Continue to pray, that these
plans may be realized in full”
(27 Sept. 1984).
Our Lady is calling us, in fact, not to
trivialize the authentic meaning of her
, perhaps by unduly reducing its
bearing into a lower category of pious Marian
devotion which in itself is praise-worthy,
though inexorably marginal. Instead, Mary is
strongly stressing the explicitly biblical and
intensely prophetic character of this great
event of grace, so important for the Church,
and fully qualified to be enrolled in the great
divine plan of fulfilment of the work of
salvation: “Pray, and God will help you
discover the true reason for my coming.
Children, pray and read the Sacred Scriptures,
so that through my coming you discover the
message in them for you”
(25 June 1991);
“Read Holy Scripture, live it and pray to
understand the signs of this time”
(25 Aug.
If we go over the messages and the history
of the events, and look at the unfolding of
the various spiritual fruits which have
germinated from the dynamic grace of
, it is possible to grasp the
fundamental lines of evolution of this giddy
effusion of salvific light that, like all God’s
interventions, passes through an impenetrable
mysterium electionis” hidden in the Father’s
The instruments used by Mary to fulfil
her programme of light stand out – according
to God’s style – for their total inadequacy in
the eyes of the world
. As first instrument
we have a tiny parish Community situated in
an obscure hamlet in an isolated region of the
Balkans that practically no one had ever heard
of; but of it Mary said: “… you will give me
the joy of seeing completely fulfilled the plan
that God has for Medjugorje”
(7 Feb. 1985).
It was here that Mary first appeared to
six little visionaries, most of them young
teenagers, one a mere child; and then through
other little souls, often enriched with secret
gifts and spiritual charisms, each of them
called to a specific mission, each a small piece
in the great mosaic of Mary’s love.
Mary, communicating directly to the
hearts of her children, is attracting to this
, which she calls “the source of grace”
(8 May 1986), multitudes “from every race,
people and nation”: people who from all
eternity are written in the Heart of the Most
High, and called in particular for His plans of
salvation: “Dear Children, I want you to
understand that God has chosen each of you
for His plan of salvation for mankind,”
Jan. 1987); “Each of you is important in my
plan of salvation
” (25 May 1993).
Each soul is urged to respond in
liberty and with the simplicity of a child to
the call God is addressing us through Mary:
“Therefore, my Children, I desire that your
decisions be free before God, because He
has given you your freedom”
(25 Nov. 1989);
“… you are called and you must respond to
the call of the Father who calls you through
(25 Oct. 1987). The decisive way is this:
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and if accepted it generates an extraordinary
effusion of grace that launches Mary’s plan
in us and through us: “I await only that you
give me your yes so I can offer it to Jesus
and so He may fill you with His grace”
May 1992). In fact, Mary expects from her
children an unreserved “yes”
to offer to
the Father in union with the one that gushed
forth from her own Immaculate Heart so she
may immerse us in a vital relationship of
communion with the Heart of her Son
: “I
call all those who have responded yes to me
to renew their consecration to my Son Jesus,
to His Heart and to me, so that we may use
you even more effectively as instruments of
peace in this world without peace”
(25 April
Consecration to the Heart of Christ,
however, means “to have in us the same
sentiments that were in Jesus Christ” (Phil
2:5), that is, the fullness of God’s pure Love,
that same spiritual lymph that pulsates in the
Son’s Mystical Body which was totally and
freely offered up to the Father for the salvation
of the world. “This is my commandment: that
you love one another as I have loved you.
Greater love has no man than this, that a
man lay down his life for his friends”
It is for this that the Queen of Peace, as
she did at Fatima with the three shepherd
children, never ceases to exhort multitudes
of children to offer themselves totally to
God: “Witness with your life. Sacrifice your
lives for the salvation of the world” (25.2.
88); “Offer your suffering to God as a gift so
it may become a beautiful flower of joy

(25.9.96); “Reconcile yourselves with each
other and offer your lives that peace may
reign over the entire earth
” (25 Dec. 1990).
In fact, this is the decisive nucleus of
her great plan of salvation: turn us into
joyous vessels of God’s pure Life and Love
for the world, by letting ourselves be interiorly
transformed and become almost an extension
of her living presence amongst men: “Dear
Children… today I call you to open yourselves
to me and to become instruments in my hands
for the salvation of the world…”
“I call you to live my messages and to transmit
them all over the world, so that a stream of
love may flow amid the people who are full of
hatred and without peace. I call you, my
Children, to become peace where there is no
peace, and light where there is darkness, so
that every heart may accept the light and the
way of salvation”
It is only this way that the immense
“river of living water as clear as crystal” (Rev
22:1) that gushes forth constantly from the
Heart of the Most High can be poured out in
fullness on the world and heal all souls and
the entire creation
, through the salvific work
of the Church completely renewed by Mary:
“I call you my Children to comprehend the
importance of my coming and the seriousness
of the situation. I want to save all souls and
offer them to God”
Nonetheless, the salvific peak of this
extraordinary programme of grace can be
reached only through the offering of self
in every spiritual place of the universe, not
only in a sacramental dimension, but also in
the Eucharistic (Mystical) Body of the Son,
who lives and pulsates with love especially
in the new communities which Mary herself
has roused in these our times.
It is for this that she is guiding - with
various charisms - spiritual groups who
represent the new people. These souls, who
have totally offered themselves to God
, are
expressions of the mystery of Communion
which is the very essence of the Church, old
and new; it is the supreme gift given to men
through which Christ spilt His blood and
through which still today He desires
aspersing the world with the endless currents
of life that gush forth from his pierced Heart,
for His is “the only name under heaven given
among men by which we must be saved”
(Acts 4:12).
This is the yeast of life that the Mother
of God desires spreading throughout all
nations and continents
, so that also the
earthly members of the Mystical Body of her
Son may be fully regenerated as she guides
the universe to the Easter pass-over which
alone can remove us from corruption and
death and bring us into the incorruptible life
of the new heavens and new earth. This
presence in the world of the Queen of Peace
is for all a sure and luminous sign.
A thought for Echo
“ We joyfully thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Col. 1:3)
is a powerful gift endowed upon man from
on High. It casts away evil - the devil – who
makes us see only negative things, the bad
side of things, and impedes us from seeing
the Gift.
May there always be praise on our lips!
and may we never complain about things.
Instead, may we entrust everything to God
who provides and leads for the best.
Perhaps this way we will see the marvels
of God, even miracles. But why not try?!
I ask myself: what could the reason be
for Mary thanking us in each of her
messages. A form of courtesy I think not.
Perhaps she learnt from her Son Jesus that
to give thanks is an important element in
life, because thanking means to love, it
means to create communion, and because
it is an activity that belongs to Heaven,
because Jesus always thanked the Father.
So, if this is the case, let us make this a
resolution: to thank and praise our Lord at
all times, for what we have and for what
we are. And ask Him to make us become
people of praise and thanksgiving. This way
we’ll have joy for us and others.
This year will be the 25
of Our Lady’s apparitions at Medju, and
this is a real gift of grace for us all. So let’s
particularly thank Divine Providence for
this gift, and try to do it as often as we can,
if not always, which is the best way not to
lose this gift, and to make fertile “the
talents” that are being offered to us.
Pietro Squassabia
I wonder: why does man – why do we
– so often complain, and criticize the work
of others? Why do we not accept or love
our neighbour? Why do we exploit others;
steal what is theirs? Why are we always
wanting, and never happy?
Perhaps it is because we don’t know
how to praise and thank the Lord. We don’t
know how to praise and thank the Father
for gifts received, for gifts which we
receive continuously, in particular for the
Gift of His Son Jesus.
When man is incapable of praising and
thanking, he loses the gifts he was granted
and is unable to see what is given him
continuously. Praise and gratitude is also a
gift from the Most High to be safe-kept. It
is a means granted to mankind by
Providence so he can offer something in
exchange for the gifts received. It doesn’t
matter that our offering is poor in
comparison, for He likes it that way.
Praising and giving thanks is a divine gift
that allows us mortals to exchange
something with God. Truly amazing!
So it becomes an exchange of gifts:
God’s to man, and man’s to God. Also
Paradise, which began on this earth is a
continuous gift of God to man who
exchanges his gift by offering up praise and
thanks. I think of this exchange of gifts
between God and man for all eternity and
think of Paradise. It is only natural for a
Christian to praise and thank the Lord. It
couldn’t be any different, for even the
Eucharist is a thanksgiving.
The capacity to praise and thank God
May Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy
Spirit, bless us. Amen.
15 January 2006
2006: 5th Centenary of the birth of great
missionary priest, St. Francis Xavier.
May he intercede for us!
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