Fenomeni paranormali

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31 dicembre 2010 /  Categoria: Wide screen, Fenomeni paranormali
Miracle Detectives Randall Sullivan Divine Intervention

Miracle Detectives' Randall Sullivan is a believer—but he wasn't always. Watch Randall Sullivan relive the miracle in Medjugorje, Bosnia, that changed his life forever

31 dicembre 2010 /  Categoria: Wide screen, Fenomeni paranormali
Preview Miracle Detectives

Randal Sullivan is a believer, Indre Viskonta is a skeptic. Together, they must decide whether strange occurances are a miracle, science or sham. Watch a preview of the new OWN show Miracle Detectives featuring Randal Sullivan.

11 settembre 2010 /  Categoria: Fenomeni paranormali, Wide screen
Day Jeffrey Thompson Almost Died

What looked like a textbook operation left Jeff Thompson suspended between life and death.

25 luglio 2009 /  Categoria: Fenomeni paranormali / Autore: Paranormal TV
Photo Proof Miracles

"Holy Sacrament" filmed appearing on young girl's tongue and pictures of the Virgin Mary at Zeitun, Egypt, could be proof of divine miracles.

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