Mirjana's latest apparitions

Mary's anxiety for those far from God

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On 7th October Mirjana was interviewed by a group from Foggia.

Q. Mirjana, do you continue to see Our Lady regularly?

Mirjana Dragicevic: Yes, Our Lady always appears to me on 18th March and 2nd of each month. With regards to the 18th March She told me that Her apparitions would last all my life. I do not know when those of the 2nd will finish. They are very different from those I experienced with the other visionaries up to Christmas 1982. While Our Lady appears for these at a set time (5.45 pm) I do not know when She will arrive. I begin to pray when it is about 5 am and at times Our Lady appears in the afternoon, or even in the late evening. The duration of the apparitions also differs: those of the visionaries last about 3 to 8 minutes, the ones I receive on the 2nd of each month from 15 to 30 minutes.

Our Lady prays together with me for the non-believers, though She says: "For those who have not yet known God's love." For this intention, Mary asks for the help of us all, or those who look at her as Mother, because She says we can change the non-believers through our prayer and example. In these difficult times, Mary desires that we pray especially for them, because all the ugly things that happen (wars, homicide, suicide, divorce, abortion, drugs) are caused by the non-believers. That is why She repeats: "When you pray for them, you are praying also for yourselves and for your future."

Mary also desires that we be an example with our lives, rather than preach out loud, so that the non-believers can see God and God's love in us.

On my part, I urge you to take this seriously. If only you could see just once the tears that run down Our Lady's face when She speaks of the non-believers, I'm sure you'd pray with all your heart. Mary says that this is time for deciding, thus, we who say we believe in God have a great responsibility when we know that our prayers and sacrifices dry the tears from Our Lady's face.

Q. Will you tell us of your last apparition?

On 2nd October I began to pray at 5 am and Our Lady appeared at 7.45 am and remained till 8.20 am. She blessed the objects presented to Her, then we began to pray an Our Father and a Glory (She obviously does not pray the Hail Mary) for the sick and for those who asked me for prayers. We dedicated the rest of the time to prayer for the non-believers. She gave no message.

Q. Does Our Lady ask all the visionaries to pray for non-believers?

Mirjana Dragicevic: No. She asks each of us to pray for a particular intention. Vicka and Jakov pray for the sick; Ivanka for the families; Marija for the souls in purgatory; Ivan for the youth and priests.

Q. Which prayers do you say with Mary for the non-believers?

Mirjana Dragicevic: On the 2nd of the month I use prayers taught to me by Our Lady, known by only Vicka and myself.

Q. Besides the non-believers, has Our Lady spoken to you about those who profess a different faith?

Mirjana Dragicevic: No. Our Lady only speaks of believers and non-believers and She says that the non-believers are those who do not see God as Father and the Church as one's own house.

Q. How do you see Our Lady on the 2nd of the month?

Mirjana Dragicevic: Normally, as I see each of you now. At times I hear only Her voice, but these are not inner locutions as I hear Her the same way I hear the voice of someone I cannot see. I never know beforehand whether I will see Her or just hear Her.

Q. Why do you cry so much after the apparitions?

Mirjana Dragicevic: When I am with Our Lady and see Her face, it's like being in heaven. Then when She goes I feel the pain of separation. That is why I need to remain in prayer for some hours afterwards to give myself time to recover and realize that I must continue my life here on earth.

Q. What are the messages which Our Lady insists on the most?

Mirjana Dragicevic: The same ones as always. One of the most frequent is the invitation to participate in the Holy Mass not only on Sundays, but as often as possible. Once She told the six of us (visionaries): "If you have Mass to attend at the hour of the apparition, you must choose the Mass without hesitation, because during the Mass my Son Jesus is with you." She also asks for fasting; the best type being bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays. She asks for the Rosary, especially in the family. With regards to this She said: "There is nothing more effective for uniting a family than the Rosary said by parents and children together."

Mary also desires that we confess at least once a month. Once She said: "There is not a single man on the earth who does not need to confess once a month." She also requests that we return to the Bible; at least a small reading from the Gospel each day. It is absolutely necessary, however, that families read the Word of God together and reflect on and with it. The Bible is to be placed in a visible part of the house and not forgotten in some dark corner.

Q. What can you say about the secrets?

Mirjana Dragicevic: First of all, a visible sign will appear on the hill of apparitions and it will be understood that it is from God because it could not be anything made by man. For the moment only Ivanka and I know the 10 secrets; the other visionaries have received 9. None of them regard my personal life, but are for the entire world. Our Lady made me choose a priest (I chose Fr. Petar Ljubicic) and ten days before the secret comes to be I will have to tell him what and where it will be. We shall have to pray and fast together for 7 days, then 3 days before he will reveal the secret to all. He will have to reveal it.

Q. If you have this task, does this mean that they will all come to be within your life time?

Mirjana Dragicevic: Not necessarily. I have written the secrets down and it could be that another person will have to reveal them. However, there is one thing I want to say, and that is that Our Lady often says: "Do not talk about the secrets, but pray. Those who look at me as Mother and God as Father, need not fear anything. And do not forget that with prayer and fasting you can obtain everything."


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