Video [ENG,ROM] Medjugorje - In the name of Mary - "În premieră"

One of the best documentaries about Medjugorje phenomenon and pilgrimages. Together with professional, well edited footage and impressive soundtrack, provides brief information about Medjugorje, visionaries and apparitions. The video also very well catches the atmosphere of Medjugorje, gives glimpse of experiences of pilgrims, their thoughts, emotions, lessons learned and their motivation to come to Medjugorje.

The documentary concludes with the following:

"Yet, beyond the phenomenon, logical questions and unavoidable suspicions, Medjugorje seems to do so much good for the people, that the lack of doubt has its own explanation. 'Even if all of these are not true, what's bad in it? If you learn to love and forgive anyone? Here, I have learned to love and respect my neighbor and more than that, I learned to forgive my enemy and even pray for him. Because if God forgives my evemy, who am I not to forgive him?'

... Many of them [pilgrims] will return ... Because here, above all, they managed to touch a little bit of heaven."


For God to live in your hearts, you must love.