Croatian Footballer Mate Bilić Visits Medjugorje - Interview

Other languages: English, Hrvatski

Mate Bilic has said "everything good in life happens to me because of Medjugorje". Mate Bilic, is a Croatian footballer who currently plays with Sporting Gijon in Spain. In early June he travelled to Medjugorje.

In an interview for Radio "Mir" Medjugorje he spoke about his journey through life, family life and about Medjugorje. He stressed that he regularly visits Medjugorje. For him and his wife Emilia, who is from Herzegovina, and their children Mark and Carla Medjugorje is a second home. Even when he goes to Spain Medjugorje is not far from his thoughts : "It is always there, in my heart, and I gladly testify about it”. “Medjugorje is outwardly quite changed, though I feel that the spirit has remained the same”. Even before when I was a child I came with my family, and now I come every year with my wife and children. This is simply a place where people gather strength to go further and it strengthens families. Our values are built into us and we are trying to convey them to our children. It is important that children from an early age learn what is important for us Christians.

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