God’s power and Love

By Devon Bailey

One of the messages I keep coming back to this year is the message of being “Real”. Meaning speaking only truth. Today I am going to tell you a true story. For some of you it will be hard to believe and for others I hope that it will clear some of your doubts. The story that I am about to tell you is completely true and I am promising right now that I will not lie to you.

Some of you may find the stories of the Bible hard to believe. You may find it hard to believe that God spoke to this guy Moses and gave him messages. You may find it hard to believe that God actually loves you. You may find it hard to believe that God even exists.  You may find yourself having all these doubts and all these questions left unanswered. Wondering if there really is a God why won’t he prove that he exists?

The story I am about to tell begins with my mother asking these questions.  Before I was born my mother had several miscarriages. Meaning she would get pregnant but something would happen and the child would die in the womb. This happened time and time again. She was convinced that she couldn’t have any kids and because of this became very angry with God. And in a prayer she said “God if you exist you better come down here and show me.”

Around this time one of my mom’s employees was leaving on a trip to a place called Medjugorje. She asked off for work to go visit this place where “miracles” happen. This place was famous for people seeing The Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother.  The coworker left for the trip and upon returning she pulled my mother aside and told her that she had something very important to tell her.

She pulled my mother aside and told her that while in Medjugorje she was walking at night with two friends back to their hotel when one of the friends had this sudden feeling that she was supposed to be somewhere. She had this feeling that she was supposed to be in a specific room of a church. So they ran to the church. When the got there the nuns were just closing up and said that no one else could enter the church. They suggested that the group go to the side of the church and try looking through the window. They ran to the side of the church and found the window that looked into the room. A cloud came into the room and before them appeared the Virgin Mary.

She looked at my moms friend and told her “ I have seven names for you. I want you to go home and bring them all here.”  My mom’s friend looked my mother in the face not knowing about my Mom’s prayer for God to prove himself and said “Judy, she called your name.”

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For God to live in your hearts, you must love.