Interview with Vicka Ivankovic by Kresimir Sego

God Shall Forsake Nobody

Our Lady tells you when a vision is going to take place on the Hill of Apparitions or on Krizevac?

Yes. She tells whether and when it will be, on Podbrdo or on Krizevac.

Otherwise, you have a vision every day?

Yes, every day.

How long does a vision last?

Anywhere between five minutes and half an hour, it depends.

We have had a war, people have suffered a lot, and now they are worried about the future, about their jobs, about their life. In fact, people all over the world are worried about their jobs, salaries, about their future. There is a general hustle and bustle everywhere. How to bring such a way of life into harmony with what Our Lady asks?

Man is too much worried and bothered. There is too much fear of loss, but one should not be afraid. God shall never abandon anybody; we here, with our experience of this war, are a proof for that.

Each of us should examine himself, find some time for his family, surrender oneself to God's will, to His guidance. He who strives for material things is a million times poorer than the one who aspires after spiritual wealth.

There is nothing stronger than God's spirit and Our Lady's love. This must be clear to us. If we are seeking that, then our heart swells and all problems disappear. If you gave me the whole world now, I would say no thank you, I don't need it; I am happier with what I have today and nobody can be happier.

For, as long as you are satisfied with what you have, you will go forward, but if you grab, you will lose even what you have got.

Abortion is a big problem in the world today. Have you talked with Our Lady about that?

Once Our Lady told me that the persons who do an abortion commit a grave sin. The children killed that way are little angels for whose death the persons who have done it are responsible.

One should put oneself the question how many people get killed in war, and how many in a mother's womb. Those killed in war are mourned, but children just conceived as though they were not human. There is no difference whether one is killed in war or in an abortion. The responsibility is equal. But man's conscience seems to have failed completely.

The visionaries are the apostles of Our Lady's messages, and so are the priests who have accepted the messages. But the faithful who have accepted them are also their propagators. What should be done about spreading the messages?

Every man is called upon to spread Our Lady's messages, just as we were chosen by God to convey the message to people. Our Lady says she is glad for every pilgrim who comes to Medjugorje, but she is even happier, she says, when they accept the message with the heart, live it themselves, and so spread it to other people through their life and example.

Has Our Lady maybe a special message for such people?

To accept the message is a great grace that Our Lady grants. Whoever has accepted the message, has also been given the gift of spreading it further.

At the beginning of the apparitions the visionaries had problems with the authorities. But even nowadays there are those who look with a sneer on the whole thing. Are you embarrassed when you meet such people?

The other visionaries and I never had problems with the authorities; rather it was the authorities who had problems with us. As concerns our situation, neither I nor any of the visionaries did anything bad, we bothered nobody, but the authorities were bothered. We have always been calm and we used to tell the authorities what I am telling you now or what I have been telling everybody for fifteen years. That they did not want to accept our words is up to them.

The one who looks at the messages and the apparitions with a sneer is making fun of himself, not us. It's a time and a chance for his conversion, too.

With her messages in Medjugorje Our Lady urges people in many ways to change. what should be done so that people may take a greater part in the acceptance of the message and in the change?

Our Lady is constantly calling us to accept the messages. She often says that we are ready to accept the messages hastily, and then to cool down, to stop living by them. As if people got tired. She would be happier, she says, if we were changing slowly in our heart, in our inner selves. If we say we are ready to change and accept that gift, God will find a way for us to persevere. Then there are no problems. It is essential that we make a decision ourselves.

You and the other visionaries are at a meeting every day with Our Lady, that is with the other world, with paradise. Can this life be compared with the one that awaits us in the world beyond?

Our Lady says that we on earth can live paradise, hell or purgatory, depending on what a man will decide for. Likewise, she says that here on earth many think that death is the end of everything. Our Lady herself confirmed that we are only sojourners on earth and that never can we compare this world with what awaits us in heaven.


For God to live in your hearts, you must love.