Vicka’s Testimony

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This was given in May 2007, on the steps of the blue house where Vicka frequently gives her testimony to groups of pilgrims in Medjugorje. I regret I do not know the name of the guide who provided the translation. Vicka spoke in Italian and this was then translated into English. The guide began by introducing Vicka. Throughout this entire testimony, Vicka smiled, waved and blew kisses at everyone.

Vicka says “Hi everyone”. She says she would like to greet you from the bottom of her heart (applause). She is so happy to be here with you this morning and she is so happy that she can share with you, with her heart, with so much love, the messages that Our Lady has been giving to her, and she would like to share these messages with you.

The most important messages that Our Lady has been giving are; prayer, peace, conversion, confession and fasting. Our Lady also recommends that every day we pray all 3 mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Our Lady also recommends that we fast twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays and that we fast on bread and water. And Our Lady also recommends to each of us, and says that we should pray for our strong faith. And when Our Lady recommends and says to us that we should pray, she doesn’t mean that we just pray with the words. But Our Lady recommends that we open our hearts so that prayer can truly become a great joy for us.

Our Lady gave such a beautiful example; she said, all of you, in your houses, have a flower pot and Our Lady said if you water that flower every day with few drops of water, you will see how that flower grows and becomes such a beautiful rose. And it’s the same with our hearts. If every single day we put in our hearts few words of prayer with the heart, we will see that our heart grows and becomes as beautiful as that rose is. And you see, if you do not water that flower for a day or two, you will see that the flower disappears, vanishes as if it has never existed before. And Our Lady says, when the moment for prayer comes, most of us say, I’m tired to do it today. Its too difficult. I’m going to do that tomorrow. And then that tomorrow comes, the following day comes and then we just distance ourselves from prayer and all the things from the bad side comes and influence us.

Our Lady says the same as one flower cannot live and survive without water, in the same way, our heart cannot live without grace of God. Our Lady says that prayer with the heart cannot be studied, cannot be learned, but that the prayer with the heart can only be lived, making one step forward every day in our prayer.

When Our Lady speaks about fasting, she says that people who have health difficulties , that they don’t have to fast on these days but that on Wednesdays and Fridays they could give up something dear and precious to them. But still there are people who when fasting, or when they do not have any health difficulties, they say that they have headaches and that they get dizzy. Our Lady says is you fast out of love towards me and my Son you will be able to do it. The only thing which is missing is your strong will. Our Lady wants our complete conversion and says ‘dear children, all of you when you have some problems or when you are sick, all of you think that in these moments, Jesus and me are far away from you’ But Our Lady says ‘we are always close to you but you open your hearts and then you’ll be able to realise how much we love you all’. Our Lady wants us to make little bit of sacrifice.

And she would be so happy if we could give up sinning and leaving the sins behind. Our Lady says ‘I’m giving you my love and my peace. Receive it, accept it and take it back to your family members and your friends'. Our Lady gives her blessing for each one of us and she prays for all of us. Our Lady says that she would be so happy if we prayed the rosary in our families and in our communities, and she would be so happy if parents would pray with their children and children prayed with their parents so that the families are united and that satan cannot do them any harm. Our Lady also says that satan is disturbing at all times and that satan wants to disturb our prayers and our peace. Our Lady recommends that we intensify our prayers and the only weapon against satan is the rosary beads in your hands. Our Lady recommends that we always have something blessed with us, either a small meal, a crucifix, just a sign with us that we can easily defend ourselves from satan.

Our Lady also recommends that we place the Holy Mass in the very first place. Our Lady says that is the most important moment and the Holiest moment. In that moment living Jesus comes among us and Our Lady wants us when we are in the church that we receive Jesus without any fear and without any excuse. Our Lady recommends a monthly confession and she says do not go to confession only because you have a sin to confess. Go to confession to ask advice from your priest so that you can make one step forward in your life.

Our Lady is so much worried and pre-occupied about the young people in today’s world, (Vicka really stressed this) that the young people are going through very very difficult moments and that we can only help them with our prayers, with the heart and with our love. Our Lady says dear young people, all this what the world is offering you, all this is temporary. Satan waits and wants every free moment for himself. Satan wants to disturb us and destruct us. Vicka says you can see that the families and the young people today are in a great difficulties and satan wants to disturb them.

Our Lady says that these are the moments of great great grace. She wants us to accept her messages and to live her messages. She wants us to become carriers of her peace and that we pray for peace in the whole world. But first Our Lady recommends and says that we should pray for peace in our own heart, for peace in our families, and peace in our communities. Then, with that peace, we pray for peace in the whole world. Our Lady says if you pray for peace in the world and yet you do not have peace in your own heart then that prayer does not have such a great value.

And at this moment, Our Lady is recommending that we pray more, that we pray for her intentions and that we pray for her plans. That every day we take the Holy Bible and that we read a few lines and that we try to live those words during the day. Our Lady also recommends that we should pray for the Holy Father, for all the Bishops and all the Priests and that we pray for the entire church for they are in need of our prayers. But in a special way Our Lady recommends that we should pray for one of her plans which should be realised. Particularly Our lady is so much preoccupied and worried about the young people and the families. You can see that she is so much suffering because the young people and the families are in a very very difficult situation. And Our Lady says that she herself prays for peace and she recommends that we join her in our prayers and that we help her in the realisation of the plans.

Vicka says, this evening at 6.40 when Our Lady appears to her she is going to recommend all of you and present all your wishes, all your intentions and all your desires. (applause). But she also says that at that moment you open your hearts and present before Our Lady all your intentions.

Here there is a question (asked by a priest) and Vicka would like to answer about the way Our Lady looks like and the way she comes. Before Our Lady comes, she sees 3 flashes of light and that’s a sign for her that Our Lady is to come. She wears a greyish dress, white veil, dark hair, blue eyes and she is standing on a greyish cloud. Only for some of the feast days, Christmas, Easter, the birthday of her, she comes dressed in a golden dress. Every Christmas, Our Lady comes and appears holding a baby Jesus in her arms. Only once, a few years ago for Good Friday, Our Lady appeared with Jesus, grown up Jesus who was all in blood with crown on his head. And Our Lady said “I have come with Jesus just to show you how much he suffered for all of you“.

For their birthdays, Vicka says, Our Lady wishes them happy birthday. When Our Lady is celebrating her birthday, we wish her the very happy birthday and we offer her our hands, we can touch her. Its like meeting one of you, an ordinary person.

The only thing they cannot describe at all is the beauty of Our Lady. That’s a beauty that does not exist here at all. Once, they asked her ‘ how come you are so beautiful?’. Our Lady said I am beautiful because I love. You have to love yourself in order to become beautiful. But that’s not the beauty that comes from the outside, that’s the beauty that comes from the inside- beauty that comes from your heart. Our Lady says that today people are so much pre-occupied about their outside beauty that they completely forgot about the inside beauty and the beauty of their heart. Our Lady says we should think more about that inside beauty and if we have it inside of our self then that outside beauty will just naturally come.

Vicka would also like to share something else with you. Jakov and Vicka were taken by Our Lady to see Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. They were at Jakov’s house and Our Lady came and appeared to them and said ‘now you are going to go with me’. Jakov in that moment said to Our Lady ‘why don’t you take Vicka only, she has several brothers and sisters and I’m the only child that my parents have‘. (laughter)Jakov thought that they were going without coming back at all. In that moment I was thinking, where do we go now, up, down, how long this will all take.

Our Lady took my right hand, Jakov’s left hand, she was a little ahead of us and she just took us with her. And the ceiling just opened up for us to pass. In a second we found ourselves in Paradise. We saw a huge space and a kind of light that does not exist at all here on earth. We saw people looking the very same. There were no thin ones, no fat ones, everyone looked the same. They were all dressed in greyish, pink and yellow colour. They were walking around, they were praying and singing and small little angels were flying over them. Our Lady said to them ‘look at how happy these people in Paradise are’. It is a kind of happiness that cannot be described and happiness that cannot be lived here on the earth.

When we reached Purgatory, we also saw one huge area but in Purgatory we could not see people at all. It was all mist and fog, but you could feel, you could hear people suffering there. Our Lady said that people who are in Purgatory, that they are waiting for our prayers so that they can go to Paradise.

In Hell, we saw one big fire and then we saw people who looked completely normal but then when they would go through that fire, they would be transformed into different kind of animals and you could hear them cursing and blaspheming. Our Lady said that people who are in Hell, they came there because of their own will, because they wanted. Our Lady said that people here on earth, if they are doing everything against God, they already live a kind of hell and later on when they die they just continue living it.

Our Lady said that there so many people who live in today’s world, here on the earth and yet they think once you die, the life finishes completely. Our Lady said people who think that way, they are wrong. Once this life finishes, the other one starts. We are just passengers here (passing through) and life continues. We are really here just the passengers and Our Lady showed us this just to share it with you so that you can realise that we are just passengers here.

My dear friends now we are going to say a prayer. Vicka kindly asks that you remain in silence. She says I see many many of you who are here and not all of you can be close to me. I know that all of you would like to be here closer, but she says many of us are here. Let us try to be united in this prayer that Vicka is going to say now. She will pray with you, pray for blessing upon you as if she was praying above each one of you. At the end of this silent prayer, we are going to conclude and end this meeting with saying Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be together. We really now invite you to remain in silence.

I don’t know how long we all stayed silent but it was a good 5 -10 minutes. Vicka concluded by saying ‘Regina della pace, prega per noi’ and then waved and smiled saying ‘ciao tutti, buon giornata’.

What these words cannot convey is her sheer joy. She says all this with such passion as if it is the very first time she has said it. All the time she is speaking, you can’t help thinking that she sees the Mother of God every day. It is also not difficult to imagine that Vicka reflects some of Our Lady’s joy and love for all of us.

Transcripted by Judy


For God to live in your hearts, you must love.