The reflection of Medjugorje Message, June 25, 2001

I am with you


Medjugorje Message, June 25, 2001 [O]

Dear children! I am with you and I bless you all with my motherly blessing. Especially today when God gives you abundant graces, pray and seek God through me. God gives you great graces, that is why, little children make good use of this time of grace and come closer to my heart so that I can lead you to my Son Jesus. Thank you for having responded to my call.

Everyone finds it difficult to express, to describe, to put into words his spiritual experience, his love. Words are too poor to express the inexpressible, to describe the indescribable. It is the same with the words of Our Lady’s messages. They may seem to us too poor and too simple. The same word, expressed by different lips, does not have the same meaning. The newness of Our Lady’s apparitions is not so much in Her messages, but in Her strong presence, which can be felt. He motherly heart is open and everyone can take and drink, as from an inexhaustible fount of love and of grace, which overflows on all men.

Also in this message, Our Lady tells us: I am with you! She wants to say: Do not be afraid, I am with you, but you also, be with me! Where Mary is, there is the Lord. To Mary, who mediates the supreme realisation of God’s presence in history, the angel says: “The Lord is with you!” The power of the Most High reposes on Her. For so many years, She transmits today this strength and this power of grace. A mother cannot abandon her children, cannot deny them, as disobedient and as stubborn they may be. In Medjugorje, Our Lady gives us not only Her words, but also Herself, Her person. Through Her, we come more easily to God.

She tells us that we live in a time of grace, when God is particularly inclined to men. In Jesus Christ, God totally approached men. In our days, through Mary, He comes close to us. Mary reflects the face of God and manifests the truth of Jesus’ words: “For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mk 10,45) In our times, Jesus never stops to do the same. The apparitions of Our Lady, and all the graces, are a gift and a sign that God serves man and does not cease to love him. The love of God is inventive; it finds means and ways to the human heart.

God did not want to help man without man. He chose Mary, one of us, one of our human race. This is why we can be proud, because in Her, we have the full realisation of what God wants for each one of us. He came to men through Mary. He needed a heart to say Yes, a heart to believe. Through Mary, He comes to us today. This is why Mary gives Herself as a mediator to lead us to Her Son Jesus, our Saviour.

In life, we need the other. We would not be here, if there were not those who welcomed us, who loved us, who educated us. In the life of faith, we need the other to encourage us, to guide us and to lift us up. We all need models, ideals, people with a magnanimous spirit who will wake us up from our spiritual stupor, our dissatisfaction, our moodiness. We need persons to identify with, as children identify themselves with their parents, and say: “I want to be like dad, like mum.” Children need that and, if they do not have good models in their parents with whom they are physically and spiritually most intimately linked, they will have many difficulties to develop into healthy human beings, able to face life. Mary gives Herself to us as a perfect mother, in whom we can recognize what we need the most.

Human beings grow with the model, which stands before them. Our Lady offers us the immaculate ideal of Christ, God-Man. She calls each one of us to follow Him and to learn from Him, in order to grow into the fullness of our own perfection.

Today, other values, ideals and models are offered to us. Today, the sense of sin is lost more and more and, consequently, the knowledge of the real cause of injustice, evil, exploitation, dissatisfaction, divorce, infidelity and the sufferings men inflict upon men. We cannot cheat our own soul. Nothing and no one can feed and satisfy it except the living God.

Let us hear the call of the motherly heart, let us take seriously Her words, which lead us to Jesus Christ.

Fra Ljubo Kurtović

Medjugorje, June 26, 2001

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