A short history of Our Lady's apparitions in Medjugorje

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For quite a while now, in Medjugorje (Čitluk, Bosnia-Herzegovina) six trustworthy witnesses, testify firmly under oath, that since the 24th of June 1981, the Blessed Virgin Mary, or the "Gospa", as she is affectionately known as here, appears to them every day up to the present.

Other Messages

Outside of the five messages which, as we have said are the important messages which Our Lady immediately gave to the whole world, she started from the 1st of March 1984 [O] , every Thursday, mainly through the visionary Marija Pavlović to give special messages to the Parish of Medjugorje and to the pilgrims who come. Our Lady therefore, outside of the six visionaries chose the Parish of Medjugorje together with the pilgrims who come here to be her collaborators and witnesses. This is clear from the first of the Thursday messages, where she says: “I am choosing this Parish in a special way and I want to guide it." She emphasized this once again when she said, "I am choosing this Parish in a special way, which is dearer to me than others, where I joyfully went when the Almighty sent me." ( 21th March 1985 [O] ). Our Lady gave a reason too for her choice saying: “Convert, you in the Parish, this is my second wish. In that way, all those who come here will convert." ( 8th March 1984 [O] )." “I am asking you, especially the members of this Parish, to live my messages" ( 16th August 1984 [O] ). First of all the parishioners and the pilgrims should become witnesses of her apparitions, and her messages, so that we can then unite with her and the visionaries in the realization of her plan for conversion of the world and reconciliation with God.

Our Lady well knows the weaknesses and the nature of the parishioners and pilgrims with whom she wishes to collaborate in the salvation of the world. She is aware of the need for supernatural strength. That's why she leads them to the fount of that strength. This primarily is prayer. She ardently and continuously exhorts us to pray. Of all prayer, she especially stresses the Holy Mass, ( 7th March 1985 [O] , 16th May 1985 [O] ) and recommends continuous devotion to the Blessed Sacrament ( 15th March 1984 [O] ). She also encourages devotion to the Holy Spirit ( 2nd June 1984 [O] 2nd June 1984 ; 9th June 1984 [O] ; 11th April 1985 [O] ; 23rd May 1988 [O] , etc.) and the reading of Sacred Scripture ( 18th Oct. 1984 [O] ; 14th Feb. 1985 [O] ).

With these special messages to the Parish and it's pilgrims, Our Lady wishes that the first messages, which in the beginning were intended for the whole world, are deepened, made more acceptable and understandable to others.

From the 25th of January 1987 [O] Our Lady began to give the message on the 25th of every month instead of every Thursday, through the visionary Marija Pavlović. This still continues today.

Fr. Ljudevit Rupčić
Professor of Theology and translator of Sacred Scripture into the Croatian language


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