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Kelly Family - Every Baby

Kelly Family - Every Baby Lyrics

Album: Almost Heaven, 1996

Dodo,dodo, dodo dodo
Dodo,dodo, dodo dodo
La da da da da da da

Every baby needs a mama, needs a papa
Close at hand
Every baby needs a mama, needs a papa
To hold their hand

I look in the eyes
Of a beautiful child
They tell me more than words
He reaches his hand
And cries for something
Oh I'll give hime all I have


Birdies on the window
See the birdies on my window
If I could fly oh babe
Then I would fly ooh ooh oh
Believe in me

I'm holding his hand
And giving my love
Trough happiness and sorrow
And in no time
He'll be a big boy
Oh what a wonder of love


Oh little baby you're not alone


For God to live in your hearts, you must love.