Testimony of Ruth

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Ruth came from an atheistic background, and at the age of 28 knew nothing about God. Two years ago God revealed Himself to her and she had a profound conversion. She was baptized during the Easter Vigil of this Great Jubilee year, after 18 months of catechesis in which Our Lady's school of Medjugorje played a decisive role.

For her baptism, she invited her friends, some of them coming from a great distance. She wanted to house them with good accommodations at her expense, but she hadn't enough money. Therefore she began to pray to Our Lady who had said in Medjugorje: "Through prayer, you will know what to do". Ruth received in her heart the inspiration to be generous so that her friends could fully enjoy their time with her in this Easter joy.

As time went by she became very stressed because an over draught from her bank account was going to show up. In her distress, Ruth once again turned toward Mary and perceived clearly these words in her heart: "Ask you father!". She could no longer pray without these words becoming more insistent within her: "Ask your father!". But this solution gave her no peace because, in the past, she had had to call on her parents to help her financially and she couldn't think of asking her father once again. As she was studying all the possibilities, the same words imposed themselves on her spirit. One day, unable to contain herself, she wept silently at Mary's feet and explained to her that she couldn't possibly ask her father, that this door was closed. All of a sudden, the actual meaning of these words dawned on her and she at last understood what Mary was telling her from the beginning: "Ask your Father!", that is to say He who would become her Father through baptism: Our Heavenly Father! Why hadn't she realized this before? "Shame on me" Ruth thought, but at the same time she rejoiced in having finally understood. Then she laid herself down humbly before God her Father and submitted her problem to Him. She spoke to Him of her poverty and of her nothingness, asked pardon for having been foolish and begged Him to help her as an earthly father would help his child. As she confided her problem to the Father, she was overwhelmed with joy and she knew that her prayers were granted. Her Father had understood everything and would look after her! She knew that this confidence hadn't changed the situation of her bank account, yet her heart was joyful and light as if everything was already arranged.

The next day her aunt phoned and asked if she needed any help. She specified: "You know that I have never given you any money. Come on, tell me simply how much you need!" Ruth was speechless. The aunt insisted, repeated. Had she perceived in prayer Ruth's needs? As a matter of fact, Ruth stopped by her house and received exactly the amount she needed in order to be able to cover the expense. Ruth concludes her testimony in this way: "I am thankful to God and I remain deeply touched by the humility of Mary, who sent me to the Father. Sure enough she interceded for me with the Heavenly Father, as a mother on earth would intercede with the father of her prodigal child!


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