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Medjugorje Message, December 25, 2000 [O]

Dear children! Today when God granted to me that I can be with you, with little Jesus in my arms, I rejoice with you and I give thanks to God for everything He has done in this Jubilee year. I thank God especially for all the vocations of those who said 'yes' to God completely. I bless you all with my blessing and the blessing of the newborn Jesus. I pray for all of you for joy to be born in your hearts so that in joy you too carry the joy I have today. In this Child I bring to you the Savior of the your hearts and the One who calls you to the holiness of life. Thank you for having responded to my call.

Many things have already been said about the new millennium. Some were competing about how to enter into it: they wanted to do it in a most original way, without really asking themselves whether what they did made any sense. This happened to those who, in any case, never ask about the meaning of their own lives. Others lived this passage by thanking God for their existence, and chasing away any fear of the future from their hearts and the hearts of others. Were they successful? They know this best themselves, as well as those who had the courage to follow in their footsteps.

It seems to me that the events of Medjugorje spoke about this topic from the very beginning. They always tried to form the human heart according to the Commandments of God's and Medjugorje continues in the same direction - in order to enable the heart to answer promptly to all challenges, and not only to the challenge of an ordinary passage from one year to another. Yes, it is a very ordinary passage, because it does not matter what happens in the chronological order of things, but what happens in the heart. When the heart is taken into consideration, all the rest receives its value.

The Queen of Peace takes the human heart very much into consideration; this is why She speaks so often about it. She knows that if the heart is in its right place, all events in the human being and around him will also be in the right place. She knows well the haughtiness of men and She wants to free them from it. Unfortunately, men ignore Her words. Consequently, there is no joy in their hearts, but only bad moods, hostility, and exploitation of human beings and nature are present. Then few people possess immense wealth, while others struggle through life or even suffer hunger. Irresponsible politicians approve of this, saying that this wealth was acquired through honest competition. Everything is reduced to success and power. But this logic has no meaning. The Queen of Peace, therefore, does not bring enormous material richness in Her hands, but She brings Jesus Christ. He was born among us men and He has changed our human history. Men wanted to reject Him, to get rid of Him, but He has become the greatest richness a human being can acquire. The one who acquires Him cannot but be blessed and joyful!

When in 1999, Pope John-Paul II proclaimed the Jubilee Year, he raised his voice - together with the Queen of Peace - in order to be heard by those who want to create a world without God. He wanted to wake them up. His voice spoke also to those who are on the right way, in order to encourage them to continue and not to give up. The events of the world are becoming more and more dense; they influence one another more and more. One cannot live any more in a small group. Our behavior influences more people than ever before. This is why we have to start to think in the right way. The world we live in is not a battlefield where only the most cunning survive, but a place where it is possible to live in a dignified and blessed manner. Our neighbor is our blessing and not a pitiless rival. These words are beautiful, but they have to be put into practice. It is possible. Some who have chosen, in one way or another, to head Christian communities and to lead them forward prove this. Their choice of God is a choice some admire, while forgetting that they also have to follow the same path wherever they are. Only then shall we all feel the real joy and the real celebration of the Jubilee.

Every year, the celebration of Christmas is a true jubilation. We are joyful, because we remember the work God has done in human history. Nevertheless, this Christmas joy remains just an event among others if it does not pass into our daily life. This is what we have to accumulate, from year to year, in order to become more and more holy. The meaning of human life cannot be to accumulate material wealth, but to accumulate spiritual wealth. In this, no power in the world could ever impede us. Through holiness, God opens for us the way towards Himself, He teaches us who He is and what happiness awaits us if we persevere. The blessing that envelops us in holiness shines around us more brightly than any Christmas tree. This blessing flows on to others, to all men and to all events in our lives.

Truly, Christians dispose of a great power. They can transform this world into a heaven on earth, only if they want. It would be beautiful if they would try to do this in this new millennium. The Queen of Peace would be happy, knowing that She has formed a group of those who are courageous enough to give to this millennium the face of Christ. I bet, in that case nobody would be exploited, mistreated, hungry or suffering from cold. There would be only joy.

Medjugorje, December 25th 2000

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