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Called To Be Light

How does a young person feel when he or she is called to discover God's love? We asked a member of the Beatitudes Community, Br. Jean Uriel Frey, to tell us about his conversion which began in Medjugorje, and about the way in which he uses his "treasure" to help others.

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A cloistered nun (illustration photo)

"Thank you for responding to my call!" Mary always thanks. This had struck me, but only now do I comprehend!

Whatever the circumstances that bring us to Medjugorje, we are called. As a cloistered nun it was due to health problems that I was able to come (with due permission, of course). Providence saw that I found hospitality at the contemplative Community, Kraljice Mira (Queen of Peace, Wholly Thine...); and it is with immense gratitude that I ask myself why is this granted me, that the Mother of my Lord should call me.

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Medjugorje from top

They are the brothers and sisters of “Nuovi Orizzonti” (New Horizons). Founded in Italy, this community is comprised of "survivors”: young men and women who have made the descent into hell, (all too frequent among today’s youth), and have come back to life with Jesus and Mary. But how?

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